Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Team America Eclipses Ellen With 150,000 Visitors

I just wanted to note that we've reached another milestone here at Team America with over 150,000 visitors to the site since our inception back in October 2007. Our all-time high daily traffic point was right before the February primary with almost 1,000 visitors on a single day, and almost 13,000 just for January 2010!

It's also interesting that it took us almost two years to reach 100,000 hits, but we increased that by 50% in less than six months. The momentum is with us and the GOP in 2010!

So, thanks for hanging out with us and reading Team America!

For those of you long-time fans who know the backstory of how Team America came to be, we have now handily overtaken our friend Ellen of the Tenth (despite her headstart of over two years) in terms of number of site visitors (this morning she was at around 142,500, according to her sitemeter).

Just in case anyone was counting. ;-)

Thanks again,



Badge of Honor said...

Congratulations TA - keep up the good work.

Publia said...

Those numbers are pretty stunning. I am a little jealous (especially of that 1,000 in-a-day number), but you are being rewarded for a job well done. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats TA. Job well done.

Louis G. Atsaves

Lake Watcher said...

When you truly allow an open dialogue you should be rewarded with a following. What that tells me is the other side considers your site a source of pertinent information. I haven't been on the feline’s site in over a year.

Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB, Team America, this just proves that when the vicious catwoman bounced you out, it was to all of our benefit.
I did troll over there today to see what kind of truly over the top lies she's spewing these days.
Even I am horrified,and that takes a lot when it comes to that creature.
She's doubting what the Coast Guard can verify about what happened to Mr.Kirk when he was 16 years old and a New Trier student. Perhaps she'd like to get the records from Evanston Hospital where he was taken and literally brought back to good health. She is, without question, one very sick human being.
Oh yes, and this sidekick thug, Nyberg, who in the world is he to comment almost daily? But TA, they talk to themselves and to Blue Wind. Good of you to give Blue space to vent on this Blog. And that's why you will continue to lead not just in the 10th District, but nation-wide. Keep on going, TA, this is great reading.

Anonymous said...

Sincere congrats from your politician *anonymous* friend! (and spouse).

Blue Wind said...

Congrats. Now, can you explain why Kirk changed his mind and he will not "lead the effort" to repeal Health Care Reform?


Is he for or against health care reform? Does he have a position, or does he change it depending on the group of donors he is talking to? What is going on? Do principles matter?

Team America said...

Blue Wind - Kirk is FOR health care reform. Just not the Obama way.

You think TPM is trying to get a spin here, maybe?

Call Kirk's congressional office to ask him what his position is, if you're worried. I'm not. 847-940-0202.

Anonymous said...

===Is he for or against health care reform?===

Yup. The Democratic spin machine is going into overtime.

The bloated federal subsidized national health insurance program just passed on a 100% partisan vote is an insurance company dream. 30,000,000 new customers soon to be fattening up their bottom lines. Sure they are forced to give a little, but they will be adding so many new clients, especially the younger ones who will rarely use their services, that they will be paying out monstrous bonuses to their executives this year and well into the future.

And those seniors will be protected by lowering Medicare and Medicaid rates to their doctors, hospitals and clinics, making it even more financially difficult for medical providers to accept them as patients. And the medicaid costs to the individual bankrupted states like Illinois? Skyrocketing would be an understatement.

And guess what? The Democrats rallied their troops with the cry: "You want the insurance companies to continue deciding what health care you get?" "The insurance companies have their own death panels!" And then voted for exactly that. To continue what they claimed they were against.

Thanks to the Democrats. Why the Democrats even allowed them to jack up rates by as much as 30% before the bill even passed, fattening up their bottom lines even more.

Some reform Blue Wind. What's next, a stimulus package worth billions that stimulates nothing and creates no jobs? Oh, yeah! Your guys did that too. And then tried to lie about it. Even the usually Obama adoring MSM caught them at it.

So are Republicans against health care reform? Answer is "no." Republican reforms were left laying in the dust in committees in Washington and blown off by the teleprompter president.

What we got wasn't "reform." What we got was insurance companies facing government sponsored bonanzas in the health care field.

