Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lake County Coroner Richard Keller Warns of Zombies

Lake County Coroner Richard Keller, M.D., who is under investigation by the Lake County State's Attorney for his involvement with a death attributed to an overdose at a private methadone clinic for which Keller used to be the medical director, took time out from his job to warn us of the dangers of zombies on his blog.

We're not sure why.

Maybe he's concerned about the antics of Dan Seals' New Media director Max Temkin, who claims to be one of the founders of the college game "Humans vs. Zombies." Max is pretty sensitive to criticism about 'Zombies,' though, so please be kind in comments, folks.


Anonymous said...

The Coroner needs to have an explaination for his post. I certainly can understand a little humor in the Halloween season but he is stretching the limits for a person with such an important office. Time will tell as to what he is thinking

Anonymous said...

I think Dr. Dick indulged in a little meth before posting the blog...

He's gotta's becoming embarrassing already

Anonymous said...

Being a Coroner is no 'joke'. I attended a candidate forum where Dr. D ridiculed the deceased who were "fat" (his words). He was trying to impress the young people present with his autopsy humor. It was offense. One high school student just lost his mother to cancer. He was outraged at Dr. D's lack of professional behavior.

Anonymous said...

"Then there is also my reserve plan to sell Coroner Office T-shirts, etc as a revenue enhancement."

So posts Dr. Keller on his blog. No kidding!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Living in Lake County, I'd rather be a zombie than have my body be in the hands of that guy.

Anonymous said...

"Probably". Is that a technical term, Dr. K?

October 9, 2009

GURNEE -- A man found dead floating in his pool was suffering from multiple health problems, authorities said Thursday.

Robert Wright, 56, who lived in the Orchard Valley Subdivision located along Cemetery Road, died Wednesday while vacuuming his pool.

Police were called to Orchard Valley Drive around 2:30 p.m. for a report that a man was unresponsive after being found in a swimming pool.

Lake County Sheriff's Sgt. Christopher said Thursday that Wright had numerous physical problems that included hypertension and stomach issues.

Lake County Coroner Dr. Richard Keller said Wright probably suffered a heart attack that caused him to drown in the pool.