Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend Update: Meth Clinc/Keller; IL-10: Hamos, Seals; IL Senate: Kirk, Hughes, Martin; and a Picnic!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Get offline (as soon as you read this) and go out and enjoy. It'll be 10 degrees below zero before we know it...

DEA Finishes Probe of Green Dragonfly Meth Clinic: The News-Sun reports today that the Drug Enforcement Administration has completed its investigation of the private Green Dragonfly Meth Clinic in Waukegan, in which scandal Democratic Lake County Coroner Richard Keller is in up to his eyeballs. DEA told the News-Sun that Green Dragonfly would have to reapply for a DEA license to distribute methadone IF they reopen, which will be tough until they find a replacement for Dr. Keller, who was the only one working for the clinic who was licensed to prescribe the drug. The State's Attorney's investigation into Keller is still pending.

10th District Dem Candidates: Progress Illinois reports that (to no one's surprise), State Senator Susan Garrett officially endorsed State Rep. Julie Hamos for the 10th Congressional District, thereby joining Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky in abandoning their former darling, Dan Seals. Seals seems to be getting a slow start to his campaign, and plans an official announcement at a suburban rec center this coming week.

IL Senate Dems: Senator Garrett also endorsed newcomer and former Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman over State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, according to Sneed. Given recent endorsements of former Blago spokeswoman Cheryle (Robinson) Jackson by Congressman Bobby Rush and State Senator James Meeks, this means the Dem senate primary will be a lot better of a show than we had anticipated once.

IL Senate GOP: An immigrants right group is trying to make hay out of two-year old comments by Congressman Mark Kirk on unchecked population growth in Mexico relating to the problem of illegal immigration in the United States. Kirk appears to have stopped the incendiary ads from airing (featuring his face in the middle of a condom, even though his comments did not reference "condoms"), at least for now. Details at Capitol Fax Blog. Several commentors (see Mark Brown at the Sun-Times, more from Marathon Pundit) think the ad is unfair, if not outrageous. You can guess what Ellen thinks. But some wonder if this tactic might not backfire, considering it could bolster Kirk's creds amongst conservatives. Others aren't sure but not looking forward to another year of this.

Speaking of Kirk's conservative creds, newcomer Pat Hughes is betting his campaign on the proposition that he represents Republican "mainstream" principles, and Mark Kirk is too far to the left (Cap Fax has links to some video here). Remember that immigrant-rights group? They say Kirk is a right-wing radical.

Where does that leave Kirk? That's right, in the middle.

Meanwhile, speaking of extremists, perennial candidate Andy Martin attacks Hughes for failing to disclose that an obstensively objective letter of support of Hughes from several 'conservative leaders' was orchestrated by conservative activist Paul Caprio, who Martin accuses of taking $10,000 from Hughes for political work. Says Martin:

“Conservatives should strive to achieve honesty and openness in their political activity, not Daley Machine-style corruption. For Caprio to put $10,000 in his own pocket, and then seek to orchestrate an ‘endorsement’ of his employer was not far short of criminal fraud. Some would say he crossed the line. Caprio’s tactics are a disgrace to both himself and his ‘client’ Mr. Hughes.

So, while the second, third and four tier-candidates continue to snipe at each other and battle over their conservative 'creds', meanwhile, Congressman Mark Kirk continues his downstate tour, connecting with voters in Decatur at the 2009 Farm Progress Show.

Kirk stopped in 40 towns in 27 days and has raised $2 million for his campaign, he said. "It's going to be tough, but we're ready," Kirk said.


Lake County GOP Picnic: The annual Lake County GOP picnic will be hosted by the Lake County Republican Central Committee next Sunday, September 13, 2009, from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. at the Holy Mother of God Serbian Monastery, Route 45 in Lake Villa, IL.


Crazy4glf said...

Mark Kirk - the 'independent' and a champion of tort reform - has decided to use a DC law firm to sue Univision. I am not aware of the ads being on the air yet and have not seen their content.

However, when arguing that tort reform will save health care from the massive spending increases WE ALL can expect if NOTHING is done this year, it may not be a good idea to use a DC law firm and sue a media organization. Maybe he is trying to cury favor with the Al Salvi personal liability attorney's PAC. Who knows.

