Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Winnetka Attorney Bill Cadigan to Officially Announce for 10th Congressional District

Team America has learned that Winnetka attorney Bill Cadigan, whom we previously profiled here as a potential candidate to seek the GOP nomination for Mark Kirk's congressional seat representing the 10th congressional district, has decided to officially jump into the race.

Cadigan will officially announce his candidacy this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. at a press event in Arlington Heights, at Olive - Mary Stitt School, which was Cadigan's elementary school when he was growing up in the district.

Cadigan joins a fairly crowded field on the GOP side, which now includes State Representative Beth Coulson and businessmen Bob Dold and Dick Green. A few other names continue to be thrown about, like attorney Jim Koch, failed mayor candidate Pat Bird, and former Deerfield police chief Pat Anderson.

I asked Cadigan what sets him apart from the GOP pack, and he responded that his Washington experience is one thing that no other GOP contender can match.

"I can start the job on day one," he explained. As a former staffer for long-time 10th District congressman John Porter, Cadigan exphasized that, "I know the job in Washington, and I know the district aspects of the job. No one needs to show me where committee rooms are."

Notably this is a similar message to what Congressman Mark Kirk (another former Porter staffer) campaigned on in 2000, which he of course won in an even more crowded primary race.

Cadigan also emphasized his deep roots and connection with the 10th District, having grown up in Arlington Heights, and now living in Winnetka, and that he believes his political views and values are very much in keeping with the voters in the 10th.

Cadigan's campaign website is now up and running, so check it out.


Anonymous said...

dold worked on house government reform, the white house and porter's been gone 10 years. nice try.

Anonymous said...
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Team America said...

Folks, one of the rules on my blog is that NOBODY makes fun of Ant Simonian, or you get deleted. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

I would bet that 10th District GOP'ers would take a Porter staff pedigree over work for Dan Burton any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a 2 way race between Blagojevich Republican Coulson and one of the middle aged businessmen white guys dold/cadigan/green.

I'm sure we'll see a nasty scrum between dold/green/cadigan for the choice to be the alternative to Coulson with hits on peoples failed business ventures and ties to Democrats and pissing matches about who spent the most time in longworth basements. If cadigan runs on his ties to Pat Collins failed reform initiative and what he did for Porter 20 years ago, consider me Dr.unimpressed. Kirk's message worked because porter was still in office and none of the other guys had been in d.c., plus he had worked on national security issues which come with jobs that are the most coveted issues to work on d.c. and held by the most respected aides.

I'm with you t.a., ant is the size of a elephant when it comes to her energy and influence up here. No need to knock that.

I don't think anyone outside of Indiana, D.C. and the liberal hate groups that catwoman/the great max tempkin backs knows about Burton or frankly cares.


Anonymous said...

Cadigan is too late and unimpressive compared to Coulson and Dold. This is a two person race.

Anonymous said...

I actually worked for another Member of Congress when Bill was working for Congressman Porter. Bill was one of the most knowledgeable people on the Hill. He knew the issues as well as knowing the process. I think he'd do the 10th proud.

Anonymous said...

For months I have wondered why Jan would not run for Senate. She has nowhere to go but down in the house. Now we know-she and bob creamer are the targets of an FBI treason investigation, and she has some personal business.

Tonight, a top d.c. magazine is revealing an FBI investigation into comrade Jan, not only that, she is also bisexual.According to the whistleblower who has been approved by democrat u.s. senators like patrick leahy, there are major red flags here.

This is their quote, not mine and was posted to a twitter account of marathon pundit, a local blogger-

"A Department of Justice inspector general’s report called Edmonds’s allegations “credible,” “serious,” and “warrant[ing] a thorough and careful review by the FBI.” Ranking Senate Judiciary Committee members Pat Leahy (D-Vt.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) have backed her publicly. “60 Minutes” launched an investigation of her claims and found them believable. No one has ever disproved any of Edmonds’s revelations, which she says can be verified by FBI investigative files."

"Yes, and in 2000, another representative was added to the list, Jan Schakowsky, the Democratic congresswoman from Illinois. Turkish agents started gathering information on her, and they found out that she was bisexual. So a Turkish agent struck up a relationship with her. When Jan Schakowsky’s mother died, the Turkish woman went to the funeral, hoping to exploit her vulnerability. They later were intimate in Schakowsky’s townhouse, which had been set up with recording devices and hidden cameras. They needed Schakowsky and her husband Robert Creamer to perform certain illegal operational facilitations for them in Illinois. They already had Hastert, the mayor, and several other Illinois state senators involved. I don’t know if Congresswoman Schakowsky ever was actually blackmailed or did anything for the Turkish woman."

