Friday, June 17, 2011

Kudos to Lake County Board For Cutting Their Own Salaries

I'm sure it's not a reflection on the job they they think they are doing, so the Lake County Board members who recently voted to reduce their own salaries deserve a lot of credit. It should also be noted that some members, like Aaron Lawlor, already were refusing to take several past pay increases that were previously approved by the Board, but rejected on a individual basis by some like Lawlor.

More like this please.

Now on to reducing or eliminating redundant and inefficient township government.


Anonymous said...

I believe for the last few years, because of the varying length of their terms, the county commissioners, operated under a two tiered salary schedule. Some commissioners earned about $40k and some about $44k. When the county board set the new salary at $43k some commissioners received a nice salary increase. Don't drink the Kool-Aid TA.

Anonymous said...

TA - Aaron Lawler has been on the county board less than two years; one appointed and one elected. How many pay raises could the boy wonder have possibly refused?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "boy wonders", I wonder how many in the 10th and the 8th are wondering whether Kirk, Walsh, and a bunch of others are off--probably on the taxpayers' dime to Berlin for the "World Culture Festival"?

And all this while Kirk is pointing at our Military for spending too much on housing. Too much American culture being displayed in those places, I guess.

Wonder how many people, like me, are now regretting the time and effort they put into getting him elected.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typos, TA. I don't think I've EVER been this disappointed in an IL Republican who once showed so much promise--and it's affecting my typing skills.

He might as well jump overboard, as far as I'm concerned, and make that "D" (that many claimed was there but hidden) official so we can elect someone who actually likes and represents the US. (And for anyone even thinking about it, please spare me the "he's a Reservist" mantra"...yada, yada. I know all of it, because that's what I once said and posted over and over again on all the blogs trying to help him get elected.)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe some of these comments. Senator Kirk is a moderate Republican like many of us in this country and we have a voice too. He's always said he was a fiscal conservative, social moderat, and national security hawk. Thank God the people of IL had the sense to elect him rather then the boy wonder on the other side who is as bad as the rest of the democrats in this state and Washington. Had an extreme conservative been nominated we would have had that boy wonder as our Senator and you know it. Sometimes you have to compromise a little. Remember Ronald Reagan's comment that if you agree with someone 80% of the time that person is your man.

B&B's Mom

FYI, Senator Kirk is in IL this weekend working and not galivanting around the world like many other elected officials

Anonymous said...

Walsh and Dold are both in their districts as well.

Anonymous said...

michelle obama's jaunt-likely to include about 500 people minimum (there's a ton of security, lots of aides who have no use on the trip but get it as a reward, handlers ect) to Africa for no other purpose than a taxpayer vacation for the obama girls will likely cost you the american taxpayer $3-4 million. That represents roughly 1/3 of the travel budget for the entire US House of Representatives for the entire year. A kirk trip to europe would be in the $15-20k range at the very very high end. She'll take air force one or something like that and it's worthwhile to point out to our democratic friends that the British leader, David Cameron and his senior government leadership flew commercial coach over to the US for his first meeting with obama. He of course has a real job.

We won't get into how much money valerie jarrett has wasted on her travel and office which has no purpose either except to fail at winning chicago the olympics.

Commissioners should cut their salaries in half, we have too many people in this state treating part time public sector positions like they are full time private sector jobs.

Baxter and Beau's mom is spot on as usual. Alexi was awful although I'm told he's a bar hopping superstar these days. Maybe now that he's unemployed they can get a role for him on Wedding Crashers 3, seems more his style.


Anonymous said...

Foklaes, is that in the neighborhood of "trillion dollar" president's trip to India??