Also, the best way to prevent the need for libel-based lawsuits is to not put one's foot in their mouths. If Kirk thinks Mexico needs to control their population (like recent enemy China has tried to do for decades), he may want to choose better verbiage. Otherwise, it can appear to be insensitive, hypocritical, and out-of-touch. Also, he may want to reconsider his anti-choice and anti-family planning voting record state-side.'

Here again we have what I call relative morality: The Constitutions protections are only valid unless the (previous President thinks otherwise), the NRA disagrees, and an unflattering ad may be aired.
The GOP is the Party of fiscal conservativeness except when it comes to expensive and unnecessary tax cuts and an unnecessary pre-emptive strike.
Country first, except when it comes to allowing our students to be as competitive as possible without the dependence on testing that lacks standardization and norming and private tutoring organizations.

Maybe the GOP should spend time considering what they're about and less time complaining about what other Parties are allegedly about; maybe.

tikkunolam said...

Crazy, do you have a link a Kirk-Univision lawsuit story? That's be interesting if it's real.

Anonymous said...

Once again you prove, without a doubt, that you are CRAZY,for get the golf crap. You are clueless to why Mr. Kirk needed to correct the record and not allow what he did NOT say to stand as fact. And to say that this is in any way close to medical liability reform just proves the point that you are way over the top, NUTS. Compare like objects, not what you are suggesting. Get over it. Better yet, post elsewhere.

Team America said...

Tikki, follow the first Cap Fax link I provided. Don't make me do all your work for you.

Anonymous said...

Hughes is good for mark, what keeps mark from the senate is winning dems and independnents not conservatives leaving him. getting called a liberal is a good thing for mark.

The immigration hit is indicative of how stupid and trashy springfield is. It's a low brow town with low caliber "public servants" and low minded media. The story is how can we use sex, abortion, immigration, mexico, in one public policy issue. then again down there they probably think taco bell is exotic foreign cuisine.


Crazy4glf said...

I didn't say that the Univision story is about medical tort reform. (The implication that I'm making it up is an insult, though is not surprising for most of those on this blog. It has been widely reported for 12-24 hours. Don't you guys ever think for yourselves, do a little homework, and have an open mind about anything?)

However, if one is against tort reform (by any name they might call it), why should they be taken seriously if they pre-maturely initiate a law-suit with a DC law firm (man of the people and all)?

Also, why sue Univision and not the originator of the ad if he really wants to protect his name and not make a name for himself (ironic, isn't it)? Could it be because he doesn't want to sue an immigrant rights organization?

As I said before, if one is more careful about what they say in the first place, there's less of a need to sue, correct, and retract.

Of course the righteous, religious President that started a war instead of trying to pursue peace, the Party that allowed excessive wealth to grow while limiting the government's coffers (not necessarily upstanding or financially sound), and the supposedly morally superior Party that is not really either superior or moral leads me to believe that hypocrisy and contradictions in terms are right out of the GOP playbook.

Note: Dem's have not claimed to be morally superior, that a Dem's faith is a reason they should be in public office and the sole basis for legislation, that public resources (time, money, airwaves) should be used for the spreading of certain faiths' teachings, so please spare me of the litany of Dem's who don't measure up to the lowered GOP bar of standards.

Anonymous said...

It's a trashy non issue that gets media headlines because it involves 4 topics that get attention-sex, abortion, immigration, and mexico. The 2010 ssjc appropriations bill that includes funding levels to support Israel is far more important, but gets zero attention, because the media is liberal and stupid and reads and writes at a high school level.

Also, we may disagree with tikki, rob n and some others that come on here, but they are well informed and honorable opponents. This isn't illinois review or the capitolfaxblog or ellens tenth congresisional district blog where people spew trash and a rehash of the daily glenn beck rachel maddow show. have things worthy of us to say or take it somewhere where people are intersted in that garbage.


Team America said...

FOKLAES, well spoken, and a good reminder for all of us to try to maintain decorum here, even in the face of the opposition who seems to generally recirculate national talking points.

For those who wonder why we let Crazy and others of his/her ilk post here, it's important to have an honest and honorable debate with the other side, otherwise, we're just in a giant echo chamber.

I do feel compelled to note, however, that a commentor like Crazy would have been long since kicked off Ellen's blog if he/she had been on the analogous side, much like she kicked me, Lou Atsaves and others off, which I have vowed never to do based on ideology alone.