Now, what is Giannoulias' position about all this again? Has he even read the bill or is he out playing basketball with his buddies? Is he still railing against "Wall Street" Bankers who made millions on failed banks, forgetting he is a Chicago Broadway Avenue banker who made millions on a failed bank, and stands to make another $10-15 more in tax rebates after it gets taken over by the FDIC?

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lou, I sure hope that Blue Wind can read and understand what you posted. As for Mr. Kirk's position and that fact that Blue Wind blasted the hell out of Kirk on that catwoman's blog, perhaps he should call the Kirk congressional office, get a copy of Mr. Kirk's Medical Rights Act, know what our Congressman really understands about healthcare reform before touting the mess that the teleprompter President is inflicting on America. We ALL realize that HEALTHCARE REFORM is necessary. What the teleprompter guy has forced on our nation is INSURANCE reform that will do little other than create over 100 new agencies, many new taxes, force more people to scramble to FIND a physician who can even see them in a 10 hour day. The sadness of it all is that many in America have NO IDEA what's coming because the nearly 3000 pages in the finished Bill was not read by anyone, from the teleprompter guy, to Pelosi and to their esteemed leadership. All the promises about realizing the need for medical malpractice reform somehow didn't make it close to the finished product. Those Trial Lawyers sure have the ears and pockets of all those Democrats in DC and elsewhere. Blue Wind, you are welcome to post here, of course, but before you try to slam Mr. Kirk, read the other side of what should have been part of a bi-partisan Bill that might have a hope and prayer or a real reform that will help ALL Americans. Why not get those facts and THEN come on back here.

Anonymous said...

I of course congratulate team and mrs. team (the robin or even albert to team america's batman)on this milestone and also think King Louis Astaves the Ellen Alexi and Pup Slayer is worthy of honorable mention since he has really been a force at this through the tougher moments.

The coast guard story is as much a part of the kirk narrative and stump speech as john porter. Catlady should know that by now because mark has destroyed the 5 democrats she's run against him, and given that speech about 1.5 million times, give or take.

Obama allowed drilling today which follows the anti-choice health care bill, the assault weapons ban he won't ask to have put back into law (anyone else notice the skyrocketing murder rate?), the insider deals he cut with big pharmacutical companies and insurance companies, his broken promises on transparency in government, his arabist position on Israel. What say you blue wind? Drilling, guns, anti-abortion, insider deals with industry, corruption, bashing Israel, getting lectured by FRANCE on how to be more tough on Iran? Bueller? Concerned Colonial? Tikun?

If Bush had done any of these things we'd be hearing loads about it from the left. Funny how they turn out to be hypocrites.


Blue Wind said...

Kirk had announced that he will lead the fight to repeal health care reform. Then he refused to answer the question when asked again. It sounds like a flip-flop to me. He will either "lead the fight" to repeal health care reform as he proudly announced talking to a teabagger-like crowd, or he will not. If he changed his mind, he should explain why. If not, there is no reason for him not to answer that simple question. That's the point that TPM makes and they are absolutely right.

By the way, in my opinion the HCR bill is the best thing that happened to his country the last 30-40 years and with time, people will realize that. Maybe Kirk realized that it will be no longer in his advantage to fight strongly against the bill and try to repeal it? Just guessing. What do you think?

Blue Wind said...

Correction: In my previous post the initial sentence should read: "Kirk had announced that he will lead the fight to repeal the Obama health care reform bill".

Anonymous said...

Somehow I knew you'd come on over here Blue Wind so you could let all of us know what you've posted over on that catwoman's space. Mr. Kirk was not addressing anything close to a Tea Party group in Winnetka a few weeks ago. Sadly, the person who chose tosecretly tape our Congressman didn't have the strength of character to openly and honestly TALK to Mr. Kirk about why he opposes the Democrat plan that our nation can't sustain, that a vast majority do NOT want, and isn't really about healthcare reform.
Just for the record, Blue Wind, it's a shame that you and your buddies are not familiar with the Medical Rights Act that should have at least had a hearing on the floor of the House and Senate.
It's odd that someone had to attend the Winnetka event as something we'd call a "gotcha" moment. Don't you folks think it's more appropriate, honest and mature to engage in dialogue? Nope, it's your way or the highway.
Mr. Kirk believes that we need to be able to keep promises we make to all Americans. Now that we're adding 30 million more citizens to our healthcare system, it will be interesting to see where these folks will find physicians to actually become their physicians. Your teleprompter leader hasn't given us that answer as yet.
Taking 500 BILLION dollars out of Medicare is sure one hell of a way to help pay for this boondoggle. Oh yes, and that 500 BILLION is just the beginning and doesn't begin to cover all the perks you think we can sustain.
Mr. Kirk will, I'm sure, be more than happy to discuss just what he and others who want sustainable HEALTHCARE REFORM have in mind in the next few weeks and months. If my guess is right, you, Ms. Ellen Beth Shrill and Carl Nyberg will continue to throw your meaningless darts and distortions at our Congressman. You guys are almost funny. On reflection, I think the right word would be pathetic.

