Monday, April 19, 2010

Lake County Republican Federation Spring Gala a Big Success

Last Friday, the Lake County Republican Federation hosted its 48th Annual Spring Gala, featuring Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Other speakers included Congressman Mark Kirk, who is running for U.S. Senate, State Senator Bill Brady, who is running for Illinois Governor, Joe Walsh, running for the 8th Congressional District, and Bob Dold represented by Dr. Arie Friedman, in the 10th District.

About 500 people attended, and by all accounts, the dinner selection just gets better and better (if I do say so myself). A number of folks commented about the energy in the room, and Pawlenty gave an inspiring speech that at times sought to unify all Republicans and at other times, shocked the audience with the enormity of the financial crisis facing the country.

The Spring Gala continues to be the number one fundraising event for Lake County Republicans, which allows us to maintain a full-time headquarters and paid staff, which are vital to keeping Republican principles alive and well. I want to thank everyone who attended and/or sponsored the event, and we hope to see you again next year!

Photo courtesy of and copyrighted by CrossWorks Photography.


Anonymous said...

Looks good. I went through Pup's fec reports. Sure enough he took 2 polls last year but didn't release either one-probably sensing how close he was to defeat. Shockingly he has 16 staffers on PAYROLL, which is more than most congressional offices have. He must not have any volunteers working for him anymore given how anti-Israel he is.

Most of these people it should be noted come from far outside the district including wisconsin and new lenox and of course chicago. He still has patrick mogge with him, apparently losers love company. The report seeems to be incomplete because it says he's spent 700k and I don't see 700k worth of expenditures on there.


Anonymous said...

We also may have dodged a bullet on Hamos. She crushed seals at fundraising and seals had 2 more months to raise money than her once he was the nominee. She also did not have a single paid staffer from the district-perhaps 10th democrats have caught on to their candidates and don't like them anymore.

She apparently did 3 polls none of which apparently told her the north shore does not appreciate tax hiking evanston liberals.


Anonymous said...


How did oyu overlook the factt hat Pup took money from momma Pelosi?

Anonymous said...

I haven't looked at his donors yet. I expect to find a lot of money from anti-israel hate groups like the dailykos. I will let you know. Generally the NRCC has software that enables them to go through reports to find dirty characters and then to fire off nasty press releases on what you are talking about.

Also for what it's worth, Joel Pollak raised 80k and has 6,000 bucks on hand. that's not enough for rent for a month.

stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I've gone over the reports as well. My fear continues to grow over Seals and the number of his contributors in this district. Remember, Foklaeps, they will get out and vote for him. I'm underwhelmed with the Dold report. He needs to get out in the 10th district YESTERDAY. And to have him 'represented' by Dr. Ari Friedman at the Spring Gala was not a smart move on Dold's part. His campaign could use a giant shake up. We need to do much more to hold onto this seat. With what I don't see from him and his team, I'm scared to death. I hope he and his staff are reading TA.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 4.19 3:39p, you can't complain that Dold isn't raising enough then complain when he sends a surrogate to the gala because he was at a fundraiser for his campaign. At that point you're just looking for reasons to complain.

Stop whining and go do something to help. The staff you're complaining about took a no-name and won a congressional primary against overwhelming odds. They ain't going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Sorry coulson was a dud. Shawn Margaret Donnelly was more impressive and that cow could barely say mooo.

I'm glad rising star ari friedman was there. Not very good staffing scheduling a funder at same time as pawlenty and team america's fundraiser. It's not like dold had mccain in the night before.

What team dold has to realize is that seals has 3 million dollars of ads the national democrats will air on his behalf that national republicans will not do for dold. Also for a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth with littler personal achievement you'd think he'd be able to pull more than 500k . He's got 2.33 quarters left to rake in millions and has to build a personal brand.

We'll see.

more trashing of thte seals report to come later tonight. stay tuned viewers.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Foklaeps, on this one you are right. Dold used poor judgment in sending a surrogate, regardless of his being a rising star. The CANDIDATE needed to be there to mix, mingle and be part of the team. We want Bob Dold to win. Some of us are busy trying to earn enough to pay mortgages and taxes. One would have thought his staff could have found an alternate time for a fundraising event. After all, I hope we're all on the same team out here in the 10th. The Spring Gala was well known as to date and time. Let's hope the Dold staff checks future district-wide events in the future.

Crazy4glf said...

Kirk to give back Goldman donations. Now we know why he's against financial reform. Wonder if they were part of the constituents he can blame for how he votes.

Independent, thoughtful, flip-flopper.

Will Pawlenty take a trip to the mountains or South America this year?

Anonymous said...

By the way, Crazy, do you have a comment about Mr. Obama and his taking nearly a million dollars from Goldman Sachs? And let's not forget that our senior senator,that paragon of virtue, Dick Durbin, has taken a huge pile of cash from the Sachs folks as well. Both sides of the aisle take campaign cash and you know it. That Mark Kirk is the only candidate to stand up and give back money, even though those who gave to him have nothing negative to hide, speaks loudly FOR Mr. Kirk. You never fail to point a negative finger at everything Mark Kirk says and does. I'll be waiting for your response about those on your side of the aisle who take everything green coming their way.