Monday, March 15, 2010

Mark Kirk Launches His First TV Ad for the U.S. Senate Race: "Independent"

From the Kirk for Senate Campaign:

Kirk Launches First TV Ad: “Independent”

Congressman, Navy Veteran Opens General Election Highlighting Thoughtful, Independent Record - Promises to End Corruption

Stark contrast to Giannoulias Broadway Bank and Bright Start woes

Northbrook, Ill. – Five-term Congressman and Navy veteran Mark Kirk today unveiled his first general election television ad focusing on his thoughtful, independent record in Congress, long-time military service and a pledge to restore fiscal discipline and end corruption in Illinois.

The 30-second spot, entitled “Independent,” highlights Congressman Kirk’s independent and effective record including his support for stem cell research, strong defense of Lake Michigan, opposition to the “Bridge to Nowhere,” votes for lower taxes and 20-year service as Navy Reserve Intelligence Officer.

“The coming election offers the people of Illinois a clear choice to change direction,” campaign spokesman Eric Elk said. “Congressman Kirk brings a thoughtful, independent and effective record of standing up to special interests and party leaders to help Illinois families while Alexi Giannoulias brings a failed record of poor judgment, association with criminals and loss of public funds. Congressman Kirk wore the uniform of our country, fought for stem cell research and defended Lake Michigan from polluters while Alexi Giannoulias pushed risky ‘hot money’ lending schemes, authorized loans to organized crime figures like Michael 'Jaws' Giorango and wiped out $70 million in Bright Start college savings funds for Illinois families. After Rod Blagojevich and Roland Burris, we won’t get fooled again.”

“Independent,” which will air across Illinois, comes on the heels of new ethics woes for Democrat Alexi Giannoulias. One week ago, Crain’s Chicago Business reported the Giannoulias family could receive $10 to $15 million in tax benefits from the collapse of their family bank. On Thursday, one of Giannoulias’ top campaign contributors was arrested for bank fraud.


Bowlingbrook said...

Solid contrast of clean Kirk to dirty Alexi

Anonymous said...

Very well done piece,right on point. Interesting that the other side is attacking, without merit, on contributions that the Kirk campaign has received over the years from Wall Street types. Not true, of course, but with Alexi and his followers who cares about truth. Mr. Kirk looks very much like the Senator we need him to be come November 2. Looking forward to more positive TV pieces in this manner. Way to go, Mark.

Ray said...

Why doesn't Mark talk about how he boasted in 2002 that as a naval intelligence officer he knew there were WMDs in Iraq when a lot of us knew better than to trust the Bush administration about it? Or that all his bleating about earmarks adds up to the cost of a few days of our presence there, that he was so gung ho about, or a few days Medicare Part D coverage, the "healthcare reform" taxpayer gift to big pharma that he voted for?

Anonymous said...

Well Ray, as someone who has the benefit of Part D of Medicare, I thank Mr. Kirk whenever I go to pick up some very needed, costly prescriptions. Even with Part D my out of pocket costs each year run over $1200, but without it I would not be taking 3 of the 6 drugs I need for blood pressure and diabetes. Seniors had no way to guard themselves against the really high cost of drugs for malignant diseases that they CAN afford today, thanks to Mr. Kirk. The vast majority of those of us over 65 applaud the fact that he helped us help ourselves with the most advanced drug therapies that are developed each year. You bet I'm a strong Kirk supporter. IF you knew the real facts before spouting some old Democrat talking points you'd know what you're talking about on Part D. You don't. And a word on the doughnut hole. Passing a Bill that has been sustainable was the goal. Had the plan done what some wanted the cost would have been over a Trillion dollars. Sounds like what the current leaders are saying. That, Ray, is NOT sustainable. Wisely, the plan we have now gives most seniors coverage they never had before, something they CAN afford, there's help for those truly in need. So, Ray, when it comes to Part D, buddy, you are way off base.

Ray said...

Anon, I don't have a problem paying for your prescriptions. Any decent health care plan should include prescription coverage. What I have a problem with is paying full price. With Part D, Medicare became, what, one of the largest purchasers of drugs in the world? Why, oh why, did Mark Kirk and the Republicans insist that it not be allowed to negotiate discounts with the drug companies? And they did this knowing that it would put a massive hole in the budget. Whatever happened to pay/go with legislation? It is just another example of how the Republicans are only spending hawks when they are not in power. Incidentally, I hope you are enjoying your government provided health care.

With regard to what current leaders are saying, I give a bit more weight to the CBO than I do to Republican talking points, and the CBO has fairly consistently said that the Democratic plans, including the current one, which fills the donut hole, will cut the budget. That works for me.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again, Ray. Who told you that seniors don't pay for their healthcare? I pay $98.50 per month for Medicare and I pay close to $200 a month for my supplement. I am not on anyone's payroll, have not been since I retired. ALL members of the House and Senate also pay for their healthcare. No free lunches. For those who need more help, it's there for seniors and for others truly in need.
As for the CBO score. I think you have not read that correctly. The TRILLION dollar program is what's at stake. This administration, by it's own statements, are CUTTING $500 BILLION from Medicare to help pay for benefits. Do you know what they plan to cut and trim? For one, programs within Hospice, Home Health care, many Physical and Occupational therapy services to name just a few. I think you should read everything in what's proposed since you're obviously not in Medicare, don't know what the reality looks like. Most Medicare recipients in Part D are obliged to use the generic formulations of most drugs. For those where no generic is available, the full price is the only option and without the Part D assistance, not affordable to many of us. Cancer drugs are life savers. Without Part D affording them would be out of the question for most people. Buying from Canada, where their formulary has a fraction of what we in America have at our disposal, is not a bargain. Ray, we can debate this all you want. When YOU are a senior, check back with me. Hopefully you'll understand the efficacy of this program. I do.

Ray said...

Which trillion are you talking about, Anon? The 1 trillion in deficit reduction that the CBO estimates over the next 20 years? And regarding Medicare, it looks to me like the bill fairly comprehensively guarantees that benefits will not be cut.

You missed my point about the full price drugs. Sure, Part D makes them affordable, but why are the taxpayers, who are buying in such high volume, subsidizing them at full price? Do you think the VA pays full price? There was no good explanation then, and there isn't one now, other than that it was a big, fat, Republican gift of taxpayer money to big pharma.

Anonymous said...

the iraq haters can go eat one. the country is in great shape and now obama is claiming credit for it. mark put his money where is mouth is by serving overseas, most of you won't even let your kids play with gi joes and will only leave the us once in your life for some cruise to cancun.

the ad is nice but the media is going to do the real damage to alexi in a month and then the blago trial. mark running ads in mid march shows he has money to burn which is a good sign and indicator his fundraising is strong.

ray your talking points worked so well for congressman lee goodman when they were actually relevant. NOT.

Chicago media loves to talk corruption and scandal and bad guys getting thrown out of office, to them alexi is a transparent hack and they will be coldblooded in destroying him assuming they still have jobs.

i look forward to reading team america as he piles on and the mark kirk haters either don't comment or come up with lame excuses and old talking points.


Anonymous said...

I notice Dan Seals has done the right thing on Israel, why has Bob Dold been silent? Is it because he's weak on Israel, or is it because he's too dumb to understand what's been going on?

Political Pro

Anonymous said...

everyone knows dan seals is anti-Israel. This won't get him any support. All it's going to do is alienate him from the white house and national democrats he needs to help him defeat dold with d for defeat seals. They dont appreciate candidates ripping them on israel making them look weak.

Dold needs to drive a wedge between seals and the pro-choice people by asking dan where he stands on the stupak pro-life legislation and whether or not he would vote for health care if it was included.