Friday, June 3, 2011

More Dem Challengers Come Out of the Woodwork in IL-10; Wheeling Attorney Robert McKenzie is #3

As we predicted, the number of Democratic hopefuls wishing to unseat Congressman Bob Dold in the new, more Dem-friendly 10th District here in Illinois, is growing rapidly. The third challenger to emerge is Wheeling tax attorney Robert McKenzie. Read more about him here.

I would not be shocked if we see a Democratic primary like the GOP saw in 2000 with 10 or more candidates all rushing in to see if they can knock off Dold by taking advantage of the new map and Obama back at the top of the ticket.

However, I think that the wider the Dem primary field is, the more there is a chance for a very leftist, fringe candidate to grab the nomination, which would be a benefit for Dold in the general election.



Anonymous said...

The opportunity for a Dem to run against a Rep in a Dem leaning district is very rare. There will be at least one significant elected Dem that gets in this race. That wasn't the case for the GOP in 2000. These early candidates will end up being fringe candidates.

Anonymous said...

the head of the DCCC flew to chicago to start recruiting candidates in december, 6 months later we have a 29 year old who looks like john candy and is planning to campaign in palatine, winnetka, kenilworth and wilmette, a 15 year old socialist touting the endorsement of a retired 66 year old doctor from vermont who last won office 12 years ago, and a 50 year old who's never worked on a campaign or run for office. We've heard 10 years of talk that vaunted state legislators from the north shore were going to run for office. Hamos and LBG both flamed out and were much stronger candidates then than any of the local chumps are now having just voted for tax hikes.

Anon if you have a candidate ready to throw down, by all means lets hear names, but until then y'all are up #@$% creek without a paddle if this is what you got.


Anonymous said...

and exactly how much political experience did Dold have prior to his election?

Rob_N said...

@ shore/foklaes -

At least all 3 of those common sense, moderate candidates live in the 10th district unlike "more conservative than he lets on" Bob Dold who refuses to move out of his parent's house, which is now in Jan Schakowsky's district.

Since Dold either can't or won't move out of his parent's house, maybe he can vote for his fellow right-wing extremist Joel Pollak instead.


And as far as being up $#!% creek without a paddle, that looks to be "more conservative than he lets on" Dold with his votes to kill Medicare as we know it, to re-define rape, to redistribute middle class money to the very profitable oil companies even as they gouge us at the pump AND (as if that weren't enough in his first 6 months) to promote highly-toxic fracking gas extraction right here in Illinois. Way to poison our farm soils and drinking water there Bob.


@ Anon 6:13 -

Dold worked for:
- Dan Quayle (not in the 10th district)
- the GOP House caucus (not in the 10th district)
- Bob Dole's presidential run (not in the 10th district)
- a Republican judge in New York (not in the 10th district)

It wasn't elected experience but it sure was insider experience, just not inside the 10th district -- kinda like his parent's house that he refuses to move out of.

Seems to be a pattern.

Anonymous said...


The ink is barely dry on the Gov's signature for the new map and you seem to suggest that the field is set.

I doubt it and believe that some major players will step up. Politicians are nothing if not opportunists. And this is one big opportunity.

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

mark kirk worked for
-random admiral-not in the 10th district
-british government-not in the 10th district
-world bank-not in 10th district
-state department-not in 10th district
-law firm-not in 10th district
-ben gilman-not in 10th district

10th district for 10 years after beating you 5 times.

If your plan is to run against dan quayle, I hope you have a good resume handy because you'll be out of work.

Mckenzie is planning to campaign in palatine, winnetka, and kenilworth-which is hilarious.

Sheyman is a self professed socialist and barely above driving age.

Schneider has never run for student council president.

If you run on social issues next year, you will be destroyed the way your house majority was destroyed for focusing too much on health care and not enough on jobs.

There is only one issue next year:JOBS.

As far as heavy hitters, the heavy hitters you've had in the last 10 years-a goofy midget clinton aide who organized the white house hanukah party, a carpetbagging senior citizen from evanston, a carpetbagging scumbag from wilmette, the chairman of the northbrook peace committee and a walrus looking fellow who was the dean of something. what a team.


Anonymous said...

I love how the dems push one of the most partisan maps in history and immediately knock Dold for living in the new 10th District.

