Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mark Kirk, Bob Dold to Return Goldman Contributions; What About Obama's $1 Million??? (UPDATED x2)

Congressman Mark Kirk, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat in Illinois, is returning campaign contributions from investment firm Goldman Sachs, which is the target of an SEC civil fraud lawsuit.

“I want to set an example on ethics for others to follow,” Kirk said yesterday. “I will err on the side of caution and watch this case unfold.”

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) examines how Goldman gave freely to lawmakers on each side of the aisle, and quotes 10th Congressional Candidate Bob Dold, who got $7,000 from Goldman, as stating that he would return the contributions or donate them to charity.

So, how about those Dems, including President Obama, who took almost a MILLION dollars from Goldman employees? No word yet, but we'll see. Hey, did Seals get any money from GS? Someone please check his FEC filings and report back.

BTW, it's funny watching the fit being thrown by Ellen of the Tenth (see her comments at Capitol Fax Blog), who called Kirk out on the Goldman contribution issue and then got all upset that Kirk is now getting props for returning the contributions. Ha ha ha.

UPDATED 4/21: Michelle Malkin digs deep for more Dem Goldman connections.

UPDATED x2: Obama won't give back any Goldman contributions. Big shock. I'm sure that's OK with Ellen, Aelxi, Seals, and all the other Dem beneficiaries of the Goldman largess. But all they could do in response to Kirk's decision to give the money back was criticize it. How pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Kirk gave back his Goldman contributions, will Obama give back his million dollars from Goldman?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget dan seals also has taken goldman sachs money.

Goldman Sachs: All Recipients
Among Federal Candidates, 2006 Cycle
Total: $1,716,708

Seals, Dan (D-IL) House $1,100


Anonymous said...

Throughout his two failed elections bids, and now during this election cycle, Dan Seals has accepted $2,850 from Goldman Sachs.

Take a look at: http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/recips.php?id=D000000085&type=P&state=IL&sort=N&cycle=2010

Anonymous said...

When is Mark Kirk going to return all the money he got from maxed out donors at Natixis? Donors at their US subsidiary, Harris Associates (especialy David Herro), are big donors. Mark says Natixis does business with Iran, and that Giannoulias should not associate with them. Yet Mark is happy to take their money. Classic.

Anonymous said...

What's CLASSIC, Anon 1:34 is that you have failed to note that Obama is the recipient of funds from David Herro. Did you just forget to mention that fact or is truth simply not important to you. Money is everywhere in politics and you know it. Sadly, it's on both sides of the aisle. So before you cast stones at Mark Kirk's donors I suggest you check and re-check the FEC reports of every single member of the House and Senate. Discussion over.

Anonymous said...

the issue for the next 8 months or whatever it is is BBB broadwaybank and blago. plan accordingly. For those scoring at home the wacky 10th dem conspiracy theories haven't worked on anyone for the 12 years that they have peddled them and are only pathetic attempts to distract from the fact that democrats had total ownership of this state for nearly a decade and it's ended in convictions, failed banks, loans to mobsters, SNL parodies (of them), 17,000 teachers across the state fired, and one f'in golden opportunity for the GOP to totally knock the snot out of the democrats in november. chew on that israel hating, big government loving, corrupt, incompetent, job killing, condescending 10th dems.


fan of king louis astaves the alexi ellen and pup slayer

Anonymous said...

Discussion over, Anon 4.44pm? Do I need to write this in crayons for you?

Let's roll this back to where the Natixis issue started. This website, the NSRC, and Mark Kirk himself have all loudly denounced Natixis and Giannoulias' associations with Natixis. Here's the bit on Team AMerica's page from March 19, 2010. http://teamamerica10th.blogspot.com/2010/03/what-does-alexi-giannoulias-have-in.html. And the NSRC:

So then there's the inconvenient fact that Natixis employees David Herro and others are maxed out contributors to Mark Kirk and the NSRC. The logic of MArk Kirk/the NSRC's original charge would demand that they not take money from Natixis employees. Right?

