Saturday, March 20, 2010

State Rep. Carol Sente Flip-Flops on National Health Care Support

What a difference a couple weeks make.

As we all stand waiting to see the fate of ObamaCare tomorrow (which is when most predict a final vote will be taken in the U.S. House), the Illinois General Assembly last week passed a resolution (HR0569) to support President Obama's plan to revamp and remake healthcare in his own vision, and which specifically stated: "we urge President Obama and the United States Congress to take immediate action to adopt meaningful heath care system reform in keeping with the Obama administration's articulated goals."

Most Republicans voted against the resolution, of course, and only a handful of Democrats (mostly vulnerable Democrats in suburban districts) also opposed it. Guess what newly-appointed State Represenative Carol Sente of the 59th Legislative District, a Democrat, did?

Sente voted no.

However, only weeks before, Sente had voted with the Democratic majority in the GA to kill a Republican-sponsored resolution opposing national heath care. So, interestingly, she seemed to vote in favor of national healthcare before she voted last week against it.

So, what gives? Is Sente shamelessly pandering to her constituents to bolster her "independent" credentials on a relatively unimportant vote? Or does she really think that ObamaCare will be the ruination of the nation? (Don't believe me? Check out this article which states that Caterpillar, a hugely important Illinois employer, estimates that ObamaCare will increase its costs by $100 MILLON (yes, million) a year).

If Sente is really against ObamaCare, she should put on her website all of the substantive reasons that ObamaCare is a terrible proposition, and she should be out there calling all of the Democratic Congressmembers like Bill Foster and Melissa Bean to convince them to vote against it.

Otherwise Sente is just another pandering politician who received "permission" from Speaker Mike Madigan to take a vote on a meaningless bill that she can use later when debating GOP nominee Dan Sugrue to counter claims she is in the pocket of the Democratic machine. Like any good lawyer, however, Sugrue will be well-prepared with the cross-examination points above to be able to show that Sente's claim of "independence" is just a claim, without any real proof to back it up. Let's hope voters are listening.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think Sente is going to independent of Madigan? Highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Seals wont say if he would vote for the bill or not if her were in Congress. And this guy wants to lead? Dold/GOP needs to put the screws on Seals on that issue.

Anonymous said...

So we have Seals, Halverson and Foster on the national level undecided and Sente on the state side clueless as to what she wants. That is supposed to be the future of the Democratic party? I think NOT!

Anonymous said...

It's a really simple question for republican candidates right now and it does not require a chicago mba and 6 years of unemployment and 2 defeats.

are you happy with your government in illinois right now.

that's it. this state sucks and its because of the democrats. they lose jobs, they see their kids schools destroyed they see the corruption they see the clowns in power playing tricks while the state goes to hell.

enough. keep it simple and keep them from winning re-election.

I am undecided about what health care means for us. This isn't the gop we once had here and we don't have many good leaders or strategists and we have a ton of waste in power. my gut tells me alot for now sleep time.