Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Biking Your Way to Congress, One Rest Stop at a Time

Some of the area media seems determined to report on even the most trivial of the campaign activities of the Democratic challengers to Congressman Robert Dold in Illinois' 10th District, so it was no surprise to see an article on Wheeling attorney Robert McKinzie's recent bicycle trip around the 10th to promote his jobs agenda (open more bicycle shops?). He had about 10 supporters, according to the article, but no word on whether they formed a wedge and hurtled down the North Shore bike trails, creating an opening for their leader, a la the team bikers on the Tour de France.


Anonymous said...


McKinzie is not a serious candidate, don't waste your time covering him. His campaign is being run by his wife, who has no political experience.

I'm very interested to see what Ilya and Schneider's Q2s look like. I can't imagine either raised too significant an amount, but I see some serious fundraising ability in Schneider given his relationships. Both of them are strong candidates in their own way and I can only hope that their campaign staffs keep it a clean primary and focus on Bingo Bob.

In other news, I saw that Bingo Bob has hired a new comm director and that Kelly Folino has returned to the district (likely in preparation to run in his campaign). It's a shame conservative hero Kelly Klopp is gone, hopefully Stefani Zimmerman inherited Klopp's incredible gift of foot-in-mouth disease.

TA, have you or anyone from the LC GOP heard about Dold's search for a place to live? Curious to see what he decides to do given that the 10th GOP has spent 8 years playing the "our guy lives in the district and yours doesn't" card.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Team America said...

Wow, that's cold, CC, even for you. What if McKinzie wins the primary? Are you going to be as self-critical of your choice as you were with me backing Coulson in the primary? Moreover, show me how serious Sheyman is? I really am pushing for him in the primary, though... think a Team America endorsement would help? I'm very willing to do my part to ensure Bob's relection despite the best the Dems could do.

Next issue - you still rehashing Kelly Klopp? That's a bit 2010 of you. Time to move on.

Finally, any insinuation against Dold's residency after he was restricted out of his home by YOUR party simply falls flat. I would remind you that Melissa Bean never, ever, bothered to move into the 8th, but Dold has already gone on the record as stating he would move. So there.

Ah, dems have such short memories. But what do you expect comparing donkeys to elephants?

Anonymous said...

schneider is nowhere close to what jay footlik brought to the table either in experience or connections-and footlik got crushed. scheyman has aligned himself with every leftwing nut group and has set himself up to be absolutely demolished with jewish voters and indepedent and moderate democrats. I am still stunned this is the best the democrats are going to put forward. scheyman would be a deputy field director at best on a serious campaign and schneider would be a 3rd tier fundraising target.

the one thing you can say about mr.mckenzie is that unlike our pal dan his energy event didn't cause a massive traffic jam. we'll leave the idea about whether to encourage biking in an area where it's 30 degrees and hailing 6 months of the year to more enlightened folk like carl and rob n.

I don't know team dold, but from watching his press he's basically been handed the kirk schedule (armenians!, Iran, mayors conferences) the last several years and been told to fill in the blanks with his name. Kirk's old chief of staff was hired at the nrcc to run incumbent retention and if shes still there, it doesn't matter who he hires for staffers because she'll be telling them what to do.


Anonymous said...

TA . . . I attend a concert at the Genesee Theater in Waukegan this week. Walking to the venue I passed the campaign office of the Russian kid running for congress in the 10th. At 7pm it was a bee hive of Bolshevik activity. I was impressed and felt better knowing someone was saving the world while I was off duty.

Anonymous said...

"a bee hive of Bolshevik activity"!

Louis' and TA's commie hunting crew are out in force!

I love you guys! Who'd have thought that the lunatic fringe would actually have a humorous element? Go figure.

Anonymous said...

The Dem nominee for the 10th hasn't announced yet.