Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bob Dold Goes Up on TV in IL-10 GOP Primary (UPDATED x2)

Looks like Bob Dold is the first GOP candidate to announce a network TV ad. The ad will begin running today on Fox News. The commercial was produced by Ken Kurson of Jamestown Associates. It's not clear how much Dold is spending nor how often this will run, but I've pinged the Dold campaign to find out. The Chicago media market, of course, is extremely expensive.

(UPDATED 1:40 p.m.) I just called Beth Coulson's campaign to get their reaction, and while they say they fully plan to be up on TV and will have plenty of resources, they would not tell me when or how big they will hit the airwaves.

(UPDATED x2: 2:00 p.m.) Here's an article from The Hill.

From a Dold press release:

Dold For Congress Launches First Television Ad

The campaign of Republican Robert Dold, Congressional candidate for Illinois’ 10th District, launched their first television ad Thursday. The 30-second spot, called “Economy,” makes the case for why Dold is the clear choice to represent the 10th District of Illinois in Congress. The television ad will air during primetime on the top-rated cable stations.

The ad can be viewed at:

“I’ve been running a grassroots campaign across the 10th District in an effort to reach out to voters and spread my message of bringing small business common sense to Washington, Dold said. He continued, “The television ad will supplement our campaign by reaching a larger part of the voting population.”

Dold is the only candidate who has been able to garner strong grassroots support throughout the district, where he has won the endorsements of the New Trier, Elk Grove and Vernon Township Republican Organizations.



Anonymous said...

Not too bad. Nice contrast to the anger-mongerer ad.

Anonymous said...

This is a cookie cutter ad and is poor quality. I am still voting for Dold, but I expected more.

Anonymous said...

no one watches news during the holidays and on the north shore most people are away.

the ad is forgettable and junior varsity.


Anonymous said...

I agree with The Hill article, this has the feel of a news cast. Also, trying to throw too much into a 30 second spot. I hope the second ad is better. Come on Kelly/Felipe!! Im pullin' for ya!!

Anonymous said...

Coulson will lose because her team is slow and reactive. They didn't even send our a press release for getting the most votes in the Libertyville and Northfield townships endorsement sessions -- Facebook only, real JV. Bob is out working her camp, plain & simple. Nice ad Bob and Kelly!

Anonymous said...

The part with the swings makes me dizzy. It's pretty mediocre and uninspiring but I voted for him in my Township and I'm still voting for Dold.

Anonymous said...

Good ad. Good intro for the candidate. Positive message. Something to build on with future messages.

Dold has a major advantage in public speaking and he comes across naturally while speaking.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

If only he had the slightest chance of winning a general election this would be money well spent. But as it is . . . Dold's advantage in public speaking is only when he doesn't do it.

Anonymous said...

It's a 2 candidate race between coulson and dold at this point. Sorry arie, this is a race for congress not crains 40 under 40. Money and organization matters. I think the base of the party is a lot more conservative today than it was 10 years ago which might give dold the edge. Given that the issue is shaping up to be spending the business thing might work for him in contrast to coulson who is a system candidate and will have trouble making that argument come january as a career politician.

Dold has the better shot at winning the primary. I think beth has the better shot at wining the general.

I struggle to see how dold will do better than mark in a general, seeing as how mark had 10 years of pulling out all the stops and raised 5 million last time. Dold will have 9 months to raise money and will be lucky to get 1.5 million. Mark also had good will in the jewish community. Dold's right to life endorsement will be a deal killer.

This was a poor recruiting effort by pat brady.


Anonymous said...

Sarcasm aside, I agree that Friedman does not win this without money. I also think Coulson or Dold are such flawed candidates that we defintely lose this seat - pro ably for a generation.
What a mess. Another example of the self-dissolution mode of the Illinois republican party. Its not the people moving left, it's the right basically disappearing from the scene through incompetence.

Anonymous said...

