Friday, December 11, 2009

Congressman Kirk Identifies Eleven-Worst 111th Congressional Spending Projects (UPDATED)

Not much time to write this morning, but I wanted to call everyone's attention to a new list compiled by Congressmen Mark Kirk of our own 10th District and Tom Price, of Roswell, Georgia, which adds up about 16 billion dollars of utterly stupid and/or wasteful projects that were approved by this Congress.

We'll have more on this later.

UPDATED: Here's some Fox News video:

ALSO- looks like the race for the 59th state legislative district is heating up on the Dem side, as the Daily Herald's Animal Farm blog is reporting that Buffalo Grove Mayor Elliot Hartstein, who is running against appointed incumbent Carol Sente (the favorite of Michael Madigan) is picking up substantial support from labor interests.


Anonymous said...

My favorite was the socially concious puppett show put on by a liberal theatre group in minnesota. 2nd favorite was the funding for the arizona diambondbacks spring traning site-the team that beat the cubs in 07 playoffs.

Rich miller takes a big bite out of terry link's ellen this morning in the sun-times. Thought you'd like to know.


Team America said...

Really? Gotta check that out!

Anonymous said...

You need to let us post live links. this has been a continuing problem for this blog.

Fan of King Louis Astaves the Ellen and Alexi Slayer (FOKLAEAS)

Team America said...

FOKLAES- I'm still unsure of what you're talking about.

Use the following format for HTML links, as in this typical example:

The EdWeb Home Page

That works fine for me.

Team America said...

Oops- try this:

Anonymous said...,CST-EDT-miller11.article

Sen. Terry Link (D-Waukegan) was dragged into a petition fraud case back in 2008. Even though he was never charged and it doesn't look like he was involved, it won't be tough for the opposition to use that ugly episode to smear him, along with whoever is at the top of the ticket. Like Turner, Link is a longtime member of the legislative leadership, so his voting record and his fund-raising history are undoubtedly full of land mines.

FOKLAEAS-I have changed my name as alexi is now also the enemy and Louis is likely to lead the charge to defeat him next year.

Crazy4glf said...

Frivolous spending:
Bush tax cuts that got us deeper into debt to China and no improvement - Kirk's position: aye.

War in Iraq - Kirk's position despite his 'expertise': aye.
Unique way to fund the war - Kirk's position: aye and he was mum regarding any critique of the emergency supplemental spending requests. (After about the 5th request, its no longer an emergency?!)

Yes, Obama had a supplemental, though it could be argued that this was due in large part to how the previous Administration financed their 'brief, self-sustaining, and urgently necessary war.' Was the war urgently necessary, brief, or self-sufficient? No, no, and no. But Repubs never fib or embellish....

The current crop of fiscal conservative Republicans would be more credible if they spoke up against the bridge to nowhere, the unnecessary tax cuts (spending by any other name), and the war in Iraq.

Finally, as noted by Politico, despite committing to help the new President help the nation move forward, Mr. McCain is the leading critic of the Administration.

I wonder what happened to giving the President a chance, to respecting the President, and to people not speaking out against the President in a foreign country....(Dixie Chicks bad, Mark Kirk good, Orwell?)

Anonymous said...

Crazy - I'd say the Obama deserves about as much respect as the Democrats gave George Bush. And that hovers somewhere around zero.

Anonymous said...

Crazy has about as much credibility as the vicious catwoman. And you're right, Anon 7:26, since this Obamination is leading our nation towards the worst disaster in American history. But let's have a bit of hope knowing that the American electorate is already voicing their displeasure with this entire Obama team. 2010 will bring some changes since this is hardly the Change or the Hope anyone wanted. This arrogant president seems to think he rules the world. He doesn't. The joke is on all those who voted for him. Take a look at the catwoman's blog. Even she isn't singing his praises these days.

Anonymous said...

===I wonder what happened to giving the President a chance, to respecting the President, and to people not speaking out against the President in a foreign country

It seems that for some of us it went out the window when the President began travelling around the world apologizing for the US.

If that wasn't bad enough, he then had to start doing things like socializing healthcare and mucking up the protocol that's to be followed when it comes to capturing and trying terrorists.

Ya. There's more, but those examples should suffice.


Anonymous said...

In other words, Crazy4glf, there are some of us who remember when the US was--without a doubt in ANYONE's mind--Number One. And we actually liked it that way. Some of us even want it to continue that way because there were all sorts of advantages to having it that way.

On the other hand, while Obama himself has even admitted in the press that animosity against the US has actually RISEN since he put his new "nice guy" routine into play, he really doesn't seemed to be too concerned about it. He seems to just keep doing things that increase our vulnerabilities.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. The last one (3:35) was mine.


