Friday, September 18, 2009

Dan Sugrue Fundraises in the 59th District; Lisa Stone's Future Clouded by Proposed Recall Amendment in Buffalo Grove

Last night I attended GOP candidate Dan Sugrue's first fundraiser at Opa! in Vernon Hills. It was a good crowd for a Thursday, and Sugrue made it clear that his campaign was going to be a run against Springfield and the Democrats' culture of corruption. Frankly, I was too busy eating (man, I love those dolmades!) to remember to take pictures with my trusty Blackberry, but I hopefully will have some up later today.

Sugrue is a Green Oaks lawyer making his second bid for the 59th District seat, which until last month was held by former State Rep. Kathy Ryg before she retired to lead a childrens' advocacy group. So far, only one GOP challenger appears committed to the race, newcomer Mohan Manian, another Green Oaks resident. Sugrue would appear to have a strong advantage simply based on name recognition from his previous bid, as well as the backing of a number of local conservative and faith-based groups.

Meanwhile, on the Dem side of the 59th District race, it looks like a primary battle is shaping up between newly appointed State Rep. Carol Sente and Buffalo Grove Mayor Elliot Hartstein. It'll be interesting if the Dem power brokers try to fend off a primary and cut Hartstein out of the race. I like the prospect of a Hartstein win over Sente in the primary, which would leave a lame-duck appointee in the seat while Hartstein has to campaign as a non-incumbent, which would put him on equal footing with Sugrue.

I haven't much lately about whether Buffalo Grove trustee Lisa Stone is still thinking about the race, or under which party banner she would chose to run if she did, but it seems her political career is a bit clouded right now, as two of her fellow Buffalo Grove trustees are pushing for a recall amendment as a direct result of Stone's actions as a trustee. That kind of press can't be good for someone who wants to move up politically, but perhaps the Buffalo Grove board would be pleased to see her move on and up if they are so upset they are pushing a recall. If Stone jumps in the race as a Dem, that might open things up even more on that side of the race, leaving a Sente tenure possibly very short-lived.

Stone is defending herself, as she told the Daily Herald:

Stone said Thursday there was "no question" that the ordinance is aimed at her, calling it a "desperate and pathetic" attempt to undermine the will of the voters.

"I have shined a light in areas they don't want to be seen - so they're trying to move me out of the way," Stone said. "I'm the individual in government that's willing to stand up and tell the truth, and that's not real popular on that government board."

I'm not too familiar with the local politics in BG- anyone want to shed any light on what's going on here?


Anonymous said...

In Buffalo Grove, Lisa is considered and EGOMANIAC, people are sick and tired of her self-promoting attitude and I am relieved she decided not to run as a Republican, despite the efforts of the GOP in Lake County.

What were they thinking?

I tried to make it up to Sugrue's event but a combination of running late and the traffic on 83 was a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Traffic everywhere last night was a nightmare.

Don't you people in Lake County have homes?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Good crowd for a Thursday night??? I'm setting the line at 15 paying guests and I'll take the under.

Not a good start for the hand-picked candidate of Team America and Blonde Ambition. Sounds like TA and BA are going to have to get real active in this race--wouldn't want to let Dan hanging after the big endorsements.

Team America said...

Anon, the count was about 60-65 in the room, so you're off there, although I haven't found out what the actual take was.

From TA's perspective, the party already owes Sugrue for the last cycle when he did a job nobody wanted, so they ought to step up this time for Sugrue and quit doinking around if they ever want to be competitive in this legislative district.

But that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree TA. Sugrue worked his bum off last cycle, got no money from the party and still did an admirable job. It is time to rally around this guy. He has already been thru a cycle and knows how to campaign. Given the resources he needs he can win this seat back for the R's.

By the way I think that "Anon 8:46am" must be tied to the NON REPUBLICAN Mohan Manian--he is a Libertarian trying to run in the Republican Primary. Google it. You will see.

Anonymous said...

Lisa is concerned about a pro-gambling ordinance in Buffalo Grove

Anonymous said...

I met Mohan Manian, a conservative Republican, and he's the best candidate, in that race. In 2008, he ran for convention delegate, for ex-Gov. Huckabee. Please read his site,

Conservative Veteran

Anonymous said...

"Quit doinking around?"

Didn't make the fundraiser, but Sugrue showed that he is a serious committed campaigner by also showing up at the West Deerfield Township GOP meeting where various candidates were invited to talk to invited committeemen from West Deerfield, Moraine and Shields Townships. He showed up after his fundraiser and did a terrific job.

Also present were many of the 10th Congressional candidates. All candidates were allowed to give opening remarks then answered questions on various topics. Congratulations Chairman Mark Shaw for a fine job putting this together.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...


I've known Lisa Stone for a number of years and, while many in the old boys clubs of the BG Board question her for being crass and having little regard for procedure, it is nice to see an elected official willing to stand up for the people who voted for her.

I don't think she has any political ambition beyond BG, but it is a breath of fresh air in a town full of people stuck in 1950s political thought.

Anonymous said...

King Louis Astaves the Ellen Slayer,

I take it you are backing McKenna/Murphy and Coulson for Gov/Congress?

team, you are overdue for a post on hte state rep/senate offices we need candidates for. can't let any karen mays or garretts get loose this year. Make them all unemployed!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sugrue is the real deal--he was able to attend 2 events in the same night. Just now need to wait for TA and BA to come in with their massive organization and dough and Dan is on his way to the statehouse.

Team America said...

Maybe I'm being dense, but who is "BA"?

Anonymous said...

BA is from your own post, Blond Ambition.

From another post of TA's that is fitting for Sugrue. "It's a simple fact that it takes money to compete in politics and get your name and message out."

Anonymous said...


I was backing Murphy for governor, but now the realignment for that race leaves me shopping for a new Governor candidate. I was very strong for Murphy (and still am). If McKenna comes in and Murphy drops down to the Lt. Governor race I will have to rethink everything.

For the 10th, the candidates that most impress me right now are Green, Dold and Cadigan, and not necessarily in that order. I'm not ruling out Coulson, but when hear the other three speak, especially Dold and Green, I see something special.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

King Louis,

Good to know. the father of mark's d.c. chief of staff was on chicago tonight last night, lester munson, and endorsed matt murphy. I had been a huge fan but if he's with mckenna his reputation and my opinion of him have taken a major hit. Looks like adam andrewski then, he can run against bean in 2012 when he learns bad gop from good.

As for green, he won't get more than 4 percent of the vote. Team America would be a better candidate than either him or dold. Cadigan holds promise, but he has no personal wealth and his rollout has been sketchy so I don't see much there. He also according to FEC reports didn't give any money to mark in 2000 and instead gave to mark damisch, our arch enemy in that race, suggesting bad blood between him and mark. I've heard he wanted to run in 2000 and porter went with Mark, so if there's a war there, I'm with Mark.

At the very least I'm glad you think as little of coulson as I do. I really don't want an ACORN/blagoyevich/child prositution supporter with a campaign run by chicago thugs and enhanced with chicago machine workers, on the ticket with Mark for us.