I am not buying Coulson's electability argument she tried to sell me. I am worried that she will not shore up the base. Kirk was able to do this with a moderate record because he is military and uber knowledgable on foreign affairs--plus he is likable, good on his feet and an excellent speaker. Coulson, I fear, is even more left than Kirk, is a horrific public speaker and does not have the military angle that Kirk does.

"I know Mark Kirk, Mark Kirk is a friend of mine, and Ms. Coulson, you are no Mark Kirk"

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just moved to this district 6 months ago and I am a republican political junkie. I have been looking at all the candidates websites, caught a couple forums etc. and can't figure this race out. The conventional wisdom on this blog seems to be that Friedman (who was an idiot for getting into the race late) will get swamped by media campaigns of dold/coulson/green. I don't want to hear a partisan screed but is that true--do primary voters here see some commercial on fox news and stagger to the polling place without doing any research. I ask this because it seemed to me (don't hate on me) that he has the most electable personality. thanks for any light that you can shed on this.

Anonymous said...

It is more than tv commericals, it is that Arie has no organization combined with not enough money for tv or other outreach or experience. You can run a personality campaign in a state rep race because the candidate can talk to bunches of voters. The 10th is just too big for Arie to be competitive in. Running for Congress without money is like talking to a convention hall without a PA system or even a megaphone. He should have run a smaller race which is more like talking to a big house full of people--if you get the analogy.

For example, he had a $25 fundraiser last night at Flatlanders in Linconshire. Low numbers, they didn't think to rent the backroom, so there was obvious confusion in the main bar area. It was VERY JV.

One can't just wake up one day and be a doctor, it takes a lot of planning and preparation. Arie woke up one day very late in this race and thought he could be Congressman, I just don't think it works that way in this District.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I'm not as pessimistic about the future of the 10th Congressional District as many posters are around here. Perhaps because I have interacted with the candidates on many occasions, from having them appear at a regular Moraine Township Meetings, to the debate our Township held in November with them, and seeing them in action in West Deerfield Township, Shields and Waukegan forums and debates, and at various fundraisers and meet and greets.

Before Cadigan dropped out, I would assure nervous Republican voters that any one of the top four candidates would do us proud in that race. Since Friedman jumped in, and Cadigan now has dropped out out, I guess I can still say this.

Coulson, Dold, Friedman and Green (in alphabetical order) bring different talents and perspectives to the campaign, but they are all extremely sharp and intelligent individuals. If you want to continue the legacy of "thoughful" representation, they would all fit the bill in varying degrees.

All four of them would out debate Hamos or Seals. They are sharper on their feet than either one of the top two Democrats.

Who is the most electable of the bunch? Who can raise money to get his/her message out? Who can everyone rally behind after the primary? Who will excite enough voters to win? Who will draw from independents and disappointed Democrats?

We should be focusing more on those questions right about now.

On the Democratic side I see a race to the far left by their top two candidates, which outside of my township and perhaps Waukegan/North Chicago, isn't going to register very well in the rest of the district.

So cheer up Republicans. The national Democrats are our best allies these days. And we are truly blessed to have strong candidates in our District that will keep it in the "R" column for the next few years.

Louis G. Atsaves

Joe Wilson said...

Heh, wonder who the mole in Friedman's campaign is!

Actually, the backroom was rented for Friedman's event - there was a sewer line breakage (I know Flatlander's owner).

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Lou, I wouldn't agree about the debating skill of some of our candidates.

I also think we are pretty much bound and determined to loose this seat.

ABC for sure! (Not that we win the seat that way, but I'm not even getting out of my lazy-boy for her on election day).

Anonymous said...

Doldheads forget that their candidate has the mental capacity of a mouse from all that i've seen.

King Louis, commander kirk, or rooster as the sniveling old catlady calls him, is in part responsible for our potential loss of this seat. he should have recalled reed bundy or rob bradner, or someone else from the hinterlands and provided a much better organization than he has. Porter left a much better army for him than he is leaving.

Team America, I might have to write you in.


tikkunolam said...

FOKLAES, are you registered to vote in the tenth? I thought you live in DC. Your resident commissioner is gonna be mighty confused by that write-in vote for Kirk against her.

