Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Election Season... That Must Mean That Dan Seals Starts Doing Community Projects

As we've noted often here at Team America, two-time loser and perennial candidate for the 10th District, Dan Seals, doesn't seem to have much on his resume, especially in the area of community service and involvement.

We've never heard about him being involved with his school district, the local Rotary Club, the village park board, or really anything that would indicate he wants to get invovled with, and be a part of, the people of the 10th District. (Yes, I know he really lives in Jan Schakowsky's district, the 9th, but at least he could do volunteer for something in the 10th for a group or committee that overlaps where his house actually is.)

In fact, as we've said time and time again, Dan Seals' primary credential for running for Congress is the fact that he's run for Congress. (And, lost twice, we might point out, again).

So, imagine my surprise when I got a Google Alert the other day that noted something Dan Seals had actually volunteered for! I clicked through to the link and came upon Dan's brand-new re-designed website, which proudly touted a Great Lakes clean-up that he became involved with. Actually, this may be some kind of "astroturf" bloggy-thing, rather than his official campaign website, but since it clearly states that it's paid for by Dan Seals for Congress, it really doesn't matter.

The same page also noted that Seals recently volunteered for the "Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago," which the site explains is a year-round volunteer effort to collect food and deliver packages to the needy during Passover and Rosh Hashanah.

Hmmm. Wonder why he's touting that.

So, to make this point, I find it an appalling case of political pandering that the only time Seals volunteers for anything, or deigns to get involved in his community, is when he's running for office. Now, since he's been in campaign mode pretty much full time for five years, one might argue that there's really no distinction between his campaign life and his private life. And maybe you're right. But it occurs to me that the only kind of community involvement Dan Seals wants to be associated with is the kind that can get him a press pop. And I think the 10th District voters, as a whole, are smart enough to recognize a shyster when they see one.

Oh, I almost forgot. You simply must see the college kid that Seals hired as his "New Media Director" and website designer. His name is Max Temkin, a student at Goucher College, and claims to be a founder of a rather bizarre live-action game popular on some college campuses called "Humans vs. Zombies." Apparently the participants take on the roll of "humans" or "Zombies" and try to shoot each other with Nerf Guns. Dan, you must be very proud.

Don't know much about Goucher, but it appears that Karl Rove is scheduled to speak there in September. Boy, that's gotta hurt, Max.


Anonymous said...

Your sure know how to make me laugh, or perhaps cry tonight. Dan Seals volunteering for Maot Chitim. Here's the deal. Unless he was part of the food delivery program today, that's all that's required of volunteers, twice a year, once now for the New Year and once before Passover. Seals would not be buying food or even collecting food at any time. What kind of bull feathers is he peddling now. Max Temkin is a passionate Democrat from Highland Park, where else. He's maybe 21 or 22 at the most. I think we've established over the years that Dan Seals is truly the classic example of an empty human being. He isn't involved in anything that helps humanity. Nada. Zippo. Can you just imagine if this do nothing actually advances on this his third try? Lots of Seals signs are already dotting lawns in Highland Park even though the city has an ordinance that forbids them this far out from an election. But it's Highland Park and where the Democrats live, rule and reign. Silly season is upon us, TA and I think I'd better take some aspirin for my throbbing headache.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't The Pup come up to Waukegan and help with our beach cleanups? We're in the 10th too, Danny Boy! Maybe we scare him.

Anonymous said...

good work, ta, but we need to be a pro-hamos blog from now until the primary. Dan's going to be nearly impossible to beat-mark barely did it by campaigning his heart out with 10 million and every advantage of incumbency-so we need to harpoon him now.

As for the attack on his employment-that might be hard given the economy.


Team America said...

Become a "pro-hamos blog," FOKLAES?

Ugh. I may be a lawyer, but I do have SOME principles!


But I get your point.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "volunteering." About that Lake County GOP picnic yesterday.

1. No officials of the Lake County Republican Federation attended yesterday's annual Lake County GOP Picnic. None. Pathetic display on their part. I guess they aren't Republicans. One of them went sailing. Their "executive director" was absent. But members of the RALC, who the Federation always fights with, were there.