Blue Wind said...

ANON 11.29,
Chill out. People are allowed to have different opinions than you. Calling me pathetic because I disagree with you is not the best way to communicate.

I have made crystal clear many times that I am a liberal democrat, I disagree with Kirk and I will be voting for Giannoulias. TA has made crystal clear that people like me with different opinions are allowed to post here. What's your problem? Do you think that by making a comment here or in Ellen's blog I will change the outcome of the election? Chill out.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, Blue Wind. I am not objecting to your being a leftie. What I AM objecting to is your complete and total lack of what Mark Kirk has and will continue to talk about vis-a-vis another way to achieve real HEALTHCARE reform. It's you who twists what I'm saying, so YOU take a chill pill, READ the Medical Rights Act, be even a bit open to understanding that you have a very closed mind when it comes to Mark Kirk. The catwoman loses every time she shouts out against him because she, like you, refuses to see anything positive in all the good that he has and always present to voters. Blue Wind, you simply protest too much. I think it's great that TA gives you all the space you want to blog here and to speak out on something you know nothing about when it comes to Mark Kirk. Know your facts before spouting out your talking points which are simply off base. Kirk has recognized the real need for healthcare reform LONG before the teleprompter guy began his campaign. Again, know the true facts and then we can have a dialogue. Until that time, it's YOU, buddy, who needs to chill out.

Team America said...

How about if we just all relax, and enjoy April Fools Day. Maybe a good April Fool would be to go over to Ellen and pretend you agree with everything she says, but she wouldn't get the joke, so forget it.

Anonymous said...

Blue wind let's play it straight, the economy sucks, your party has done nothing to fix it which is why stan greenburg, the former clinton pollster (and rahm emanuel landlord when he was in congress his wife btw can be found at eastern market on saturday mornings), this morning said the democrats were in for a major route this fall. Health care reform matters only to democrats and by reading catlady's blog, most of them wanted something much more liberal.

the issues this fall are corruption advantage mark, the economy advantage mark aka the guy who didn't cause a bank to fail and spending advantage mark who didn't take 15 million federal dollars when his bank went belly up.

game over.

also fielding your boy better deliver with fundraising. we need 800k minimum from him this quarter seeing how broke the nrcc is.

now back to our regularly scheduled programming of mazeltoving team america and mrs. team america on the success of the blog.

fan of king louis astaves the alexi pup and ellen slayer.

Anonymous said...

Poor Blue Wind. Failed to answer a single question.

But now, arch-liberalcolumnist Krugman of the Obama adoring New York Times is caught on TV speaking approvingly of "Death Panels." He even went so far as to state that these panels (which Democrats vehemently denied existed in the bill) would simply not approve or authorize medical treatment in "hopeless" situations.


Go see it for yourselves!

Louis G. Atsaves

Blue Wind said...

You never answered my question. Do you know what is Kirk's position on HCR? Will he try to repeal it or not? Simple questions deserve simple answers :)

Kirk said in a group of donors that he will "lead the fight to repeal HCR" but then when asked again at another occasion he refused to answer. Think about it. He refused to answer! He did not want to commit either way. So, what is his position? Is he for repeal of HCR or he changed his mind and he will not try to repeal it?

Anonymous said...

Why do you continue to ask TA for Mark Kirk's position on the flawed and misnamed healthcare Bill, Blue Wind. Call the Kirk Congressional office and ask THEM, not TA, for the Congressman's positions. You'll get your answer, you know you will, you just enjoy the game you're playing right now. Mr. Kirk has spoken about some of the good parts of the Democrat plan. He has also, and I'm sure will continue, to point out, to work for and to lead on those issues that will help make the Bill one that's better, that truly addresses the issue of HEALTHCARE for all. But call the Congressional office and then circle back here. TA is NOT a spokesperson for Mr. Kirk. Get it.

