Thursday, June 23, 2011

Congressman Bob Dold Should Be So Lucky...

It's still very early in the 2012 election cycle (heck, we aren't even really sure what the 10th Congressional District may end up looking like), but we're watching the Democrat would-be challenger (Ilya Sheyman) to Congressman Bob Dold, who came out earliest and seems to be getting the most press, with interest. He's as far left as you can get without swinging back around to the fascist/anarchists of the far right. And given that he's all of 25 years old, one might expect some hesitation on the part of general election voters to support such a candidate.

Just recently, a friendly interview of Sheyman was posted on the Chicago Magazine website. Sheyman toned down his politics considerably from the impression he left in a similar manifesto left on the Daily Kos website. Maybe he's already learning a little bit to cloak his progressive agenda with at least a patina of centrism to have some hope of broader appeal to the notoriously independent-minded voters of the 10th District. But you can still tell he's a dyed-in-the-wool progressive, with a liberal agenda that even President Obama would find it hard to embrace.

On balance, though, if I were Bob Dold, I would be crossing my fingers that the Dem field holds no more terror for him than this guy.

Bonus laugh: If you read the Chicago Magazine piece, Mr. Sheyman seems to believe (or wants to) that the Democratic machine (DCCC and minions/allies) will stay neutral in the primary and simply let the candidates sort it out with the voters, avoiding any favoritism. Well, if in fact Sheyman is correct, I would advise Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to wake up and go recruit a reasonable candidate, or all the trouble the Dems went to redraw this district (including redistricting Bob Dold out of his own district) will be for naught, if this kid ends up actually winning the Dem primary.


Anonymous said...

Well, TA, it will be interesting to see and to hear Ilya and Brad Schneider go at it to secure the nomination. I agree with you that Bob Dold couldn't ask for a better opponent than Ilya, but something tells me that Schneider is not going to go away quietly. Who will the catwoman support? My hunch: Ilya. I hope that our Congressman doesn't take this lightly but gives this race 150% at the very least.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how he thinks that the Dems will be neutral in the Primary when the 10th Dems have already turned their office into his and the DFA's headquarters.

It'll also be interesting to see where the other two Democratic Organizations in Waukegan line up.

Especially since there is so much
hatred between the various factions.

Anonymous said...

This isn't your Mother's 10th District any longer. There is a surge from the West that is going bring a whole new group of activist into the district. This no longer an East County centric district.

Anonymous said...

fundraising quarter is up next week, if sheyman and schneider have bad to mediocre reports, there will be a redeye to chicago with democrat operatives on it to find someone credible to run for the seat. they can't take back congress without this seat and there are no excuses this year for losing il-10. If you can't win a seat when you've gerrymandered it, have a president from your own party at the top of the ticket in his own state, you're pathetic.

Chris Kennedy would be my first call if I was them, he's 55, he passed on the seat last time and doesn't live in the district but with rahm as mayor, and senate and governors options looking weak at the moment, perhaps they get him in.


Anonymous said...


I usually agree with you, however, I find it doubtful Chris Kennedy left the MMart to seek a run for the 10th.

It sure is a different district and Mr. Dold's team can't continue operating in a vacuum and just leaving the vacuum to ask for money. His votes have been consistent with 10th district voter sentiment - his outreach dismal.

Interesting race indeed.