I don't have to mention that Natixis employees like David Herro also gave money to Obama because neither Obama nor I am making extraordinary claims and demands about Natixis to begin with. YOU and your party are, moron.

The discussion is not over because Mr. Kirk's and the NSRC's own logic dictates that they should not accept money from a company they proclaim as odious. You say that money is everywhere in politics and that it is on both sides of the aisle, but you are the ones making the issue about the company, so you ought to follow through on your rhetoric like you mean it.

Thanks for playing. I look forward to more stupid, internally contradictory charges from the Kirk campaign that expose his cynicism.

Anonymous said...

No one cares about conspiracy theories.

Crains notes today something I noted earlier but didn't comment on, that dold does not pay taxes for his campaign. I think it's no big deal, but it gives a bad impression that he is hanging his labor out to dry, especially when he's in a family that is not hurting for resources. In other news seals has fired the obese and ineffective Patrick Mogge-the former george ryan hack who flipped parties to help seals lose 2 races. I don't know the new guy, hopefully he's as awful as mogge.


Anonymous said...

Interesting press release from the Seals campaign, it sounds like Dold broke the law by paying campaign staff as contractors.

My initial reading based on my reading of Illinois and IRS guidelines seem to bear out this interpretation.

TA, since you're a lawyer, is this true?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:06 your lack of logic, reason and honesty says it all. Cut the crap about cynicism. You are just not able to make a convincing statement about your guy in the White House and his acceptance of some tainted campaign cash, so get over it. You remind me of the pot calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...


The real question is: will Bob Dold pay the payroll taxes that he dodged for his campaign staff? Will he provide them with insurance and fair benefits?

It appears not. If the FEC and the IRS get involved, which I hear from a very good source that they are considering it, Dold is in for a world of trouble. He and a number of IL Republicans are trying the Scott Brown trick of paying his campaign staff as 'independent contractors'. Except, in IL, the laws on what constitutes a contractor are strict and the employer (Dold) has to prove, based on 20+ criterion, that he met them. Which he didn't.

It's not too late to stop covering Dold and start referring to Dan Seals as Congressman Seals or, at least 'Congressman Pup'. I wasn't crazy about him in the primaries, but if this Dold campaign staff-gate plays out, he is going to come out smelling like a rose in November.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

P.S. Glad to be back yet again. Let the gamesmanship begin.

Anonymous said...

Say this about dold

1) he lives in the district unlike seals.

2)he's not anti-israel unlike seals.

3)he has a job unlike seals

4)he has no convicted felons on his campaign unlike seals.

5)he will be the next congressman unlike seals.


Anonymous said...

who's the convicted felon?

Anonymous said...

Foklaeps, you're wrong about Dold, if this plays out the way I think it will the only title Dold will come out of this with is "Tax Cheat"

Until Next Time,
A Second Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the people of the 10th Congressional District are up in arms to support campaign staffers--I expect the Street Demonstrations to start immediately. Discussing non-issues is to be expected by Seals though, since the Seals is increasingly looking out of touch with the District on policy issues (you should see the polling I saw in the District the other day).

BTW, I love how 10th Dems don't let you comment on their site. America's liberals only permit speech that they agree with...echo echo echo echo. I wonder Obama used his Goldman Sachs millions to train Cat Lady et al. on how to stifle speech?? "Change" smells rotten and is wholly discredited (see e.g. 44% approval down in one year from >80%).

Anonymous said...

To Anon 7:33am--I don't know about you, but most Americans take tax evasion very seriously. This isn't about his staffers being paid, its about failing to provide them with fair insurance plans and failing to pay taxes on the wages he is paying them.

To Fokleaps--Although I do not dispute number 3 (it almost made me vote for Hamos), the fact that Republicans are trying to paint Seals as 'anti-Isreal' is bull**@t. I challenge you to find me just ONE quote or statement that would even POSSIBLY evoke that Seals is anti-Israel.