Also, can I get an explanation of anybody GOPer's path to a general election victory? Considering how purplish blue this district is, combined with Seals' bonkers-high name rec and favorability, I just don't see it.

Anonymous said...


After the blago bomb goes off next year-that plus the tax hike we know is coming plus the red ink all over state government and we are going to have a good republican year. watching chicago tonight this evening I think they endorse hoffman.

the only reason anyone ever cared about pup's barking was because of external forces-the corruption of ol W. You are in for a nasty little suprise next year and blago sounds like he is going to go violently.

as for republicans I am taking a poll over the holidays amongst family and gop operatives of whether we think tehranjulie-pup, alexi-hoffman, or hynes-quinn is going to be the ugliest fight in january. I would bet on alexi-hoffman then quinn-hynes then pup-tehran julie.

even though we disagree tikun, I like team america I am sure hope you and all the tribesman and women had a nice hanukah and had plenty of grape juice and good latkes at depaul hillel.


Anonymous said...


I know you think you're the big swinging d**k around here, but when you say things like Dold having the mental capacity of a mouse, you show that you are less of an omniscient political guru and more of a boorish, overly self-important moron.

Fielding Mellish

Anonymous said...

Fielding Mellish,

While I appreciate your kind words, I have now watched dold's performance with the tribune editorial board several times and each time have come away thinking more and more that he is this years version of dave mcsweeney, steve greenburg, andy hochberg, jim oberweis, john cox, or al salvi. I really saw nothing in that video where he put out any new ideas or offered anything in the way of vision. He seems to have mastered the 1995 talking points which would be nice if we were living in a world where dennis rodman still started at power forward for the bulls, er was on t.v. and the party wasn't dominated by businessmen who pretended to be tough on spending but voted like blago wing of the gop coulson's.

-He said we shouldn't have a timeline when we have a corrupt thug named karzai running Afghanistan. Karzai makes coulson's pal blago look like a saint, ask mark kirk about how much money karzai's brother is making in helmand province dealing drugs. The timeline is needed to put the fear of god in karzai so that he gets his act together. JV.

-He didn't go after coulson in the debate. Coulson's record is like read meat to a starving dog waiting to be ripped apart. WEAK.

-Coulson wants to let the chicago machine take over our education system. He didn't contest that.

-Coulson claims credit for work on tort reform. He apparently has never heard of something called madison county, Illinois, he didn't challenge her on that.

-the failure on debating matters because seals has had 5 years of practice and dold will get knocked around.

-He took an endorsement from right to life. This is a democrat leaning district now, that won't fly.

-He never went after her for springfield. Read the tribune.


Anonymous said...

FOlkhero, wouldn't it be just as easy to tell Karzi the deadline, without publicly broadcasting it to the Taliban on tv?

Anonymous said...

President Karzai is an awful human being, his brother is a horrible narcotrafficker. The problem is he's in power and we have no one else to run the country so using our political intel in Kabul we need to think of ways that will get him to do what we need him to do. He realizes that if we leave the country his mafia is done and will either have to live out its life in exile or be killed by taliban forces that take the country.

In the estimation of our people in Kabul this was the best way to do that. obama also needs to placate his nutroots base like catlady that would prefer to see afghanistan overrun so that america can waste more money in the failing schools on the south side of chicago they think need more of our tax dollars.

we aren't leaving afghanistan anytime soon. We'll be in the daniels/kirk or portman/kirk administration before we begin to seriously drawn down troops.

Mark is a viable vice presidential pick if he wins this senate seat by the way. Ivy league, naval reservist, moderate, won in a blue state, fiscal hawk (our party has to win the suburbs to win the white house again and in 12 and 16 you will see a prochoice republican on the ticket to do this)


Jay said...

Is he suggesting the abolition of medicare? I hope so. Government run health care isn't as profitable as private insurance and I want private citizens beholden to stock holders to make decisions about my treatment because if they kill me their bottom line will get hurt.