Of course, we indirectly have Ellen to thank for Team America, since getting kicked off her blog inspired me to start this one.

Anonymous said...

when they make ellens out of themselves they remind republicans just why we need them reduced to their pajamas blogs talking about their cats, not in government using it to favor fat cat unions and chicago hacks.

did anyone check to see if pup can't celebrate labor day seeing as how he hasn't been part of the labor force for 6 years?


Anonymous said...

A supposedly "bipartisan" Immigrant organization puts out a deliberately false ad claiming Kirk said something he never said. Rich Miller of Capitol Fax calls it false and unfair. Mark Brown, Sun-Times columnist calls it false and unfair.

And now Crazy is upset that Kirk is defending himself from such deliberate and false ads?

If a Republican pulled that on a Democrat, Crazy would be shrieking in outrage.

It's going to be a long election season. And you can tell the Democrats are panicked about the Kirk campaign when they reduce themselves to deliberate and outright falsehoods about him and his positions.

Too bad a few so-called Republicans can't see Kirk in the same light as the Democrats do.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

King Louis, believe me, we've never had a regime this liberal in d.c. and the conservatives are desperate as starving dogs to stop obama and his merry band of Van Jones. This hughes guy is goin nowhere and they'll like mark a lot more next october.

We have a new entrant, this helps coulson and dems will chomp at bit to run against a bushie. Burton is a very conttroversial conservative, and pest control isn't very politically pleasing.

Another GOP Entrant For Kirk's Illinois Seat

Don't confuse him with the former Senate Majority Leader from Kansas: Bob Dold is an Illinois businessman and lawyer who is waging a 2010 bid for the highly competitive 10th District north of Chicago.

Dold told CQ Politics that he's running for Congress in part because "we're seeing a tremendous amount of spending that I believe is going in the wrong direction. I think that the government is kind of overreaching at this stage of the game."

"Unless we make some changes in Washington very quickly, we are going to bankrupt future generations," Dold said. Dold said that Congress should be run more like small businesses, which he said are the nation's "economic backbone" and create two-thirds of all jobs. He supports a "moratorium or cutting back on the payroll tax" as the "quickest way to infuse dollars into the system."

He described himself as fiscally conservative but more moderate on social issues.

Dold is a first-time candidate for office but no stranger to the ways of Washington. He worked in the White House during the presidency of George Bush. After getting his law degree in Indiana, Dold returned to Washington in the mid-to-late 1990s to work for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee when it was chaired by Indiana Republican Dan Burton.

Anonymous said...

sorry that last thing was me FOKLAES.

Anonymous said...

I checked the FEC. Looks like all of Kirk's GOP opponents for the Senate nomination haven't raised any money.

Crazy4glf said...

For an open blog that detests the 10th District blog's actions, I have to say that there are a lot of (subtle) efforts at limiting what people say here along with disrespectful treatment.

I thought that blogs were about open, respectful exchanges of ideas. While most if not all of my posts have been on point, respectful, and demonstrate an effort to take public officials to task for their unique or contradictory behavior, the only responses I've gotten is that I'm crazy, I write posts that are too long, and essentially what gives me the right to disagree with the likes of Foklaes.

I know that it is hard to let go of what someone has been arguing for and that loyalty and alliegiance can be important, though at what point will people educate themselves, read-up on what they are discussing, and not portray themselves in a light where they are deemed judgemental, insulting, and not contributing any value to a conversation.

I have a right to not have liked most of Bush's policies. I have a right to not like Mark Kirk.
It is not because the Dem's told me to do so. It is not because I don't take the time to read up on whether what people say doesn't match what they do.

I have voted for Repubs before though:
-have not found the opportunity to do so in recent years (Keyes, McSweeney, Birkett, etc.)
-Have been disappointed by their mediocrity.
-Or been disappointed by their spending too much (Bush, Ryan), using their public office to further an agenda (Ryan, Bush-Rove), etc while betraying their supposed moral superiority.

If the GOP would conduct themselves in a more respectful, relevant manner, maybe there would be more openness to their ideas, policies, and sensitivity.

Anonymous said...

And what exactly do you NOT like about Congressman Mark Kirk? Be specific, be accurate, and be respectful of a man who has earned 5 terms in Congress. You do babble on. Live with it. You seem to have to convince yourself of your validity before trying to convince others of your statements. But go back to your disdain of Mr. Kirk. I don't agree with everything that he has supported. I don't think it's possible to be in lock step with anyone on everything whether in politics or in life. I'll be anxious to read what your gripes reveal more perhaps about you than about him.

