Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mark Kirk Raises Staggering $2.2 Million in Q1

From the Kirk for Senate campaign:

Kirk Raises $2.2 Million in First Quarter of 2010, $6.6 Million for Election Cycle as Accelerating Fundraising Pace Continues

Kirk: “Illinois voters have a clear choice in this election to change direction, create jobs and restore integrity to the State of Illinois.”

Northbrook, Ill. – Five-term Congressman and Navy veteran Mark Kirk today reported his Illinois Senate campaign raised more than $2.2 million since January 1st and more than $6.6 million for the 2010 cycle with over $3 million in the bank at the close of the first quarter.

As of April 1st, the Kirk campaign received contributions from more than 9,000 individual contributors (80% from Illinois). More than 4,200 people (85% of all contributions) donated to the campaign in the last three months alone.

“The coming election offers the people of Illinois a clear choice to change direction,” campaign spokesman Eric Elk said. “Congressman Kirk wore the uniform of our country, fought for stem cell research and defended Lake Michigan from polluters while Alexi Giannoulias pushed risky ‘hot money’ lending schemes, authorized loans to organized crime figures like Michael 'Jaws' Giorango and wiped out $70 million in Bright Start college savings funds for Illinois families. After Rod Blagojevich and Roland Burris, we won’t get fooled again.”

Last month, the Kirk campaign launched the first TV ad of the general election. The 30-second spot, entitled “Independent,” highlights Congressman Kirk’s independent and effective record including his support for stem cell research, strong defense of Lake Michigan, leading opposition to the “Bridge to Nowhere,” votes for lower taxes and 20-year service as a Navy Reserve Intelligence Officer.

On Friday, the Chicago Tribune reported that the Broadway Bank of Chicago loaned more than $20 million to known organized crime figures Michael “Jaws” Giorango and Demitri Stavropoulos when Alexi Giannoulias served as the bank’s Vice President and Senior Loan Officer. According to Giannoulias’ brother, the family learned of the pair’s criminal background in 2004 but continued to loan them millions of dollars anyway. The report contradicted previous statements by Giannoulias that he and his family were never aware of Giorango and Stavropoulos’ mob ties when loans were approved.

While Giannoulias made Political Action Committee (PAC) funding an issue, federal records show Alexi Giannoulias’ Campaign Chairman, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, accepted more than $6.5 million from PACs – $4.41 million from corporate PACs alone – over his career along with $663,000 from lobbyists, $1.46 million from Big Banks and Securities, and $1.45 million from the health care sector. State records show Giannoulias accepted more than $1.98 million from businesses and unions in his State Treasurer race while federal records show he already accepted $93,500 from federal PACs for his Senate campaign. Giannoulias also ignored calls to refuse contributions from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Democratic National Committee, which can funnel millions of dollars in corporate PAC contributions to his campaign.



Anonymous said...

perfect. or as the french say le perfect.

and they nailed alexi on they hypocrisy on these stupid corporate pac lobbyists forgetting that unions own and operate the democrat party and that dirty dick durbin is a lobbyist pawn and magnet for special interest money. After alexi is beaten, I hope durbin is the next target in 2014 perhaps for thunder dan segrue or hamilton change is in my name chang.

Dold also got several shoutouts in dc publications and on the capitolfax about his fundraising numbers. which you should note and link to because those are very valuable signs that the establishment political press thinks he is on the right track.


Crazy4glf said...

Hmm, PAC money or money from corporate big shots as pointed-out about Dold AND KIRK in Crains
(2/15/10). Kirk got half his funds from corporate big shots who - apparently - TA and Foklaeaps doesn't think have any agendas or expectations.

A special interest is a special interest. Some represent the needs of the people and others represent the needs of the corporate jet set. (Shh: don't tell the SCOTUS)

Anonymous said...

Was that you, Larry, at the Vernon Township Candidate Night on Friday? I don't think we've ever met, but on my way back to my table later in the evening, I stood behind someone who looked like you. Just wondering, so if I got the visual right, I can be sure to introduce myself next time.

Anonymous ?

Team America said...

Anon 5:31- no, I wasn't at the Vernon township event, I had a dinner event for work downtown that I had to be at. But, if you want to meet me in person, I will be at the Lake County Republican Federation Spring Gala this Friday evening at the Marriott in Lincolnshire. Hope to see you there.

Crazy4glf said...

There is an article in either the National Journal or the National Review reflecting that trade group execs make $1-$2 million per year, how 'difficult' the jobs are, and the influence that they pack.

IMHO, these organizations add little value and are as bad as any union or right or left-leaning organization, if not worse.

Some of these organizations' budgets total $80 - $100 million per year. Maybe, if healthcare companies, pharmaceutical companies, and financial organizations weren't spending so much money on lobbying and PR, they'd have time to avoid untoward decisions and also avoid putting themselves in situations where significant government involvement was required.

Let's keep in mind that for all the belly-aching, most product recalls are still VOLUNTARY. This cannot be seen as being in everyone's best interest.

Most information that we know about publically traded companies is due to their mandated SEC filings. What would we know without this vital part of what is supposedly a 'horrendous' government?

Without the meager FAA and ever-changing TSA (Thanks Tom Ridge!) regulations, people would try to bring anything on board public modes of transport. (Hence, without a modicum of standards or regulation, you have chaos.)

Is this what the conservatives and/or tea-partiers want if and (goodness forbid) when they re-take the reigns of the government they now have such disdain and a lack of respect for? (Of course we have a Democratic-led government because of the failings of the last state and federal Republican leaders like Bush, Ryan, DeLay, Frist, et Al)

Finally, in true Kirk fashion, he has benefited quite handsomely from the aforementioned 'hard-working' organizations, while acting like the only defender of John Q citizen. (Psst: PHRMA and John Q Citizen have quite different priorities and goals).
Maybe this is why he blames his constituents for how he votes.

Citizens United, decided by the activist judges currently on the bench (Alito, Thomas, Scalia, and Roberts), does not help maintain Democracy in the hands of we the people. If corporations are people, I wonder how they feel about this. Oh, that's right, corporations don't have feelings.

Anonymous said...

So Crazy4glf mb "Corp", too? And just as effective.