Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mark Kirk Vows to Lead Effort to Repeal ObamaCare, If Passed

Congressman Mark Kirk, who has been a consistent and vociferous critic of the Obama administration's heavy-handed (and that's too generous a term) attempt to revamp healthcare in this country, has stated that he will lead the charge to repeal ObamaCare, should it become law.

The Chicago Tribune quoted Kirk as saying at an event last Friday:

"All of the pain of the bill is upfront, and all of the gain is later," Kirk said, according to an audio recording the Tribune obtained of a GOP event in Winnetka on Friday. "If we move to repeal this bill in 2013, all you're doing is removing the pain and not a single American would have benefited from it yet. And so, as your senator, I would lead the effort, if it passes, to repeal this bill."

So far, it doesn't seem like the Dems have collected all of the votes they need to pass their plan in the House, but no one is discounting the pressure that can be brought to bear (and clearly is being brought) by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.


Anonymous said...

There is a reason Health Care is going to pass, because main stream America and main stream Illinois wants it to. They are the silent majority not attached to 24 hours News Channels, blogs, and newspaper online comments.
If MSK leads a charge to repeal, rest assured it will be his Waterloo.

Anonymous said...

Note should be taken that Kirk has never offered an alternative to this 'heavy-handed' revamp of health care. If Kirk had offered his own, lighter, perhaps 'limp-wristed' version of a health care bill, we might take this more seriously. As it stands, this appears to be an empty, presumptuous threat.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you check Mr. Kirk's alternative to what's being offered by the Pelosi/Reid duo. Our Congressman has most definitely presented a well defined reform program. Where have you been?

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that the giannoulias campaign has spies or what are called trackers at kirk events now. This was a hidden tape recorder at the new trier event and someone didn't do their job with security in ensuring that no one played dirty. From now on, team kirk needs to do screenings of people to see what they are taking into events like this and mark needs to watch his mouth. he's said other stuff in the past-some comment on mexicans for screening and in the glare of a national spotlight this dan seals type jv stuff could hurt him big.

ask FORMER senator george maccaca allen.

50 percent of illinois dont want this bill 39 percent do. nuff said.

all it will do is give us something to run on in the fall.


Anonymous said...

=From now on, team kirk needs to do screenings of people to see what they are taking into events=

Perfect, foklaeaps. Frisk them, maybe?

That'll be great PR for Kirk right now.

Anonymous said...

foklaeaps.....can you please provide a reliable source for your off the cuff remark of 50 to 39. Leading think tanks show quite the contrary...but I would love to know where you are getting your data.

Anonymous said...

Since this was a Republican event can we assume that a Republican "leaked" out those "portions" of Kirk's speech?

My response is a simple one: "so what?" Anyone disagree with Kirk's position that Obama could be a one-termer if he keeps up with his non-transparent Chicago Machine style system of governance? If he continues to break his many campaign promises of being a reformer?

Since a majority after all this time still do not health care "reform" rammed down their throats using legislative sleigh of hand instead of voting according to existing rules, would it make sense then to brand Obama a one termer?

Every day in every way both in domestic affairs and nationally, Obama emulates Jimmy Carter. Perhaps he should spend less time filling out NCAA brackets and more time actually trying to do his job. But then, maybe we would be better off if he spent more time with NCAA brackets!

Louis G. Atsaves

Ray said...

>team kirk needs to do screenings of people to see what they are taking into events like this and mark needs to watch his mouth

You mean Mark Kirk says thing in private to Republicans that he wouldn't say if he knew that all the other chumps, er, voters were listening? Things that might cost him those Democratic swing votes that he panders so shamelessy for?

I am shocked. Shocked!

nacilbupera said...


As both a Conservative and a Republican we have been an outspoken Kirk critic on this blog and our own. Nevertheless in lieu of the passage of Obamacare and thus the pronouncement of Medi-geddon we are reversing our position and supporting Kirk for the following reasons:

(1) Kirk voted NO! to Obamacare
(2) Kirk has signed the pledge to repeal Obamacare
(3) Kirk's Democratic opponent supports Obamacare and indeed is using the Socialistic bill as a means of touting a vote against Kirk.
(4) The sense of urgency to repeal is so great that if we don't repeal now, we may not have our Republic in 6 years when a more conservative Republican could run against a non-incumbent and thus challenge the Democrat incumbent.
(5) Kirk could end up being the difference between a Republican majority and minority in the Senate in 2010. (Election Projection currently has it at 50-48 in favor of the Dems.) This is necessary to put a check on Obama who will sign whatever Socialistic legislation Congress puts forth like amnesty, cap and tax, and endless upward debt ceiling adjustments.
(6) No 3rd-party conservative opponent to Kirk has any traction. Indeed, they are looking for petition signatures at this point to merely make their name on the Illinois ballot. We fear any traction they do gain at this point will end up further solidifying the Democrat and thus put in jeopardy the Medi-geddon war.

Our full rationale of support can be found here.