Crazy4glf said...

What I don't like about Mark Kirk:

(Keep in mind, this is my opinion and does not necessarily need to be held to the rigor of fact, as would anyone's opinion, per se.
Of course calling someone crazy, a nazi, or a socialist doesn't necessarily demonstrate a person who prefers open, respectful debate or that they want to respond in an in-kind manner that can be substantiated.)

He claims to be an independent though his voting record suggests otherwise. Maybe, I'd accept him as an independent if he voted in a manner that's consistent with the GOP/or Bush up about to 66% of the time. This is not an arbitrary number as it's conceivable that one would vote about 2/3's of the time with their party (plus or minus).
He also endorsed McCain-Palin when many a Republican I know either didn't vote or voted for Obama based on McCain's judgement lapse. Not a sign of a thoughtful independent (his words, not mine).

He told people to 'Vote for the person and not the party,' (note my use of quotes) which, to me, is a slap in the face to his party, and has not demonstrated doing the same thing since he was re-elected.

He voted for cap and trade and then made it look like he didn't mean to, despite 'reading the entire legislation cover-to-cover' (reliable and consistent leadership?).

He claims that family planning will help control certain countries' population issues and our immigration problem though consistently votes against family planning legislation while claiming to be a strong supporter of women's rights (confused yet by his positions and actions).

He was touted as making multiple 'media coups' (weekly press conferences?) though can't get legislation out of committee to save his life. If a Member of Congress was evaluated based on comprehensive, relevant legislation they sponsor or co-sponsor, objectively, Kirk would not measure up. Oh, and co-sponsoring legislation about maintaining the dollar as US legal tender with Ms. Bachmann is not an example of urgent, relevant, and comprehensive legislation.

Your subtle attempt at character assasination at the end of your post -anon 10:23- was not appreciated. For people who demand that we declare who we are and that we stick to the topic, it is unique that ANON chooses to attack a fellow citizen for having beliefs, for taking the time to formulate opinions, and for daring to disagree with the GOP when in previous years this was deemed unpatriotic. I have strived to refrain from treating others here as I've been treated - insulted, had implications that I'm making things up, and the implication that if one does not agree with the GOP 100% of the time, they need not express themselves in a public forum.

I don't fault conservatives that were ALWAYS fiscally conservative.
However, when one runs as an independent that is supposedly a strong supporter of equality and women's rights while slamming other cultures, questioning the veracity of US Budget numbers (despite failing to do so when Bush was borrowing, under-estimating the cost of the Medicare Reform Act even with the donut-hole, and sticking with the war and tax cuts), this and other evidence does not reflect a true independent that supports the platforms he espouses in front of the camera.

Yes, my post was long again, yet I don't live in a sound-bite world, and sometimes more than a 30 second rant by Hannity or Limbaugh or Steele is needed to express one's views that are based upon fact, quotes of what the people in question actually said, and a significant knowledge of how government regulation affects various populations.

Rush Chairman said...

Crazy4gif needs a girlfriend.

Dude, in case you haven't figured it out, you have no life.

Anonymous said...

Rush chairman, perhaps Crazy is a woman, have you thought about that?
Whatever, the Crazy poster belabors points that don't warrant answering again and again. This person doesn't like Mark Kirk. We all just need to accept that fact, move on, and let that person drone on and on and on and on and

Patrick Bateman said...

TA, when are you going write a post about this Bob Dold? I keep hearing things about him, mostly good, but know little about him outside the CQ article.

Anonymous said...

Ignore nuthouse liberals. You can tell we're in a recession and that there have been cuts to state agencies in the reduced number of inmates taken into homes and counselors available because people like crazy and sitting on my ellen are still out there.

more importantly.

What is the density of the civil war between pup and hamos the flip floppin hog? Has Jan been threatening to cut off white house access for dan donors that fund the pup? What kind of political ruffees is hamos putting into the glencoe coffees to get people to believe that her tax hiking, scum rewarding, do nothing, job killing, agenda in springfield is needed in d.c.?

how is the race on our side shaping up? The only thing worse than a democrat with hamos's voting record is a failed leader like coulson who not only didn't stand up to blago, she got into the political sack with him and the unions-look her website-SEIU, AFL-CIO-not a pro business gal she, say I. How is she selling her open liberalism with republicans desperate for democrat blood?

