Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kirk Making His Mark as Illinois' Junior Senator

In case you missed it, Rick Pearson of the Chicago Tribune has a great profile piece on how Mark Kirk is taking a leadership roles in politics and policy among Illinois Republicans, while at the same time is reaching across the aisle on bi-partisan issues:

Yet as Kirk plays up his Republicanism, he also has continued a streak of bipartisanship that developed during his tenure as a five-term North Shore congressman. Unlike the House, which is more tightly controlled by its leadership, the Senate provides a "freedom of action" in which much of the work is done through personal relationships, Kirk said.

"It provides that the senator who is mainstream and can work with Republicans and Democrats, who is well-grounded in facts, figures and preparation with the administration, can move the whole Senate toward what is in your state's interest," he said.

Well spoken, Senator Kirk.

Go read the whole thing.

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