Blue Wind said...

ANON 7:45
Why do you care so much what questions I ask TA? Are you a spokesperson for TA? I am asking TA in a metaphorical way, trying to point out the hypocrisy and lack or principles by which Kirk views the issue in relationship to his campaign for the senate.

Got it now? Do you want me to clarify further? I am making the point that Kirk is not principled. Clear? Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind is still avoiding the question. Like the foul mouthed "co-editor" of Ellen's site who professed his ignorance that the rights of man flow from our Creator and not from governments according to our founding fathers. Now he is convinced there is a diabolical scheming plot by the MSM to support Kirk over Alexi. Seems like a press release from Illinois Tool reducing anticipated dividend payments thanks to the new "Health Care Reform" of Democrats is criticized for the truth of its content over there.

Add Caterpillar, Abbott and Baxter Labs, Motorola and others to the list and the economic catastrophe that the "Reform" bill will bring upon this state alone is enough to chill any spine, save for a few extreme lefty Democrats.

Want to see the end result of Obamanomics? Look towards Europe and the economic crisis Greece is going through, followed by another half dozen nations over there. Then check out the reasons why Greece and others are in crisis and cutting back the give aways that Obama is now doling out.

We are following THAT "successful" formula?

Yes BW, Kirk is in favor of Health Care Reform. He has his own Health Care Reform provisions on the table, buried in committee by Democrats who prefer to give insurance companies 30,000,000 new paying customers, fattening up their bottom lines and increasing all those executive bonuses. Republican reforms were buried, Democratic kow towing to insurance companies and other special interests is branded as "reform."

Allowing purchases of insurance across state lines is frowned upon by the Ellen team. They argue that the status quo is better! How's that for a complete logic meltdown! :-)

And Blue Wind won't discuss the "Death Panels" which Democrats vehemently denied existed and columnist and chief Obama apologist Krugman of the New York Times glowed about on TV this past weekend.

Want to know when a Democrat is fibbing? When their lips move!

Congrats TA on surpassing Ellen's blog with visitors, even though she has been around a lot longer. Your allowance of rational, sane debate and content instead of "agree with me or I will delete you" Ellenisms is the chief reason why you have surpassed her.

And Blue Wind, keep on huffing and puffing. Hot air is all you have to offer.

Louis G. Atsaves

Blue Wind said...

Huh? What question am I avoiding to answer? Please articulate your question and I will respond.

Now, you wrote this in your post:

"Like the foul mouthed "co-editor" of Ellen's site who professed his ignorance that the rights of man flow from our Creator and not from governments according to our founding fathers."

Your comment is totally out of touch. For starters, not all of us believe that there was a "Creator". Just in case you missed it, America is not a theocracy and there are agnostic and/or atheist Americans as well. As for the role of Government, what does this have to do with HCR? The HCR bill does not even have a public option included. Nothing to do with government.

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind needs to return to his civics high school class.

No one is trying to turn America into a "theocracy." To the contrary, Jeffersonian Democracy calls for the recognition of no single religion as an official state religion and that we can all worship freely as we choose. Even you atheists are free to do whatever you want.

But all that "Creator" language and where our rights as individuals flow from came from our founding fathers. I know that annoys you and the foul mouthed guy to no end, but you and that foul mouthed guy who is the co-editor of the Ellen blog will need to get over it.

Now tell us again about the "reforms" Obamacare brings to the table in this country.

If government has no role in our health care "reform" insurance system, please document that for us. What was all that hand wringing about in Washington, D.C? Other than handing the health insurance industry 30,000,000 new customers and allowing them to jack up their rates and make oodles and oodles of money?

You Democrats should have listened when Republicans demanded that we start all over. Instead of REFORM we got "reform."

I see Ellen carping away and also claiming there was no "reform" on health care making her and I actually agree on one topic, but from two different perspectives. Not often I can even claim to remotely agree with her on an issue.

Now THAT'S scary! :-)

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

So sorry for the triple post, TA. I kept getting an error and didn't think that any of them went through. Please feel free to delete the additional two and this one.