These are important matters at hand as they will determine whether our national security continues to become pro-terrorist and our economy continues to become pro-beuracrat pro-van jones.


Anonymous said...

If Dold worked for Dan Burton that will hurt him.
Dan Burton is bughouse crazy.

Anonymous said...

what will either help or hurt Dold is his record as a small business operator. Has the family business improved since he started working for his mother and father? we don't want our own Alexi Giannoulias.

Anonymous said...

I was watching the Buffalo Grove Parade today and noticed that the only Republican candidate for the IL 10th CD that was there was Bob Dold. He was walking with ROWT and had a large group of volunteers with his t-shirts and stickers. He did a hell of a job working the crowd. He looks young, energetic and coincidentally a lot like Mark Kirk. Hamos, Seals and Hartstein were there as well. Seals had a surprisingly large group of walkers too. I've been wondering how many of his people were really going to stick with him this time and if today's showing was any indication this could turn out to be a good battle between him and Hamos.

Team America said...

Patrick- I haven't intentionally been ignoring Bob Dold; I've mentioned him, I believe, but we've had a hard time connecting so I could do a proper profile.

You'll be happy to know we're already scheduled to have coffee on Tuesday morning, so I should have a profile up shortly thereafter. In the meantime, I put a link to his placeholder website up a few days ago (look on the right side of the main page) but as Bob admits, it's really just a title page for now, and content is coming.

So far, TA has no favorite horse in this race and is simply trying to help disseminate info about each candidate that seems serious. Now that Bird gave up the race, that seems a bit easier.

Anonymous said...

the word from deep inside 10th dems political circles, I've heard from multiple sources including dem state legislature office holders is that hamos people are furious that donors are sticking with pup, apparently she's no killer whale. This is really good news. It's going to be a back breaker if all these people who've been with dan through 2 defeats and now have quit on him have to go back and play nice if he wins.

good to see dold out. I think the race from our side comes down to who the mark people in the district come out for and see as his heir. If I were a candidate I'd be wooing Ed P. Kelly.


Anonymous said...

to anon, dold had a business, it failed so he went back to working for his parents. Green will use this against him. If cadigan doesn't follow my advice and go to take on bean, he and dold will fight it out for kirk status as d.c. veteran. It's also worth noting who has more dough-green or dold to put into the race. donnelly only was viable because her family spent a ton of money trying to give her name id. I don't expect either to raise any significant amounts of money and rely entirely on personal fortunes.,87845


Anonymous said...

I don't really think this ad. However, it does have some ugly potential.

The main issue for ICIRR is Kirk's position on the Mexico City Policy. That being should US taxpayers fund family planning outside the United States through USAID that also supplies funding to organizations that also perform elective abortions. That topic alone maintains a deep divide among the American electorate.

But look a little further. ICIRR is hardly close to the GOP in Illinois. It's closest ally is the progressive base. It's closest non-partisan ally is the Catholic Church. The Church supports the Mexico City Policy. The progressive base opposes it. Kirk opposes it. The Democratic Party in Illinois opposes it.

In short, the ICIRR is running ads against Kirk that put him on the stage with a majority of the Illinois Democratic Party and a small minority in the Illinois Republican Party. It doesn't really hurt Kirk, but what does it do for officials in the Illinois Democratic Party looking for a wink and a nod support from the ICIRR?

Does the Illinois Democratic Party lose any support by criticizing the ICIRR for supporting a position in opposition to their party platform?

Anonymous said...

Correction: That first line should read "I don't really like this ad".

Anonymous said...

Dold's business mentioned above was a dot com start up that he and a group of business school friends got some initial venture capital for but it didn't come through. This was a project they were working on when they were still students at Kellogg. It shows innovation and drive not failure.

Anonymous said...