2. Only a tiny handful of Lake County Judges attended. Lake County GOP Board members were only a tiny few. Many GOP elected officials were also missing in action. I guess they feel they don't need the party. Perhaps they too went sailing. Pathetic display on their part.

Way to show UNITY folks! Next time judges and county board members cry about Democratic inroads in the county, perhaps they should be reminded of of their lack of party support. But they want support from the party while they in turn are reluctant to support the same party. Pathetic.

3. In the meantime, many candidates appeared, including those running in the 8th and 10th Congressional Districts. I guess maybe they got a display of the current state of the Lake County GOP. All the party "insiders" (elected officials and judges) were missing in action, save for a tiny few.

Nice picnic. Poor turnout by the RINOS and the pretend Republicans. Poor show of unity in a year where unity is an absolute must.

Will the Lake County GOP again fumble the ball? Is the Aaron Lawler move the same play by a few know-it-alls as not punting the ball on your own 20 yard line like the game losing move of the Bears last night?

Ask those who found better things to do rather than attend this event. Like sailing.


Team America said...

Dear RALC Anon: Glad you found my blog. Given your attitude, I'm very glad I spent the day on my boat, and not with you.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, TA. You are way too kind to these malcontents who seem to love to post on your open Blog. I guess these folks have nobody who will listen to them at home or anywhere else so they find a convenient dumping place right here.

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em, TA. This party has way too many folks who think sitting around bitching with each other about how horrible the situation is in our party is more important than doing the work you've done on this blog, among other things. You probably reach more people in a day with this blog than those guys reach all year.

We'll move forward only once we get rid of the people who care more about who is "more Republican" than the next, and band together to oust the Democrats. That nasty post proves that calls for unity from such folks only apply to those who will act like, think like, and do like they do. Everyone else need not apply.

Anonymous said...


hamos will be easy to slaughter, but we need pup harpooned now as he is tougher. If hamos operatives are smart, they will feed you dirt as you get much better play than catwoman.

Also props on blog growth. Yesterday it was me, you, rob n, conservative vet, baxters mom, and King Louis the ellen slayer, now you get 40 posts on a state rep that looks like he's about to go to the prom.


Anonymous said...

The RALC has lately been talking about unity but still loves to cast the Federation as the boogyman to distract from the fact that they have never been an effective organization and have never successfully elected ANYONE to higher office. The poster talks about unity but is probably just pissed that this is a pro-Mark Kirk blog and they can't stand Mark Kirk.

By the count on the Blog archieves, this blog has posted almost 500 posts over the last two years trying to promote the GOP. Have you reached 100,000 hits yet, TA? If not, I bet you're close.

People like Anon 9:00 a.m. can only sit back and wish they had the audience this blog has. And they bitch because you took the day and didn't go to one local event. THAT's "pathetic".

Team America said...

Anon 10:22- thanks for the support. Not going to the GOP picnic once is a silly issue. Last year, not only did TA go, but the Blog sponsored and paid for one of the kids' exhibits, the Busy Brains Childrens' Museum.

I doubt the poster in question did much beyond come to the picnic, eat the free food, and bitch about Mark Kirk.

Oh, as to the hit count, this morning my sitemeter shows 94,337 unique hits since October 2007.

That's probably 94,000 or so more than the 9:00 a.m. poster touched in the last two years.

Anonymous said...

94,000 in two years? Way to go TA!

The picnic postings are troubling me. Although I too felt attendance was down from last year, a significant number of folks attended and enjoyed themselves and had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of "face time" with candidates and officials one on one.

In particular, I was impressed with Ramirez (8th C), Green, Dold, Coulson (10th C), Dunn (5th SubJudge), White (3rd SubJudge), Jorgenson & Schostik (2nd App.Justices), Bill Kelley (Comptroller), Gravenhorst (13th CountyBd), Schmidt (31st ILSen), Cole (ILRep), Segrue, Lawler (59th ILHouse). Face Time helps in every campaign. Having the opportunity to speak directly to each of them for a while, even for an activist type such as myself who gets around, helps puts things in better focus.

I also got to see who were ready to campaign and who were not. Who had walk pieces or palm cards, who didn't. Who had petitions with them, who didn't. In other words, I had a one on one opportunity to evaluate them.

