Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get Ready for the Blago Circus (UPDATED x2 WITH OBAMA ALLEGATIONS)

We haven't talked a whole lot about the effect that months and months of the "theatre of the absurd" that will be the Blago trial will trickle down to potentially affect all of the political races in Illinois this November. But the time is now almost upon us, and between Blago's performance on Celebrity Apprentice, his wacky news conference last night during the prime local news time, and now getting slapped around by the no-nonsense jurist Judge James B. Zagel, this whole process, while perhaps embarrasing for Illinois, will no doubt make people think twice about supporting the Dems this fall.

And who knows what will happen when Blago starts naming names. Alexi? J. Jackson?



UPDATED 4/22 1:10 p.m.: Wow, I didn't know this was going to happen just a day later when I wrote the above post, but Capitol Fax Blog is reporting that, right on cue, Blago's defense team is trying to drag President Barack Obama into the trial as a witness. Go check on the whole story at Cap Fax, including a way you can access the most salacious allegations that were redacted from the defense motion. Ooops.

UPDATED x2 9:00 p.m.:
Here's a handy link to view the unredacted motion.


Anonymous said...

Great picture, usually they say it's worth 1,000 words, I'd say worth about 1,000 bucks in hair treatments for those clowns.

I think once this trial gets into high gear it's going to suck the political life out of this state. No one, and I mean no one this year even obama will get the attention of blago. This trial will be oj on steroids and as I have said for 1.25 years, set against that backdrop, Alexi is going to look awful and won't be able to escape the corruption narrative.

As long as mark keeps pounding away on the issue week in week out and doesn't take the bait and talk about something stupid like the single 17 year old underprivileged mongolian orphan he has been saving, I think this becomes a rout in july.

I think jesse jackson junior goes down, that guy is one dirty pretentious guy who loves his bluetooth too much.


ps I can't wait to hear catwoman spin the blago trial.

pss Interesting you never read her talking about how badly the democrats run springfield and all the teachers they are firing and single moms they are throwing out on the street because they were fiscally irresponsible. The silence is deafening.

Anonymous said...

You never hear Ellen talking about Illinois corruption? She constantly berates Kirk for attacking Illinois corruption, claiming that this proves Kirk "hates" Illinois. She usually invites him to leave Illinois.

So if you attack corruption in Illinois according to Ellen, you "hate" Illinois.

She is deathly silent on Giannoulias' problems as well.

If Republicans behaved as badly as Democrats have in Illinois these past 8 years, Ellen would be screeching so loudly that every dog for miles around would be howling. Her support of corruption in Illinois by attacking those who are against it remains a stunning display on her part.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

That pathetic catwoman is obsessed with Mark Kirk in a sick way. If you go back in time you'll see the pattern that has been hers since she began that tirade called her blog. Now she has this two-bit guy, Carl Nyberg, as her echo. It gets worse by the minute. But what's funny is that they only talk to themselves.
Back to business. The Blago trial will be more than a circus caused by that guy himself. I wish I shared the belief that Mark Kirk will have an easier time because the wind will be sucked out of everything else with this trial. Pipe Dream. This is Illinois, guys, and we have to earn every single vote. Mark Kirk and his totally dedicated team will be out there earning his right to be our Senator. It will happen ONLY if we all pull together and help out when called.