TA--I think this blog deserves a moment of honesty here. Some people on this blog are giving legitimacy to candidates, such as Stone, Dold, or anyone challenging Melissa Bean. In our moment of honesty, it is time to realize a few things:
1. Lisa Stone is not running for State House, if she does, it will not be as a Republican. I've known her and her family a long time and can tell you with supreme confidence that she is about as indepedent as they come and will not be tagged as a member of the GOP. In fact, I honestly do not think she will challenge Hartstein as there is too much left to be done in Buffalo Grove.
2. Melissa Bean's seat is safe and the NRCC knows it end of argument.
3. It does not matter who wins the 10th because, come Spring 2010, it will be redrawn to cut out the more conservative parts of Arlington Heights and include more democrats from a very safe Schakowsky district. This will ensure that Hamos, Seals or whoever else choses to run in that district in the near future will get elected (barring gaffes or colossal mistakes)
4. Even though he is the best candidate on the slate, it is hard to picture Mark Kirk winning his Senate race. Unfortunatly for him, the GOP down south isn't as socially liberal as those up here, so it isn't realistic to think that many of them will turn out for him. No chance are southern GOP voters going to support someone who is pro-choice. Likewise, the Democrats in Chicago and the collar areas will not vote for someone has many conservative votes on his record (Bush Era votes and opposition to a number of Obama proposals). I've been an outspoken critic of Kirk in the past, but his vote on the Energy package has exponentially improved my feelings about him, but I would find it nearly impossible for him to win.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

Concerned, you remind me of the German generals in the winter of 1941 that divvying up plots of ohio for themselves. You know what happened there.

Bean is not safe. She's about as hideous a legislator you will find in dc. Even democrat staffers will admit to you that she is not their sharpest knife. She is also financially in peril if you look at her most recent fec filings with kids about to go to college-it'll be interesting to see if she makes her kids clean toilets to put themselves through school so that she can deal with someones social security issue. That district is loaded with millionaires who could easily self fund overnight and hire the right people to end her career.

She and comrade jan both have seats they enjoy right now, I very much doubt as veteran legislators they want the pain in the ass that will come with taking republican voters so that some neighboring member can get an easier ride.

As for mark, there's a reason democrats are still looking for candidates to take him on. Durbin was a 7 term congressman from downstate when he ran in 1996, a powerhouse who had run statewide. Alexi is to put it mildly, a playboy masquerading as a politician, Mark's junior level staffers/la's are better informed than him and aren't mobbed up. Hoffman is unproven at retail politics and I very much doubt that a state that eats reformers alive will go along with him. Cheryle Jackson can change her name and play the affirmative action card all she wants but she can't change the fact that she was a blago butt buddy and lobbyist-and for the record, the 3 black senators we've had have all been awful so just because someone is the right skin color doesn't mean they're the right senator. You don't go girl. Mark is a battle tested republican and the best senate candidate we've had in my lifetime. If he was your guy, you'd be drooling all over him.

Bush is gone if you haven't read the papers, but your democrat cook county-$1 in taxes on my $10 hot dog order last night in lincoln park-thanks, punk, springfield and d.c. people are still here taking a knife to our futures, jobs and economy. I realize democrats either don't have jobs or have patronage jobs in the machine, but for those of us that work for a living, we're really tired of hearing you whine about bush when you've had congress for 4 years, springfield for 8 and cook county since time immemorial.

Your lincoln park party was 11 months ago and the economy still sucks, fix it now or get out of our face.


tikkunolam said...

FOKLAES, you actually bought a $10 hot dog in Lincoln Park? Try 5 Guys or Wiener Circle next time, you'll save some money.

Anonymous said...

10 bucks worth of hot dogs-4 of em. The only place they charge 10 bucks for a hot dog is the peoples republic of highland park at Michaels and stash's, and that's because they love to pay high taxes and high prices for food there, not to mention how dumb a city must be to elect lauren beth gash and grace mary stern.

1 buck in taxes though on hot dogs is baloney.


Anonymous said...

I like your style, Foklaes. Highland Park has literally gone to the dogs the last 15 plus years. Gash aside, just take a look at the pathetic bunch posing as city councilpersons. I agree with you about Mark Kirk's chances if the election were held now. With 13 months to go much can, and will happen. But you are correct when you say that the Democrats are trying mightily to find someone to really make a run for this office. So far, they've failed. What we know about Alexi and his family is hideous. We know little about Hoffman. We won't event waste time on Cheryle. A lot of us feel that Mark Kirk can win this Senate seat. I'm glad you're on the team.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of mark, just not the political team. They let this area go democrat to a bunch of pajama nuthouse liberals like lee goodman and wiping my ellen, an impressive failure considering we've had only 2 democrat congressmen in 120 years. Aaron Lawlor is no Karl Rove, and certainly no Doug O'Brien or Rob Bradner.