Their trying to use this issue as a talking point only highlights their abuse of power. Voters will surely give Dold a pass for one election if he chooses to not move. If he does move, it will demonstrate a commitment to his voters and will engender sympathy from the voters.

SmEllin of the 10th, you should look in the mirror and understand that you represent corrupt politics and hate politics, not the good people of the 10th, not the current or the future 10th.

You will lose again because you still do not understand the voters of this region. Never have never will.

Fearless prediction, Democrats arrogance leads them to waste their best chance in decades to win the 10th.

Arie Friedman, M.D. said...

Well, it took a big slug of Booker's Bourbon to carry me through, but I just reviewed the websites for Bob's erstwhile opponents. All I can say is Bob must be living right to deserve such rivals.

Rob_N said...

@ foklaes -

"There is only one issue next year:JOBS."

So why, now that we're six months in to the tea party's obstruction reign, are we going in the wrong direction on JOBS?

Why, now that we've seen six months of voting to end Medicare, redefine rape, and flip-flops from Dold himself on Planned Parenthood, are Republicans STILL not focusing on JOBS?

Sure, the Republican House is all for giving billionaires a 33% tax cut windfall (as long as it comes at the expense of the elderly) but such welfare for the wealthy has not resulted in a single job in the last 30 years.

Why, if tax cuts "create" jobs, aren't we still feeling the effects of all those jobs that got created under Bush (2 tax cuts) AND Obama (the largest middle class tax cut in history - which the GOP actually opposed - AND an extension of the Bush tax cuts)?

Oh, that's right. Those tax cuts didn't create jobs.

Handing over millions of dollars to billionaires doesn't create jobs because the money just goes into tax shelters and sits there.

Actually buying things makes jobs, and the middle class can't buy stuff when those billionaires getting tax cut windfalls ship those middle class jobs overseas.

Finally, foklaes, conservatives like Dold chose to make 2012 about social issues when they decided to IGNORE JOBS in order to concentrate on padlocking uteruses and killing Medicare.

Good luck with that. It's already flipped one of the reddest districts in the country over to a Dem.

Rob_N said...

@ Anon 4:14 -

"I love how the dems push one of the most partisan maps in history and immediately knock Dold for living in the new 10th District."

Oberweis immediately said he thought the new Congressional map didn't look as gerrymandered as the last one.

The GOPs under Hastert drew up the last one.

And while Republican die-hards may care about the map all most people care about is that Dold is saying the exact same thing Seals said - he'll move into the district if he wins.

Of course, Dan Seals was living in a house he and his wife bought.

Dold is living in his parents' house. So there is that.

Anonymous said...

oberweis does not speak for the republican party.

the last map was an incumbent protection map which weirdly enough ended up working quite well for both parties. Democrats took seats, republicans took seats and we actually saw in the 2nd half of the decade the swings in congressional representation mirror that of the country. which is how its supposed to work.

As for mr. seals, seeing as this blog was born out of attacks on him, it should not go unnoticed that his former colleagues are set this week to become some of the richest people in chicago-while he languishes in springfield middle management as a political hack. Longtime followers will remember that one of seals phony jobs (there were many) was working for a thing called the point, a goofy entity set up to help people do community tasks. After the company dumped the pup, it changed its business model to coupons, became groupon and the rest is history.

so in summary, dan seals lost 3 races for congress, and his job during the time, the moment he left became the worlds fastest growing company.


Rob_N said...

@ foklaes -

"oberweis does not speak for the republican party."

Actually, as a state central committeeman, he does.

And Groupon is losing money hand over fist -- like all the unemployed people Mr. Dold is ignoring while he concentrates on right-wing extremist projects like dismantling Medicare as we know it and re-defining rape to make it harder for victims of sexual assault to claim "except in the cases of rape or incest".

As I recall foklaes you and our host Mr. Falbe were not big fans of Mr. Dold in the first place. Perhaps this two-faced chicanery is why, telling his constituents he's "socially liberal" but then voting directly opposite that claim.

Suit yourself.

Anonymous said...

I have less issue with dold and more with his pal feeling mellow or whatever his nom de guerre is. Falbe was never anti-dold, he like the rest of the 10th was finding his way.

You won't be running on rape after what happened with mr.weiner this week (I am staying pg for you team america).

the ryan vote is the cap and trade vote of this cycle, a tough one that will hurt some members of congress, but secondary to the larger issue of the economy, where your party has struggled.