Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Andy Martin On The Air

For those that have been asking the question, 'just who the heck is Andy Martin,' and why does he have it in for Mark Kirk, this audio of a radio interview of Martin may answer some of your questions.


Anonymous said...

A)all democrats in d.c. and republicans want to get with republican women because republican women are smarter, much hotter and if you want to know what the average dem female in d.c. is like read catlady's blog then add the pretentions of someone who actually went to a decent school and who has had 30 years of indoctrination of that feminist crap. Mark snagged the cream of the crop and Kimberly would destroy any democrat. Sorry tikkun, republican women don't like democrat men, something about wimps.

B)Rich miller should be ashamed of himself for making light of this rumor. Then again he sucked the toes of obama for 4 years and accused mark of fearmongering because he dared question the wisdom of an administration that needed a 3 month lecture on foreign policy.

C)the difference between democrats and republicans is that their version of andy martin-comrade jan, pup, blago, catlady are actually the HEART and SOUL of their wackiness.

d)dold's ad is hideous.

e)I work with people that have known Mark 30 years, this has never come up and it's hard to keep secrets in d.c. mark foley was well known that he was gay as were others that remain in the closet, that's not the case here.

f)Hamos is a single 7 decade old woman without kids, is she a lesbian? Lauren Beth Gash had serious like clinton sized issues of marital infidelity which lead to her husband nearly leaving her, that was never raised.

g)I hope you had a nice break. your pal mr. hughes is going to have time for one of his own a month from now.

Anonymous said...

It is time for the real Republican Leadership to deal with Raymond True in Lake County. Where is Dan Venturi? I haven't seen anything from him.

Anonymous said...

This clip is almost funny. ALMOST, but not quite from my perspective. This jackass is someone who should be marginalized and not given one shred of air time, period.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you and shame on the media for providing Andy Martin ANY air time - he is a perennial nut!

Kudos to State Party Chair Pat Brady for telling it like it is!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don’t care whether Rep. Kirk is gay. I'll vote against him because he’s pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-spending increases, pro-tax increases, pro-illegal alien, and anti-Iraq surge.

I hope that Kirk will lose his primary to Don Lowery, a conservative who has been a judge and a state’s attorney. His site is www.JudgeLowery4USSenate.com.

Conservative Veteran

Anonymous said...

Conservative person, let's just get it right: Mark Kirk is NOT in favor of increased spending and he is NOT in support of increasing taxes. Vote for whomever you like, but please don't spew incorrect information on anyone. How great a country this is that we all have choices. I'm looking forward to continuing my strong support for the best candidate, in my opinion, and that's Mark Kirk.

I'm Just Saying..... said...

Julie Hamos has been married to appealate Justice Allan Greiman for years

But thanks for the Bullshit though......

Gold Fish said...

Anon 8:23 am:

How do you think Dan Venturi should “deal” with Mr. True? People that are going to do and say hateful things are not going to all of sudden stop because the head of the Lake County Republican party said so. Venturi has done a remarkable job trying to bring the many personalities in the Republican Party together in his tenure as Chairman. That says something in Lake County where there has been some serious party issues.

BTW: One of Mr. True’s Republican Assembly of Lake County members, Vernon Township Chairman Don Castella, has been fairly quiet on this whole subject of the RALC Chairman’s comments. Castella envisions himself Chairman of the Lake County Republicans as he is challenging Venturi. I believe Castella has failed in his first test of leadership.

Anonymous said...

TA, I've looked at your various candidate endorsements and have a question. Can you explain the difference between "supporting" a candidate and "endorsing" a candidate? I'd like to know before throwing around my support or endorsements.

Bitter Woman

Team America said...

Dear BW- it's simple. One can support more than one candidate (in many ways, I might add), but you can only endorse one. At least, that's the way I look at it. And an endorsement means something very specific in the political realm. For example, a county chairman might support a particular candidate in a primary battle, but be excluded from organizational rules from making an endorsement in his or her official capacity.

I recommend Motrin and a cold shower if this is still confusing.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how misled so many of us (R's) are. We are the party of choice. Don't believe it? Go find a Dem that defends the 2nd amendment. And as far as the Andy martin stuff goes:

A.) Andy Martin is a garbageman. Period. He's ran a racist organization called Democrats for McCain. Oh, he's also been on the ballot as a Democrat in the past.

B.) Ray True is NOT your problem. His name (and his words) were taken out of context and misquoted. Even the IRP came to True's defense in it's rebuke of Andy Martin.

C.) Pat Hughes issued a stern rebuke of what Andy Martin said even before the Kirk campaign said boo.

D.) Who's out there supporting Andy Martin? Who gains here? Kirk has an insurmountable advantage. Andy martin's a zero.

E.) If you're looking for Republican leadership in Lake County, why would you even mention Dan Venturi's name?

F.) Hey Gold Fish, as long as you brought up Venturi, what have we won from the Dem's while he's been around?

G.) Hey Gold Fish, what have we lost to the Dem's while Venturi's been at the helm?

H.) Hey Gold Fish, it's time for a major changes in the Lake County Republican Party, like a new Chairman. The last three have been train wrecks.

I.) Hey Gold Fish, I thought the problem was Andy Martin? You think it's the Republicans living here?

J.) I like the blurb for Don Lowery. Just seeing how it's written, I can tell who wrote it. Can you?

K.) Hey Bitter Woman, how come you're bitter? I'm intrigued.