By the way tomorrow an op-ed in the trib comes out about state reps selling college scholarships to donors-it's a great thing to hit hamos on.

Anonymous said...


I find it interesting that someone who "works hard for their money" is taking shots at Melissa Bean for not being incredibly wealthy like many other Congressional Memebers. In fact, that may just be the reason why she is an up and coming leader of the New Democrats and is seen as the one of the leaders of the moderate Dems in the House. I am surprised that you have the Hubris to call yourself hard-working, yet tell Melissa Bean--one of the nicest and most hardoworking people I have ever met--that "her kids clean toilets to put themselves through school". She and Jan are 2 of the safest seats in this state and could receive some Republican townships for the benefit of turning the 10th blue.

Moreover, it's a shame that your shortsighted opinions continue to cover the pages of TA's blog. The fact is, there is a major opportunity for Dems to put a person in that Senate seat for decades to come and, for that reason (not fear of Mark Kirk), they are taking their time in finding the perfect person. If you had a chance to essentially handpick a major legislator for possibly the next 24-30 years, you would select carefully and not just throw a face at the voters (a la Dan Seals). Foklaes, your 15 minutes are up.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...


Comrade Jan and her pal Barney Frank have been trying to legalize dope, seems like you're already on it-please don't drive.

Bean's been a total failure in congress. She's not in leadership (van hollen and wasserman schultz and crowley are) she's passed no meaningful legislation and the only time you hear her in the news is for jelly beans in a sneed column.

There's been nothing sweet or tasty about her leadership. I actually work in d.c. and know what I am talking about, unlike what you get at the ward office from the union chief.

Not to mention she's a vote for whatever interest pays her way-witness the vote on cafta. You're on crack if you think a district that sent crane to congress will stand for her and obama much longer with all that money and wealth sitting there.

As for Mark, his suburban strategy got more props in the new york times and other national newspapers than all democrats in the house delegation combined. Comrade Jan will forever be known as convict creamer's hubby who went and groveled at blago's feet for a seat she had no chance to ever win because she's a nasty visionless leader. She's not a progressive hero like wellstone, she's a maddow/beck in congress and her caucus has denied her bids for leadership multiple times-that's her own democrats, OUCH. She sweats failure.

As for FOKLAES, the state GOP's future is just getting on the dance floor, as a band starts to play some smooth new tunes. Not everyone in the state is as poorly educated as catwoman and lee goodman, to believe that 47th in job creation is a great way for our future. Nor is every Republican as incompetent as Aaron Lawlor, Tom Cross, whoever the woman is that runs the senate gop, Andy McKenna, and willing to hand you this area on a gold platter. This state is bigger than all but 17 countries in terms of gdp and in due time, a stronger Republican party will rise up and put your hacks on the unemployment line, and then you'll REALLY have something to complain about.


Anonymous said...


I've got to admit I agree with Concerned Colonial as to next year's elections. The electorate is clearly steaming mad about health care right now...but that will simmer down soon.

Bean is safe due to the support she's rec'd from GOP leaders in her area. Kirk's chances of winning state-wide are slim. The half dozen staunch supporters on this blog are incapable of swaying the GOP throughout the State.
Kirk's lack of support for basic GOP principles haunts his campaign and leaves him vulnerable.

And finally, Dems work smarter than the GOP. For Dems, politics is a job - for the GOP - it's a hobby.
FOKLAES, you need to get out of the closet and help the GOP get their %$^$^$ together for next year or it's over!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 9:19, I'm glad to see someone willing to stick up to the "loud" voices on this blog.

Since FOKLAES did not leave me with too much substantive argument, I'll keep it short:
1. Can you decide who you are already? One minute you are Mr. Average Joe, the man buying hot dogs in Lincoln Park and a white collar worker in the 10ths. The next, you are an elite D.C. political operative (doubtful). Can you please pick one??
2. Bean, in her own words, has "no ambition beyond where she (I) am". So to call her a failure, even though she has become an influential leader in the New Dems and amongst moderates in the House, is just patently false. Oh, and she lives with Wasserman-Schultz in DC and is very close with Van Hollen and Crowley, giving her plenty of say in the leadership.
3. "know what I am talking about, unlike what you get at the ward office from the union chief."--I am glad you hate people who actually work hard for their money, enough said.
4. The GOP will be dancing alright, it will be something like a funeral march as the 10th turns blue and Mark Kirk's career in elected office is put on (at least for two years) a leave of absence.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

1. With apologies to ron burgundy stay cocky, concerned, because if I had the track record your party had going into next year, I'd be ashamed of myself, my candidates and my party.

