Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catching Up With Congressman Mark Kirk and the U.S. Senate Race

I spoke with the Kirk for Senate campaign in the past couple of days and they remain highly confident that Congressman Kirk will win the primary to battle the Dem nominee, who still looks like it will be Alexi Giannoulias, but prosecutor David Hoffman does look like he's coming up in the rear view mirror. Alexi's gaffe the other day in branding his million dollar+ inheritance from his family banking interests as "minimal" sparked a video from the Hoffman camp that won't be doing Alexi any favors if it gets some play:

(h/t Capitol Fax Blog)

So, what's Mark Kirk been up to? First, he's still taking shots at the Dem health care plan, in case you've forgotten about that beast:

He's also working towards his redemption on the Cap and Trade vote, which annoyed conservatives to no end and even confused Team America at the time. The timing on this is good, considering that Climate Gate threatens to finally expose the misrepresentation of global warming data that many had suspected, but now appear to have some solid proof - so solid, in fact, that the latest news is that the head of the Climatic Research Unit in the United Kingdom is going to step down while an investigation is underway. Just in time for Obama's appearance at the upcoming Copenhagen climate conference. Sweet.

Meanwhile, in the 10th Congressional District, while the GOP contenders keep duking it out, I am wondering how things look on the Dem side. Someone reported to me that they saw their first Julie Hamos sign west of I-94 the other day, but the Dan Seals v. Julie Hamos sign war has been going strong for weeks in Dem bastions like Wilmette, where they take their primaries as seriously as a range war between the sheepherders and the cattlemen. You can decide which side is which in that analogy.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know the congressman was a treasury trader. It's cnn so who knows where they get their facts.

best news about the troop surge in afghanistan is how defeating it has to be for the left. I'm told that when alexi saw the clips of the speech he asked one of his supporters if the troops were gi joes and if afghanistan was where the olympics went instead of chicago.