What's also interesting is the involvement of Dan Burton-Robert Dold's former boss, from the time Dold was working there.

At the very least, I think the local gop-TA, I understand you're the VEEP, should call on comrade jan and bob creamer to come clean on this story, disclose all donations from that time, all contacts with turkish officials-including this supposed paramour. Given that both have histories of ties to corruption, we need an accounting in case there was treason. This woman is also testifying on this stuff in federal court and has been approved by democrat u.s.senator leahy-he's usually not the type to sign off on stuff like this.

The party and folks like dick green who are clean and looking for free publicity hits to bolster their campaigns, should call on dan and julie to return all donations from her and abandon their ties to her group.

This is how we get power back-exposing corruption, driving the story in the media-tying dems to it and destroying their credibility.

If we want power back, we need to use things like this to help us get there.

The dems sure as heck didn't cut mark any breaks.

tikkunolam said...

Anon, you throw crap around like that, you better have a functioning link. Or, preferably, a functioning mind. The latter seems pretty much out of the question, though.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that people write such nonsense. I think Anon 10:48 does a major diservice for Dick Green lumping him in with this complete dunce.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:48 and Anon 2:31 Let's be clear that Dold worked for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform not Rep Dan Burton. He wasn't hired by Burton nor was he paid by Burton. End of story.

Anonymous said...

White house, but working advance??

went to indiana law school-- not hired by dan burton.

need to clarify? confused.

Anonymous said...

How can Cadigan bee too late? No one, except for the politically obsessed, is hardly paying attention yet. There are some very big issues facing the 10th and the Nation. Leaderhsip is more than a slick website or youtube video. Let's hear each of the candidates articulate their vision for the 10th and debate the issues. Call me crazy, but I think that Cadigan's Congressional experience in Porter's office, coupled with his work in health care issues and reform efforts makes him a candidate worth watching. Futher, I applaud all of these candidates for entering the arena while the the rest of us post comments, fair or not, from the sideline.

Anonymous said...

Dold said he worked for burton-when you are hired to work for a committee you are hired to work for the chairman. Burton is a sketchball.

There's no difference in resumes between cadigan and dold. I have no doubt they are both searching right now for dirt on the other to end the others campaign so that one can claim to be the d.c hand. Neither is in mark's league.

As for this race, Mark got in around thanksgiving,1999, but the primary that year was about 6 weeks later in mid march.


Anonymous said...

If Foklaes is right, it looks like Cadigan is trying to make Dold talk about his Washington experience--which inevitably leads to a conversation about the work he did for the "sketchball" (great word) Dan Burton as compared to the experience Cadigan had with the trusted John Porter.
Is Cadigan that clever?

Anonymous said...

One of cadigan or dold is going to emerge as the alternative to coulson, then it's a tete a tete between the chicago machine in coulson and the common fella in dold or cadigan-watch for stories of heated legislation battles and name dropping of hyper unimportant undersecretaries and b-level former congressmen. Dick Green, sorry the district just isn't that into you.

Dold will go at Cadigan's failure to do any reform and run as a harder conservative, cadigan will run as a kindler gentler moderate. Dold will talk up his small business experience when in reality it's not that hard to run a rodent killing business he inherited since rats never go away-witness the growth of the 10th dems.

Pup will still be a liar with Jimmy Carter's foreign policy vision and comrade jan bearing down on him and his donors like a fat kid on a piece of chocolate cake, or a creamer on a check kitting scheme or catwoman on her blog on a friday night with nothing better to do.


Anonymous said...

dold and cadigan are going to have trouble raising the money to compete with coulson and green unless they land some big endorsements

Anonymous said...

the Seals campaign sent out an email reporting they received former 10th Rep. Mikva's endorsement.

Anonymous said...

hamos said she raised 250k in the first week alone for fundraising. If that's the case, look out. Cadigan and Dold really need strong fundraising numbers to show they are legit. Since no one knows who any of these people are yet and polls are meaningless, the fundraising they announce in a few weeks will be huge. the 6 weeks between thanksgiving and new years are going to be an awful time for campaigning so these guys need to get their act together soon.