Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bob Dold Is "In" For 10th District Race

Bob Dold is definitely running in the 10th District, assuming that the proposed map remains more or less unchanged from the current proposal. I was getting a little concerned, as his decision hadn't received a lot of press, and as recently as yesterday I was speaking with some fairly connected folks who were unsure of what Bob was going to do. I spoke with the Congressman on the phone just a few minutes ago, though, and he confirmed that he's running in the 10th, regardless of the fact that his home was mapped out of the District by the Dems. I also found this article in which his District Director, Kelley Folino, confirmed that Dold in is. Kelley also confirmed that when Dold wins, he will move into the newly remapped district.

Well, at least he and Dan Seals have one thing in common now, i.e., they both live in the 9th District. ;-) But that's about where the comparison ends.

This is going to be a tough fight, but Dold can (and will) win.


Anonymous said...

With Illinois democrats going pedal to the metal to the left. $4-5/gallon gas, 8-9% unemployement, the only way for the demorats can retain the governors mansion and win back the house is to turn off the power to republican precinct voting sites with their new smart grid.

Anonymous said...

$4 to $5 dollars a gallon in not political. It is all about greed. 8% to 9% unemployment lies squarely with corporations that choose to send jobs overseas as the expense of Americans....again...GREED!
I saw tax the heck out of any company that sends jobs overseas!

Anonymous said...

"taxing the heck out of" any company is WHY they are sending jobs overseas. the US and IL and have the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Why are european companies and states like IN and NJ lowering corporate tax rates. To create and bring jobs to their state/country. It's called a growth policy, not a welfare state policy.

LC Truth said...

Sorry Anon 7:14 you are drinking too much of the talking head's kool-aid. The jobs are not going overseas because of's CHEAP Labor! Less money to pay more money in profits!

Factually we (the US) do not the highest corporate tax. We are 26% of GDP and only four nations in the industrial world have lower corporate taxes.