I along with Bob Powers, Quintin Sepulveda and Scott Helton cooked 250 hamburgers and 200 hot dogs. There were very few left overs and no admission charge for entry, so that should give everyone an idea of how many attended. Someone ate all that food!

The angry poster does bring up a few good points, even if he or she did not state it in an elegant fashion. A number of people who should have been there to support their local county GOP were not.

Showing up only when running for office does not make you a good office holder. I am from the Geo-Karis school, you show up to everything and make a special effort to do so, even on non-election years. That would include judges, township officials and other office holders the angry poster brings out.

In my case, l left my hotel Washington D.C. at 3:30 a.m. (eastern time) to catch a 6:00 (eastern time) flight which arrived at O'Hare at 7:05 a.m. I was at the picnic site by 9:30. That makes me stupid, I guess.

Next year, based on some of the comments I'm reading here, I won't do something like that. I'll just say, "sorry" or just not bother to show up. That seems to be the preferred course of action based on the postings I'm reading here.

We need to support the party if we expect the party to support us. It is a two-way street, something a number of crab apples or "we just show up when we need party support" types in the GOP don't understand.

Time for the civil war to end folks. I'm tired of stating the obvious to the oblivious!

If you consider yourself an RALC member first, or Lake County GOP Federation member first, or Tea Party member first, and a Republican second, just to give a few examples, you are an example of what is troubling our party.

Team America said...

Well spoken, Lou. I too find it troubling that certain people come out of the woodwork only during a campaign and are nowhere to be seen othertimes, and don't contribute to helping with the off-season political work of running the party. As you and I both know, because we've been there, there are certain people who can usually be counted on to show up, and people who can be counted on not to. I think I can say with reasonably certaintly that I personally have a pretty darn good track record of showing up to many GOP events, and supporting candidates both with time and money. Far better than some of those who seek to criticize. For example, I believe TA was present at both the RALC Christmas party and this summer's RALC golf event, not to mention the Central Committee Golf Outing and many other events. However, when someone is looking to pick a fight over something silly, details like that get forgotten.

Anonymous said...

goucher is what they call a non-competitive school meaning all you need to do to get in there is have a pulse and parents from glencoe who think enough of your c- grades in high school from spending too much time playing world of warcraft on sheridan road to pay harvard prices for you to go to a school known for producing the best yoga teaching soccer moms in pikesville , maryland.

TA you are killing me by not going with a post calling for candidates for the state senate and rep seats all over the north shore-noting where we have holes and where we need candidates. We might never get a year as good as next and these things don't just happen overnight.

You need to be bugler that calls elephants to charge-imagine how batsh-t sitting on my ellen watching jay cutler throw interceptions when she not only has Senator Kirk, but State Senator Gray, Representatives Sugrue and Stratton among others to complain about to her fury feline friend. Remember most of the contract for america class was just like pup-nobodies from nowhere that just decided to run-and ended up beating the karen may's and nekritz's of the world-and they didn't have spent nuclear rod (blagoyevichs) on the dem side to run against.


Anonymous said...

I attended the Dold announcement for the 10th this AM before heading to KFS and help with a mailer. I'm really impressed with Candidate Dold. He attended the Sid Mathias event last week and we had a chance to talk as he worked the room. Good man, good candidate, good credentials with the beginnings of a top notch staff in Kelly Folino. Saw several familiar faces who have and still volunteer for Kirk. Candidate Dold is a new energetic face and has a great message. I hope we all can get behind him.

Baxter and Beau's Mom

p.s. Foklaes - WHEN are we going to meet you in person????????????

Anonymous said...

Baxter's mom- The party needs a million of you and a few good ta's and king louis's. Unclear on a future rendez-vous. Chances are we've already met in person, not knowing such things at a phone bank, funder, rally, picnic or lit drop.

TA, I can't be more serious about my earlier post. I'd trade 150,000 posts about catwomen, pups, hamos hogs, volunteer beekeepers, princess nudelmans (10th dems you are running out of creatures) for a democrat free 10th delegation in the state house. Much as I enjoy being out of power taking cracks at the chicago kleptocracy, we need to identify holes in the ballot here and start filling them with keith grays, strattons, kazarians, corrine woods, kathy parkers,brenden appels and dan sugrues and future peter fitzgeralds.


