Wednesday, March 10, 2010

White House On Board With Alexi, Sort Of...

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post reports that Robert Gibbs, President Obama's press secretary, gave Alexi Giannoulias, the Dem nominee for the Illinois U.S. Senate seat, a "tepid" endorsement yesterday after Giannoulias came to D.C. to meet with top Obama administration staff:

Illinois state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, the party's nominee for the state's open Senate seat, visited the White House Tuesday and picked up a somewhat tepid endorsement from press secretary Robert Gibbs. "Alexi Giannoulias is the Democratic nominee for the United States Senate and has the support and the backing of the White House," Gibbs said from the podium.

Cillizza also notes that Republicans "are growing increasingly confident" about Kirk's chances to wrest the seat away from the Dems in light of the Broadway bank troubles that continue to shadow Giannoulias.

Rasmussen also has a new poll out showing Alexi with only the slightest of leads over Kirk, 44-41, according to Rich Miller at Capitol Fax Blog. (note that his original source, Fox News, apparently misreported the numbers earlier as 42-41 Alexi/Kirk) Rich has a great wrap-up on this and more, so go check it out. As of this morning, Rasmussen did not have the poll numbers up on its website but I am assuming the gap between Kirk and Alexi is still within the margin of error.

Let's not forget that Illinois is a deep blue state, overall, and that Alexi is supposed to be WINNING. Kirk, not Alexi, is the underdog here, and as long as Kirk keeps pace with Alexi in the months leading up to the Blago trial, I think we're in pretty good shape.


Sam Spade said...

Alexi's banking scandal sits there as a giant cannon aimed at the heart of his campaign. Once the national GOP fires the cannon in the form of a million dollars of negative ads, Alexi's numbers will tank.

In the meantime, Kirk better get his **** together and start running a real campaign, not just rely on Alexi being damaged goods.

Anonymous said...

TA you are too nice. Obama gave Alexi Soprano his full endorsement in 2006, now he needs it more and he's giving him a yellow light. You don't need to be a math whiz to know that's a negative trajectory.

The best news is that the liberal msm is finally actually looking at facts here. More than Julius peppers, I await the absolute bottom dropping out on the democrats after blago takes the party down with him and alexi's bank fails. They don't seem to have bought his pathetic arafat esque poor me, I'm just a guy doing my thing who something bad happened to sorry shtick.

I would also like to give kudos to the local gop. If you read catlady's blog she along with her new israel hating clown recount the founding of their 10th dems and how the democratic party basically ignored them forever and didn't have an actual organization. That's never been the case here. I think the 10th dems will be toast after the blago fallout and alexi soprano bombs go off and the democrat party is finally revealed to the local and national media for what we know it is.


easy said...

If this Rasmussen poll is to be believed, then there may be some problems in Kirk-land, because Brady was beating Quinn by 10.

I am of the opinion that this poll may be a bit messed up.

I think if Brady leads by by 10, then Kirk is definitely up. but overall, i think the whole poll is an outlier.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully most of us did not attend chicago public schools and thus are able to do math.

It's very simple.

2006:Alexi's bank not failing:Obama backs with all his might.

2010:Alexi's bank failing=Obama nervously tepid in support.

Pre bank failure:Alexi's just another chicago democrat with an ugly allegation.

Post bank failure:Alexi, with no public record walks away with 10s of millions of taxpayer dollars while feds seize his bank.

Preblago trial:blago just another crazy uncle democratic politician.

postblago trial: blago destroys the democratic party of illinois's credibility by detailing ounce by ounce every ugly corrupt deal, tactic, leader. Media becomes obsessed with narrative that its time for democrats to pay up for 8 years of corruption and incompetence.

Failed bank+
wallstreet disgrace +
blago bomb+
clean kirk

=senator mark kirk



Anonymous said...

Apparently in roll call today it was announced that alexi has fired his campaign team. Sounds like a campaign on its way to victory thats very pleased with its leadership.


4-3-2-1. Explosion.