Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tribune Calls Out Alexi on "Blame Kirk" Strategy for Failed Broadway Bank

Yesterday over at Cap Fax, Rich Miller asked his readers to rate the new ad by Alexi Giannoulias that tried to turn his family's failed Broadway Bank into an opportunity to get pity points with the common man and woman. The general sentiment among commentors seemed to be that if Alexi had simply stuck with the sob story that was the first half of his commercial, all about how his father started the bank and it had simply fallen on hard times with the economy, it might even have worked (notwithstanding that better educated voters probably understand that BB engaged in risky loans concentrated in bets on real estate--not to mention loans to shady characters--and that the family sucked millions in capital back out of the bank before its collapse). You should feel sorry for me, Alexi pines.

But, Team Alexi went on in the commercial to then blame his opponent, Mark Kirk, for the bank's woes, and even resurrect the Democratic bogeyman-in-chief, George W. Bush, as the monster behind the curtain that was REALLY responsible for the bank's collapse. It was all their fault, all those horrible Republican policies, you see, not poor management and loan decisions.

Say again?

Or, as some of the Cap Fax commentors lamented, the chutzpah of it all!

Luckily, the Tribune has called Alexi out on this in its editorial this morning.

As the Trib editors tell us, "Giannoulias' claim smacks of desperation. Anyone truly looking for culprits would start with the people who ran Broadway. Most banks have been able to weather the recession. This one failed mostly because of its own mistakes."

What's the Tribune's bottom line?

"The real question is why it wasn't closed a long time ago," says Washington, D.C.-area banking consultant Bert Ely. "It was a badly run bank."

A badly run bank. Someone is to blame for that, and it isn't Mark Kirk.


Add all this to the news that the Cook report has moved this race from "toss up" to "leans Republican" and it's not to hard to see where this is all heading.


Anonymous said...

And what about the cartoon in today's Tribune. Spot on, TA. It's odd that the fact that Alexi's family DID siphon out millions and millions of dollars BEFORE all the you know what hit the fan seems to be lost in all of the current discussion. That said, I find it odd that Alexi, who accuses Kirk of not talking about anything other than the BB, has not said anything about HIS ideas that he'd put forth as a Senator. Oh yes, he would be that reliable rubber bumper for his basketball player hero now in the WH. Let's see how his hero treats him in Quincy.

Badge of Honor said...

Wow. The charlie cook rating is a sea-change. Alexi is left with nothing to run on. And even Ellen is reduced to the "at least he is our crook" argument. I wish we could vote today.

Team America said...

LOL, BOH. I haven't popped over to Ellen's yet today, but I am sure I know exactly what to expect, based on your description.

emtae said...

Anybody know by what date Alexi would need to drop out of the race to allow the Dem party to pick a replacement? I would hate to see him replaced on the ballot with Dan Hynes, Lisa Madigan, Tammy Duckworth or someone else. Remember, Illinois is still a Blue state and any alternative would be much better for the Democrats than Alexi, even if they were picked by Mike Madigan and his crew.

Blue Wind said...

Keep your wishful thinking. Alexi will win in November. Get used to the idea of Senator Alexi Giannoulias.

The link to the polls graph I posted the other day essentially proves that Kirk is not electable in IL. Despite Giannoulias's (temporary) losses, Kirk's numbers are NOT going up. That should give you a hint :) I know you dont agree with my interpretation, but we will find out in November.

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind, the problem with your contention is the Kirk hasn't introduced himself to the electorate. He has barely spent $1 of that staggering 2 million plus demonstrating to voters that he is moderate, pro Israel and electable. Thus, there sin't much reason for electorate to pull positive for him. Kirk has been instead spending 0 money using free media to highlight his opponent's negatives, which is working like a charm. This Broadway Bank fiasco is killing Alexi's fundraising, driving away Obama. Alexi will not be able to communicate his to the voters the lier you contend. It is clearly you who is dreaming. Anyway, Hows the weather in 2008, BowelWind, er Blue Wind?
-The Oracle

Anonymous said...

I'm fully convinced that Blue Wind is not a person but rather a robot who has been programmed to repeat the same twisted message on command of Catwoman and/or Carl. It's the same damn mantra over and over with nothing to back up his statements. Obviously one of us will be proven RIGHT on 11/2 and it's moving in the Kirk direction.
The voters aren't stupid. They can see that Demetris, Alexi and other family members janked millions of dollars out of BB BEFORE all the broohaha began. NOW, it's OUR tax dollars thru the FDIC that will have to make up for the greed and the utter stupidity of this family. You think voters won't remember this? Alexi is a flawed candidate like nothing we've faced in the past. And yet BW continues to use the same language about how great he'll be as a Senator. Sure, and pigs are orbiting the planet at this moment.