Anonymous said...

Oops. Made a mistake in an earlier posting on this thread. Meant judge Winters, I didn't meet a judge "White."

Louis G. Atsaves

Publia said...

Team, I don't know how you can muster the strength to write even one more word about Dan Seals. Your dedication and your strong constitution are to be commended. Julie Hamos might be NOKD, but at least she has experience and some credentials to run for Congress.
I can't believe that Highland Park would back a 2 time loser who got beat pretty soundly in a Democrat year.

Green, Dold, and Coulsen all bring something different and good to the table, and knowing them all I am sure they will pull the party together in admirable fashion when one of them wins the primary. This should be a fun race with some good feelings when all is said and done. No matter who wins the Democrat primary, it is also going to be a winner for the Republicans if we get serious about keeping the seat.

I am amazed to hear that Dan Seals still has some support. Writing about him will be much like those nightmare "I will not talk in class" exercises penned 100 times in the second grade. Then again, I will be energized when he starts yet again his hairbrained schemes to get publicity. Maybe his new World of Warcraft, or whatever director, will pull off some of his aging web content. Even last election, some of his stuff was beginning to look antique. Julie Hamos, if you are reading this get someone who knows what they are doing on the Internet and you will be repaid handsomely in the process.

Since Dan Seals seems to be living in Wilmette still, I can report that he must be spending his time, in his usual fashion, in downtown Chicago. As far as the community goes, he remains invisible.

Anonymous said...

Dan Seals has had no income for SIX Years and wants to be our congressman.

Anonymous said...

When hitting dan seals please remember it is not "39 year old unemployed 9th district bum", it is "how can we trust this unemployed 39 year old 9th district bum to create jobs for us when he can't hold one himself"?

Or you could attack his job as a proffessional candidate/loser as "another chicago government leach who asks what government can do for his career, not what he can do our government".


Anonymous said...

Yesterday it was me, you, rob n, conservative vet, baxters mom, and King Louis the ellen slayer....

FOKLAES I "bump" into you all the time on CapFax, but do the others post there, too, (and perhaps IR?) and were they at the picnic yesterday? I'm trying to determine whether I might have met anyone along the way in person.


Crazy4glf said...

A few comments.
I'm uncertain which side of the environment issue or platform Kirk is on this week. Occasionally siding with BP, not being sure about cap and trade, not sponsoring many environmental initiatives, etc. Anyone else lost? Talk about pumping up the volume when it gets close to election time. He also claims to be pro-women's rights and many think he's a state's man; except in the orient.
Is he being reimbursed by the letter from Twitter or per hour?

Seems to me some people are quite verbose today and no one is being called a loon or having bets made about their gender and logic.
Could it be because it is assumed that the thesis authors are assumed to be of the GOP?

What if someone through a picnic and no one came?

Of course, picnics are akin to socialism: sharing a meal, discussing things en masse, being on undeveloped land. That's so kumbaya and un-GOP like!

Anonymous said...


The enviornment matters to 5 aging hippies in glencoe and obama just traded justice for their classmates from syracuse who were killed in the lockerbie bombings 20 years ago so the uk could expand oil drilling in israel hating libya by releasing the libyan bomber responsible for their deaths.

how pro-environment is that?



Anonymous said...


Why you struggle to wonder about Kirk's solid positions in the areas you mention, perhaps you would like to worry about Giannoulias' position on Banks, bank stock dividend payments, and bank owners who gouge their own banks.

What is his position on secure bank funding? On government take overs of failing banks? Of bank owners who pull out obscene dividends on failing banks? Especially with regards to banks on troubled watch lists?

Let me know if you come up with any Giannoulias positions in this matter. Other than the Giannoulias clan pulling $70 million out of the bank he co-owns stock in that is currently on the watch list for future bank failures? Slick move! Rivals those "Wall Street" types you Democrats screamed about late last year!

Perhaps the government will capitalize the bank and save it, and these obscene profits will safely remain in the hands of the Giannoulias family stockholders, which include Alexi?

Our next U.S. Senator? That's a scary thought.

Like putting the fox in charge of the hen house!

Louis G. Atsaves