Monday, April 5, 2010

Bob Dold Announces Impressive Fundraising For Q1

Bob Dold today announced his first quarter fundraising results, which were impressive, and stole some thunder from his opponent, two-time loser Dan Seals, by being the first to announce. I have not heard any rumors as to whether Seals is expected to be close, or even exceed, Dold, so we'll have to see, unless any TA readers have an inside scoop.

From the Dold Campaign:

Dold Momentum Builds - Campaign Raises Over Half Million Dollars in First Quarter

Continues to grow a strong grassroots network of supporters

Winnetka, IL - Today, Illinois 10th District Republican Congressional candidate Robert Dold announced that his campaign brought in just over a half million dollars in contributions in the first quarter.

From January 1-March 31, 2010 the Dold campaign received $504,822 in donations. Individual contributions comprised 88% of the donations while 12% were from PAC’s. Illinois residents gave 82% of the individual contributions. As of the end of the quarter the campaign had $377,672 cash on hand.

“I am honored to have earned the confidence of so many residents in the 10th Congressional District.” Dold continued, “My campaign’s message focusing on getting Americans back to work, reining in out of control spending and keeping the U.S. safe and free is resonating. I will work to bring small business common sense thinking to Washington and bring real solutions to our nation’s problems.”

Dold, owner and president of a Northfield-based small business is running against the 10th Districts’ perennial candidate, Dan Seals, in one of the most competitive House districts in the country.



Anonymous said...

That's an impressive first quarter. I hope he can watch his expenses because his cash on hand seems a bit off when he's raised over $500,000 in the past 3 months. I'm hoping we all get behind Bob in his campaign to hold this 10th District seat. The mere thought of that other guy sends me into a tailspin.

Blue Wind said...

Is Dold running as a republican or as a Tea party candidate? or both? :) Has he been endorsed by the tea party? He is certainly someone with Sarah Palin-like ideology who would be very electable in Alabama, Mississippi or Utah, but I dont think he has any chances in IL10. Dan Seals will be the next congressman from IL10. Easily. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Bob Dold may be further right than many in the Tenth, but Dan Seals has been fired from his last three jobs holding none for more than a year, the last for overstating his ability which he has been doing to the voters here since 2006.
Our voters may be moderate, but they are smart which gives Dold the edge. His real problem comes in 2012 when the district is carved up between Jan Schakowsky and Melissa Bean. If Seals wins, the legislature could pit Aaron Shock against Tim Johnson.
Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Just my opinion, Blue Wind, that you haven't heard or read a thing that Bob Dold has said or has put out there in print. That's not a surprise, coming from you, but just to clear your mind, Bob is very much in the mold of Kirk and Porter before him. No Tea Party guy, nobody that the majority of 10th District Voters can't and won't support. Give us credit out here for seeing right thru the loser of all times, your guy. Whatever is put in front of him, he says it. He fabricates his work past, truly has no worth ethic and that just doesn't play well here or anywhere else. There's no shame in being a guy who cares for his kids while his wife works. You'll find that in other homes as well. The difference? Those guys are up front and honest while your guy makes up stories. Will it be a close race because this is IL, this is corruption on steroids, and this is the home state of the president, we exepect it. We also know that 10th CD voters have a bit more brains to figure this guy out. Obviously, we're hoping it rings true once again in November.
Have a great day, Blue.

Anonymous said...

1. This is a yellow to red light fundraising quarter for dold.

2. Dold has to outraise seals in a big big way because Seals will have obama here in Illinois the last weekend to campaign for him, will get 3 million worth of national democrat tv ads aired against dold where the nrcc won't have the money to help him. He didn't do that. This money is largely friends and family helping out for the general and he needs to have a 1 million plus quarter this spring to show he can keep up. Otherwise he's largely unknown in the district he won just 21k votes, the party brand is much more damaged now that it was 10 years ago and unlike mark who had a popular porter to say in every other word, he doesn't have that.

2a. Mark raised dold's money 10 years ago, that was when this race was a 2 million race and Illinois gop had some credibility. Now it's a 5 million race minimum and the democrats have obama on their side. This is also not a district with a lot of blacks and young people in the democrat base who don't show up in general elections. It's a democrat base of educated professionals and old people that vote, which is a problem for dold.

3. Blue wind, 5 letters. B-L-A-G-O me.

Fan of king louis astaves the ellen pup and alexi slayer.

Anonymous said...

Blue - I'm with you - Seals takes the seat this time.

Anonymous said...

"Dan Seals reporting $662,773 raised first quarter for Illinois 10 House race

Posts Strongest First Quarter in District History"

Anonymous said...

Question to all of the Dolt supporters: How does it feel to be outraised by a "perennial" candidate?

Publia said...

Outraised? The perennial candidate has had the leisure of many years to hone his list. Sort of like Richard Viguerie, only different.

And it's Dold with a D.

Anonymous said...

At this point Dan has had 6 years through act blue to raise small donor money nationally, he's had 6 years to cultivate the dc special interest crowd, 6 years to cultiviate one of the richest sources of democrat money in the country in chicago democrats. And this is the best he can come up with. It's pathetic. This is chicago, he should be able to raise well over 1 million minimum. Lynn Sweet won't write about this because the old gizzard who predicted mark would never win his primary much less get past her bff the liberal hearthrob and pet rising star lauren beth gash.

He shouldnt be anywhere near dold in the fundraising game. what he raised is nothing. having only 450k cash on hand 65 percent of the way through the cycle is pathetic. that's 2 weeks of ads if he does no direct mail, hires no staff and has no other expenses.

that said, dold needs to outraise him 2-1 because he has nowhere near the name id, the district is now democrat because mark spent 10 years saving mongolians instead of the party, and as I said earlier the rnc and nrcc are broke and will spend whatever money they have on cheap deep red southern districts in places like tennessee and mississippi where they can spend 100k for a month of ads trashing some democrat on health care they know will get them another seat.