Crazy4glf said...

No one is apologizing. What could be occurring is the repair of relationships with Russia, parts of Europe, and elsewhere. (The freedom fries immaturity campaign was not helpful.)

Although, it is unique that Bush stated 'we didn't need the international community,' interspersed with his demands for international cooperation what with his 'coalition' and all.

It is also unique that I'm noted to lack credibility when the previous President expressed not caring about where public enemy number one was and when the previous President joked about not finding WMD's at a correspondents' dinner with troops still in harms way.

And how about Rumsfeld's knack for planning and known unknown's speech. That's thoughtful, logical leadership! Planning will come later!

The objective citizen, much less the credibility and honesty expert would have had problems with the previous Administration regardless of his or her Party. Some of the appointments were laughable if on celluloid but sad as they actually occurred. I'd spare you these appointments though it seems that some in the GOP have over-looked the failings and inadequacies of the Brownies, the Veterinarian put in charge of women's health, and the obliteration of the Justice Department's objectivity and trustworthiness (nay credibility).

I just wonder why those experts on this blog can't see past me and notice that the Medicare Reform Act was confusing and banned cost savings! (We must cut spending unless pharma can benefit?!)

I can't see why those on this blog don't understand that the Bush tax cuts that got us nowhere (but GOP'ers aren't big on outcomes, now are they?) were another form of unnecessary $pending.

If you are against dishonest people - and I'm not suggesting I am dishonest - if you are fiscal conservatives, if you are concerned about the average American, then it doesn't matter what year it is, who is spending the money (bridge to nowhere, no bid contracts with conflict of interest-strewn Haliburton), and what Party is in the White House or in the Majority, you will be objective, you will recognize faulty 'facts' when presented with them, and you will recognize mediocre candidates and public officials when you first see them and not when you slate them as part of your party's electoral hopes and vote for them.

Please return to your hobbies of making excuses for your leadership (when's the second annual Sanford dinner?) and bashing people who disagree with you.

Some of us have better things to do.

Anonymous said...

libertyville endorsement results?

Team America said...

We will do complete coverage of today's marathon, all-day Libertyville endorsement session after I get the kids to bed, but here's what I have:

U.S. Senate: Kirk, in the first round of voting. (I heard Kirk also got Maine Township today, 48-1)

Governor: No endorsement, but the top three vote getters will be listed later

Lt. Guv- was a run-off between Murphy, Plummer and Cole, but I had to leave b/f the final vote- will have more info later.

Comptroller- Again, I had to leave, will post later.

59th Dist.- Dan Sugrue in the first round.

8th Dist. Congress- Maria Rodriguez

10th Dist. Congress- no endorsement, it was very close between Coulson followed by Dold after two rounds of voting

More later with pix

Anonymous said...

Did Dold get asked about abortion?

Anonymous said...

dold told the tribune he is pro-choice. So much for an actual conservative.

I wish he was pro-brain.

Perhaps team america or aaron lawlor will do a cliffs notes version of the tribune endorsement sessions. Here are mine.

1. Alexi is a moron who tikun olam would defeat in a debate.

2. david hoffman is a conservative republican.

3. Cheryl Jackson is dumber on the issues than her old boss blago and wants to withdraw from afghanistan. I never understand why urban politicians are so anti-war on terror even though most al-qaeda attacks target cities.

4. Alexi took the bob dold course working harder at sounding smart than actually trying to be smart.

5. Dear congressman will eat any of them for breakfeast.

6. The dick green of the race is some guy named meister but he's not pro-business and is more articulate.

7. None of them would have touched peter fitzgerald, but andy mckenna is a douchebag and so we'll never know.


tikkunolam said...

FOKLAEAS (wow, that was weird to type)-
1. You think I could beat a statewide-elected official in a debate? High praise, especially considering we've never met. We should remedy that, by the way, next time you're in town.

2. David Hoffman is a conservative republican running at Alexi from the insurgent left, against the war escalation? Color me confused.

3. Urban Democrats have historically been against foreign aid and nation-building because they think the government's priority should be nation-building at home, first. Considering the national-security rhetoric when talking about Waukegan gangs, I'm surprised he's not more empathetic to this view.

4/5. I got nothin, I didn't actually see the endorsement sessions.

6. Not sure how you can find anyone less articulate than jacob meister. Guy's just a flat-out terrible candidate.

7. Fitzgerald? I know you're one for brooding, mate, but at some point, you're gonna have to move on.