There is nothing that upsets me more with this district then the "Mark Kirk Syndrome" of Republicans pandering on Israel to get moderates and Liberals to vote for them. Seals is no less pro-Israel than Kirk, Alexi, Durbin or anyone else that has or aspires to represent Illinois in the Congress. The use of Israel as an attack against Democrats is pandering at its worst. I am a proud Jewish-American and am as ardently Pro-Israel as anyone, but there is no way that you can honestly argue that the educated people of this district should support Dold because he "will be better to Israel". Just Stop. Its an insult to the intelligence of our district and is a poor excuse for campaign rhetoric. It's not our fault that Dold brings nothing to the table.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Team America said...

CC - You're kidding me, really? You don't see how Seals is milquetoast on Israel? You don't remember the famous "You come down on the side of peace" video, courtesy of peacenik Lee Goodman's video shop?

When Seals was being questioned by a pro-peace guy, he was ready to throw Israel under the bus, no questions asked.

Either you got a short memory, or you're just ignorant on the real Dan Seals, friend.

Anonymous said...


I don't understand how someone wanting peace and an end to this conflict can be seen as 'Anti-Israel'. I was just in Israel three months ago, where I got to meet many Israelis and Arab-Israelis and each of them told me the same thing: they want peace and the only obstacle to that peace is the politicians.

I like AIPAC as much as the next person, but the fact is that Israel will have to make concessions for peace to become a reality. The Israeli people realize this (remember, Livni had the most votes), president realizes this, the global community realizes this, and Dan Seals realizes this. It is a pipe dream to think otherwise.

If coming down on the side of peace and finding a solution to a conflict which has been going on for over half a century (with roots extending hundreds of years before this) is "Anti-Israel" then you have anything thing coming.

Let's be honest. Bob Dolt offers this district nothing as a candidate. He will be a GOP rubberstamp and nothing else. Maybe he can help Mark Kirk in his pledge to "lead the fight to repeal healthcare reform"!!! (Tell that to the 32 million Americans who will now be covered, including people in this district).

TA, if you want to support Dold, fine. But at least back him on his merits (if any?) and do not condone lies like 'Dan Seals is anti-Israel'. As a lawyer, you should consider the facts. Leave the fiction for O'Reilly and Glenn Beck.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Team America said...

CC, all I can say is that you really have to watch the video. If I recall correctly, the exact scenario that was painted by the questioner was in the case of an ATTACK on Israel, whose side do you come down on. It wasn't a generic question about supporting peace or supporting war.

Seals gave an unrehearsed reaction to a pointed question, back when Seals was a relatively inexperienced candidate, trying to pander to a anti-war guy, during his first primary (if I have the timeline correct).

It's not about the peace process and Israel's involvement in it, as you seem to suggest.

It's about what is Seals' willing to do to stand up for Israel in the face of aggression.


Anonymous said...

TA, why aren't you responding on Dold's apparent tax fraud? Are you afraid that he'll have the IRS breathing down his neck soon?

Political Pro

Team America said...

Pro- for starters, I'm not a tax attorney, and I don't give legal advice or make pronouncements on my blog.

See Cap Fax Blog today for a story on how different politicians deal with this issue.

Anonymous said...

