Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aaron Lawlor Passes on 59th District Race; Will Concentrate on Lake County Board and Support Dan Sugrue (UPDATED)

Turns out that statements from several quarters (including Lake County GOP Chairman Dan Venturi) that new County Board member Aaron Lawlor was going to jump into the 59th District race to replace retiring State Rep. Kathy Ryg, were a bit premature. TA learned today that Lawlor has decided against the race, and will instead concentrate on winning a full term to his 18th District County Board seat in the 2010 election. Lawlor will support Dan Sugrue in the primary for the 59th District GOP nomination.

Well, that was exciting for a weekend, but now back to business. Sugrue is still the GOP front-runner in my estimation, and given his previous run in 2008, he's well-positioned to win and meet the winner between newly-appointed Democratic State Rep. Carol Sente and Buffalo Grove Mayor Elliot Hartstein, although there's still time for others to jump in. Sugrue, a conservative, has an impressive amount of support among the GOP party base (important in the primary, of course), and anyone else thinking about jumping in after Lawlor, Mark Peterson and others have all taken a pass, will no doubt think twice about jumping in now, as the petition clock is ticking away. While I think there will be some who are disappointed in Lawlor's decision, I think party leadership would be wise to unite behind Sugrue now and put their resources into setting him up to be in the best position possible to battle the eventual Dem nominee. The 59th is winnable for Sugrue, but will be anything but a cakewalk.

We're happy that Lawlor will concentrate on defending that county board seat, as the balance between Republicans and Democrats has drifted ever more closely together. With County Board Chairwoman Suzi Schmidt running for state senate, trying to fill that seat with a different candidate was a distraction that nobody in the party needed.

As we mentioned before, Sugrue's first event is this Thursday at Opa! in Vernon Hills. I would expect even more support for Dan to come out now that Lawlor is clearly out of the race, and local GOPers don't need to be worried about choosing sides.

It's refreshing when things work out for a change around here. More like this, please.

Here's Lawlor's presser he released this afternoon:

Lake County Board Member Aaron Lawlor to run for election in 18th District

Lawlor will continue to focus on economic development, infrastructure improvements and access to quality water

Lake County Board Member Aaron Lawlor announced today that he will run for a full term on the Lake County Board to focus on economic development, infrastructure improvements and access to quality water.

"Lake County has unique opportunities and significant challenges. I look forward to working on key issues including balancing our budget and operating in a fiscally responsible manner," said Lawlor.

"I will continue to focus on measures that will create jobs, grow our economy and provide our residents with the opportunity to grow their incomes along the way." Lawlor had been recruited by the Illinois House Republican Organization to run for the 59th House District recently vacated by Kathy Ryg.

"It is an honor to be recruited by Republican lawmakers who recognize the work I have done during my six years in elected office," said Lawlor.

Lawlor will support 2008 GOP nominee Dan Sugrue in the 2010 Republican primary.

Lawlor, a Vernon Hills Republican, currently represents the 18th District on the Lake County Board which covers portions of Buffalo Grove, Hawthorn Woods, Indian Creek, Long Grove, Mundelein, Vernon Hills and unincorporated Lake County.

UPDATED 5:35 p.m.: The Daily Herald now has its story up.


Anonymous said...

good move, but don't go away. we could do a lot worse than lawlor, rich goldberg, patrick magnuson, jodi anderson, ed p. kelly, as the future of the party.

It's too early, but remember 25 years ago, Paul Simon's campaign became the bench for the democratic party that exists today- Gash,axelrod,claypool f%#$ rahm emanuel, ect.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Lawlor is a class act.

Steven said...

Lawlor should think abosut running to replace terry Link. That guy is old and cold - Lawlor did a good thing for the GOP today.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Aaron is a class act. He understood his commitment to the Lake County Board and to KFS. I'm sure he realized that Dan Sugrue has been running since the last election, working hard, building support and he didn't want to split the party. This sure makes my decision a lot easier as I know both men well and either one would serve the district well.

Aaron, I'm proud to call you my friend. You are still young and have a great political future ahead of you.

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...

The best thing about Andy McKenna's failure at the helm of the state GOP is that the cupboard is totally bare and young guns have a clear shot at rebuilding the party without the sort of rubbish we have in d.c. in the form of grover norquist/mcconnell/boehner retarding the growth and development of a fresh new gop that all comrade jan's hubby Bob Creamer's dirty tricks he learned in the slammer can't beat.

EMILYS list endorsement of Hamos the Hog is really a devestating blow to dan. Women make up 2/3 of democrat primary voters and they'll all now be getting lots of mail touting her. You can also bet lots of soccer mommies that didn't get jobs in obama administration or who are bored now with no democrats to work for or wars to protest will turn their fire on Dan.

I think he should just drop out, rebuild his families finances and think about chicago alderman or something in his actual native lands where people buy his deceit, anti-Israel views, and dirty tricks.

In another sign of impending pup harpooning his 2time loser spokeswoman, Lis Smith has abandoned him according to her twitter account for Jon Corzine, a surefire loser in new jersey governor's race.



Anonymous said...

Given the number of Seals yard signs up in Highland Park I'm not sure he's thinking about anything other than running again. Maybe he thinks three times is the charmer. But Foklaes, don't count him out yet. This guy has chutzpah like nobody I've seen in a long time. He has a bloated sense of self. This is going to be a more than interesting election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Seals supporters (money people) bailed on him when Bond was in the race. If they are with Hamos now that means Bond Cut a deal with her. Not sure what that is yet but there is always a deal inthese things.

Anonymous said...

The kid is the poster child for political euthanasia.

Anonymous said...

"Hamos the Hog"?!!!?!!

"native lands"?!!!?!!

I love you guys. Your little vitriolic echo chamber is a fount of material.

Anonymous said...

The best candidate, in the 59th District, is Mohan Manian, a conservative. His site is www.manionforstate.com.

Steven, I agree that State Sen. Link should lose. He can run for re-election in 2012, and the districts will be different, because of the 2010 census. I hope that former County Commissioner Randy Whitmore is preparing to run, in case he and Link will live in the same district, in 2012.

Conservative Veteran

Anonymous said...

Conservative Veteran--Your guy Mohan Manian may well be conservative but a Republican I don't think he is. If you simply google Manian you will see he has been active with the Libertarian Party. I just thought we should have all the facts. The only REPUBLICAN choice in the upcoming primary is DAN SUGRUE.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the millions of republicans who is frustrated because of them spending our money like democrats. I was looking for an alternative. When you Googled me, you should have seen that I was a delegate for Governor Huckabee. I have worked and contributed to both Gov. Huckabee and Senator McCain. I would like anyone who want’s to know about me to please search me in Google and see my website: www.manianforstate.com.

Anonymous said...

sorry mohan, dan's the man.