Friday, September 25, 2009

8th Congressional candidate Maria Rodriguez to host a Town Hall meeting

Here's some news from the campaign of Maria Rodriguez:

LAKE COUNTY, IL - Maria Rodriguez, candidate for the 8th Congressional District will host a Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, Sept. 26th at 1600 Milwaukee Ave, (Rt. 83) in Lake Villa at Noon. State Senator Dan Duffy(R-26) will join Ms. Rodriguez; State Representative Ed Sullivan(R-51) had planned to be there but told TA that he had an unavoidable family conflict for Saturday.

The purpose of the meeting is to hear the opinions and concerns of the 8th district residents regarding urgent issues including healthcare. The meeting will be an open forum for any and all concerned constituents.

Rodriguez currently serves as President of the Village of Long Grove and has worked closely with Duffy and Sullivan on various regional issues.

"I am grateful for their endorsement and look forward to many more town hall meetings to discuss federal and state issues." When asked why she chose to run for congress in this election, Rodriguez said, "I am running because members of Congress have lost touch with the people. They are not listening and that is unacceptable to me. Congress is considering legislation that will fundamentally change health care and energy and will have a major impact on job growth in the United States. These decisions should be vigorously debated and consider the will of the people. That is why I am starting my campaign with an open forum where everyone is invited and all views are welcomed."

Rodriguez was recently elected to a second term to lead the Village of Long Grove and has an economics degree from the University of Illinois.


Anonymous said...

Good post. The NRCC is broke so unless this woman is the 2nd coming of sarah palin, at the very least she needs to run a credible campaign so that mark has people downballot to work their ass off for him.

We also need to note josh kalvan. There is a MAJOR strategic benefit for us in him doing well. The better he does against comrade jan and her brigade of israel hating socialists the more votes mark can steal from mafia banker alexi and the better chance we get at pinning comrade jan down in her home turf. Remember, nobodies against her have been gettin 28 percent of the vote. If this guy can at least make an effort-he's a tribesman in that district and Iran is a big dealthere, and get within 25 points of her, we could see some of her red army forced to stay in her district to help her instead of helping fellow israel haters hamos the hog or pup. If they don't have her hacks, our team stands a fighting chance.

I would absolutely love to see comrade jan sweat one out. She's pretty old and has been mentally infirm for awhile so who knows what could happen if she got smacked around a bit.


Anonymous said...

Odd, I was on the line of scrimmage in the Bean wars of 2006 and 2008 and don't remember seeing blood or mud on the uniforms of Duffy, Sullivan or Rodriguez. In fact, I don't remember seeing them at all.

Maybe they were just too busy to attend the party, but sent a gift and best wishes in solidarity? So, I checked the FEC database to gauge the trio's level of commitment to reclaim this Republican seat without benefit to themselves.

What do we find? Zero, zero and that would be zero dollars from Duffy, Sullivan and Rodriguez to our Republican candidates against Bean. Curiously, the record shows Duffy contributing to Hastert in the 14th CD and Rodriguez contributing to Kirk in the 10th CD but nothing down home in the 8th CD.

I don’t know yet why these three have a new found interest federal issues, but I’m sure as with every oil slick - time and tide will thin it to transparency.

P.S. Hats off TA. How refreshing and informative your new practice of listing our state legislators political IQ adjacent to their political affiliation. Someone must have taken the test for Sullivan though, their is no way Junior he gets a 51 on his own.

Anonymous said... isn't the only way to judge support. I didn't donate to McSweeney or Greenberg though I passed out lit and petitions, but I guess that doesn't count. You make it sound as if Rodriguez, Sullivan and Duffy have formed some nefarious triumvirate simply for stepping up to Bean...thanks for wasting our time with a pointless post. can't deny Rodriguez is shaping up to be the biggest threat Bean has had to face.

Anonymous said...

Is adam beeson still chief of staff to ed sullivan?

edsullivanjr said...

Anon 1:55

I leave town for two days and my anonymous friend strikes again with his unbelievable charm. Your post speaks volumes to your character so I am fairly certain I do not need to respond to the personal attack.

I have always helped candidates in the 8th and the 10th. If you were on the “front Lines” you would know that. Rodriguez happens to be a friend and asked for additional help. I think Anon 4:42 hit a nerve here. Rodriquez is a credible challenger to Con. Bean at a time when things are going south for Democrats and midterm elections for the President.

Rep. Ed Sullivan

P.S. As state pay is not the best Adam Beeson moved on to greener pastures working in the health care field. He still is a tremendous asset on the campaign side of the equation.

Anonymous said...

Pat Hughes is on WLS right now, I am unimpressed. I know you two are buds TA, but I don't see this guy raising enough money or putting together a serious enough campaign to beat Mark. It's one thing to get a few bloggers to say rah rah, it's another to defend yourself against a multi-million dollar statewide ad blitz and put together that organization.

Props to the blog on having a state rep respond. I know this blog is followed closely in d.c. I can only imagine you get 10-20 hits a day from certain campaign offices.


Team America said...

FOKLAES- Pat Hughes is a good and decent guy, and we were study buddies in law school. He's smart and nobody's fool. But, even given all that, frankly, he can't hold a candle to Mark Kirk. It's one thing to stand up and give a speech about what's "wrong" but quite another to be able to fix it all. I'm afraid Pat would not have the first clue about how to actually be a senator even if he won. Making red-meat speeches to right-wing zealots downstate doesn't equate to making tough decisions on how to go after hardened nuclear targets in Iran before they get the bomb. Mark Kirk's up to that challenge. Pat, well he was good in moot court at DePaul law school, but it's a long way to the U.S. Sentate.

Anonymous said...


1. He's your pal so I'm not going to rip him personally.

2. John Cox was a moron from right field that nearly beat mark kirk here in 2000. The state as a whole is much more conservative than this district and that was the 2000 map of this area which was more liberal. This is not a given for Mark.

3. You can't call people from downstate right wing zealots. Mark needs them as footsoliders next fall. Hughes represents the views of 70 percent of the party nowadays. The party has 6 joe wilsons these days for every mark kirk. we need to realize that we let them take over our party, they are better than the acorn hacks beth coulson is in bed with.

4. conservatives are far and away the best in politics at mobilizing and destroying everything in their political path on no budget in the country, period. Mike Huckabee had no money 2 years ago against romney, but got the social conservatives whipped up and they destroyed romney. If hughes channels that, Mark will have challenges.

5. A lot of democrats have complained to me about how effective viral emails against dan were the last 2 cycles, particularly in the jewish/israel area. these were things that team kirk probably never put out, but that really got people behind him. in the day and age of the internet, it's very easy for hughes to do things like that and to get conservative radio


Team America said...


1) Addressing the issues as to Pat on his experience and views, if that's what you want to do, isn't attacking him personally, unless you make it personal. You don't have to worry about offending me with comments about Pat as long as you stick to the issues.

2) The state outside of the Chicago Metro area is more conservative.

3) I don't mean to imply that all Republicans from downstate are right-wings zealots. But that's who Hughes is reaching out to and playing to.

4) Money is the key. Le'ts see what the Q3 numbers look like and that will tell you if Pat has a chance. That, and if the conservative field clears for him, which I don't see Wallace, for one, doing.

5) Conservative radio? Really? Unless Rush decides to campaign for Hughes, I don't see much in this state as an issue. In fact, the more conservatives beat the drum against Kirk, the better he looks to everyone else.