2. Bean's a lackluster congresswoman. She's not a star in that caucus, and don't confuse the depression felt by local gop leadership because of piss poor state party operatives as an endorsement. That district is loaded with bored millionaires who at any time can come out of the woodwork, hire dc operatives and take her down.

3. I've heard from democrats since the day porter won in 1998, that this seat would turn blue, since 2000 that Mark Kirk would have new business cards that read boeing SVP of international affairs, yadda yadda yadda, and guess what, your still up shit creek without a paddle. You're going to be further up a creek the more voters get what they've gotten the last 9 months, and how about that van jones.

4. Blago is an ied laying in wait to blow up your party next year. There's no way illinois voters are going to give you a pass for such awful leadership in a recession. I don't care how much sugar they pour into your lefty lemonade, you can only screw people for so long before they say Enough.

5.Send mckenna and hastert a box of chocolates. Without their idiocy, you'd have real government in this state and we wouldn't be paying taxes out our ellens.

Anonymous said...

This 'party' is getting out of hand and very stupid. Come on folks, let's be adults, let's agree to disagree about who wants Kirk to win and those who know he's going to lose. Thankfully, those who want him to win, who are rolling up their sleeves and doing all they can to help get him elected are a growing number. It would be nice if those of you who can't support him would find another place to post your nasty and distasteful crap. Mark Kirk is a proven winner who continues to gain support all over Illinois. He's doing it the right way, by getting all over the 102 counties, by holding Tele-Town Halls in places most of you have never heard of. The response is overwhelmingly positive. Given a choice of Alexi, a no-name guy like Hoffman or a woman tied to the one and only Blago, it's hard to see how voters will be duped again. Yes, it's a long way to 2010 and this election, but Mark Kirk is going to be the next Senator from Illinois. Bet on it.

Anonymous said...

5:07, thank God you said what I've been thinking for the last several days. It's time for this back and forth to stop. Dem bloggers -- you've said your piece, now please go on to another topic or go bver to another blog. Rep bloggers who hate Mark Kirk stop as well. You are as bad as the dems who find fault with everything he does. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. You are all making my blood pressure go up and I have too many other things going on in my life that should be causing the pressure to go up but it's YOU bloggers that are doing it. And don't tell me to stop reading - you just start acting like civilized people and stop all this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Why on earth should we be engaging in devouring our own when our target should be defeating the other side? Believe me, I get it. Not all Republicans like Mark Kirk. Well get over it. Would you rather have Alexi? How about Cheryle? Heaven help us if you folks are choosing a guy we know little about other than his name. Nobody agrees with everyone all the time. Can we please agree to circle the wagon and help elect a guy who will bring much needed ethics and balance to our State in the Senate. Are you that vindictive that you'd rather elect a Democrat or just sit this one out? Not very logical to me. Can you focus on keeping the Democrats from that magic number of 60, the veto proof number? If you're still going to trash Mark Kirk please find another place to dump your trash. Now.

Anonymous said...

It's about time that Kirk's campaign volunteers came to FOKLAES aid.

Anonymous said...

The democrats have had more chances to take this district in the last 10 years than they had in the previous 100 combined. No on in the state party or locally deserves anything less than the fullest scrutiny with the chance dems are giving us next year to kick their ass, mark included as much as we love him.

My falafal tonight was $7.50 for 2, I paid $8.18 with taxes so that some bum could sit on his ellen in cook county and do nothing. WE MUST TAKE THE STATE back.

Rich Miller is a Mark hater to the max. He noted today as the top illinois political observer that the dems have it coming next year. I don't care what kind of lefty lemonade they serve in evanston, we need to come out strong, guns blazing, asking our candidates and their campaigns who has the cajones to take it down.


Anonymous said...


You keep mentioning Ed P. Kelly, who are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

ed p. kelly is a former porter staffer from many moons ago. great guy.

Fan of King Louis Astaves the Ellen Slayer