CC at 1:37, you say you were in Israel a few months ago. How nice. Did you know that 4% TRUST Obama and his administration regarding the future of the State of Israel? That's a fact, CC. Not sure if you went on you own or with some group. Surely you DO know that whenever someone says something close to the phrase "evenhandedness" it sends chills up and down real pro-Israel advocates. Israel has offered peace to her Arab residents and neighbors forever. This is not about land for peace, CC, this is about their vision of a land without an Israeli. Period. End of the story. They are taught to hate Israel, the land and it's people. Gaza was given, in total, to the Arabs in an attempt to seek peaceful living. Have you checked the ongoing violence directed FROM the Gaza into Israel? Fact, CC, not fiction. Dan Seals offers nothing to the pro-Israel community since he fails, year in and year out to get the message. His mentors are the Lee Goodmans and the Ellens of this world. No, CC, this has nothing to do with land for peace so that shows what you fail to understand. As for repealing the just shoved down our throats healthcare bill, that's a totally different discussion. Parts of the bill are OK. The majority of the bill needs a whole lot of work. As for Bob DOLD, get it, DOLD, he will be his own person, he will never be a rubber stamp for anyone. You've shown your true colors, CC, but you're damn lucky that TA gives you room to spout out since your buddy on her own blog chooses only Carl and Blue Wind. Bob Dold WILL WIN because he's the better candidate. Mark Kirk will become one of the best Senators in history. Take THAT to the Bank.........oops, not the Broadway Bank.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:19--

Next time Dolt comes around the campaign office, ask him when he's going to start providing you with health insurance as your employer. Also, ask him when he plans to pay the taxes he owes on your salary. Well you're at it, ask him if he will be hiring someone from TA's firm to defend him against tax evasion.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

This is getting rather pathetic:

1. What don't you get about "Tax Cheat Bob Dold"
2. You're assuming that when Seals said the side of peace he meant side with the Arabs, which is insane given that you're making up what you want that quote to meet.
3.Bob Dold has done nothing to indicate he'd even be anything more than a mediocre backbencher in congress.
4. Mark Kirk isn't god

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:54. Neither is the Manchurian Candidate God, oops I mean the president (I can't even use a capital P when referring to him).

Anonymous said...

"3.Bob Dold has done nothing to indicate he'd even be anything more than a mediocre backbencher in congress."

Dan Seals hasn't had a job in six years. Freaking loser hasn't proven he can make me a big mac, let alone run a business or be anything other than a rubber stamp for chairman Obama.

Anonymous said...

CC, is the 'd'key broken on your computer? You seem to enjoy writing the wrong last name for Bob DOLD so I'm just going to HOPE that the 'd' key is broken rather than suggest you are a disrespectful jerk. You assume I work for Bob Dold. I DO NOT. And I know exactly what Dan Seals said, what he meant, what he implied in his comment about coming down on the side of peace. As TA suggests, watch the video. Dan Seals is a man without a mission, a job, a place to park himself each day. Heaven help us if that place should one day be the US House. Nobody implied that Mark Kirk is a god. But Alexi, in a public meeting this past Tuesday, acknowledged that Mark Kirk IS the leader when it comes to the US/Israel relationship. He noted that he would be good to and for Israel. We have the real deal right now. So, CC,go and fix that broken 'd' key on your computer, go watch the Seals video and then blurt out some other moronic message.

Anonymous said...

I love it, a Dan Seals person saying Bob Dold hasn't proven anything, when the only thing Dan Seals has ever done is get his arse wiped by someone who "isn't god" in years when most Democrats cleaned up.

Team America said...

Anon 4:54- here is my response:

===1. What don't you get about "Tax Cheat Bob Dold"===

Prove to me he's "cheated" on anything. I'm no tax lawyer but if you 1099 someone, they pay the taxes, not the hiring party. Uncle Sam always gets his, one way or another.

===2. You're assuming that when Seals said the side of peace he meant side with the Arabs, which is insane given that you're making up what you want that quote to meet.==

Oh, come on. You watch that video, and look at Seals' response to the direct question of an attack on Israel. The only acceptable answer is, we respond with overwhelming force in response.

===3.Bob Dold has done nothing to indicate he'd even be anything more than a mediocre backbencher in congress.===

Dold has proven he can run a business, which is more than Seals has done. Read the blog archives for the other 667 reasons why Seals is a loser.

===4. Mark Kirk isn't god===

On this blog, he is. 'nuf 'sed.