Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Broadway Bank Blunders: Major Giannoulias Contributor Caught Fleeing In Wake of Bank Fraud Charges

The news about the shady dealings of customers of Alexi Giannoulias's family Broadway Bank just don't stop coming. Today, the Sun-Times reported that Boston Blackie's owner Nick Giannis were charged with bank fraud by the Cook County state's attorney, and that Giannis was caught at the Canadian border with his Greek passport. Also, according to the Sun-Times, "Giannis contributed $115,000 to Citizens for Giannoulias between 2005 and 2008 alone and secured millions of dollars in mortgages with Broadway Bank, records show."

Congressman Mark Kirk released the following statement after the news broke:

“The check-kiting scheme conducted by a top Giannoulias contributor and Broadway Bank client appears to be part of a disturbing pattern of reckless business relationships, questionable banking practices and potentially illegal activity,” Congressman Kirk said. “Alexi Giannoulias should return the massive $119,800 in Giannis campaign contributions given Giannis was caught attempting to leave U.S. jurisdiction.”


Anonymous said...

check kitting, you know who did that? Bob Creamer, comrade jan's husband. You know who alexi soprano's first congressional endorsement was? comrade jan. Perhaps they shared notes and strategies. at the very least bob can tell him how him how to do time.

It's time to call a spade a spade. To be anyone in the Illinois democrat party, you have to get convicted of something, have close ties to convicts, be an unemployed bum, or be an enraged single lonely cat thing.

Fan of King Louis Astaves the Ellen Pup and alexi slayer

Anonymous said...

If he had made it to Greece then he would have stayed there as there is no legal avenue for those committing financial crimes to be sent back to the USA from Greece.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

king louis, this administration would not have sought his extradition. remember who we are dealing with.

Also catlady praised the senator to be today. something must be in the water. when mark has catlady backing him, you know its over for alexi soprano.


Anonymous said...

Have you actually READ what that vicious, vindictive anti-Israel basher has said in her most recent post? The bitter catwoman chastizes Congressman Kirk for his stand on Israel's RIGHT to build those apartments in Jerusalem. This conflict has NOTHING to do with land for peace. It has everything to do with the Palestinians not wanting Israel on the planet. She is so warped, so off her rocker as usual. If you think she's praising Mark, please read her blistering attack again.
Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the State of Israel. Nothing she says, nothing that JStreet says will ever change that. Too bad she can't understand the issue. Mark Kirk does, thank goodness, as do most members of Congress. Let's get back to understanding the posts by the KING of check kiting, none other than Bob Creamer. And he's the Alexi advisor? You can't make up stuff like this, folks.