Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Waukegan and Shields Townships Host IL-10 GOP Debate Tonight

I am remiss in not plugging this event earlier, but a great opportunity to meet the GOP candidates for IL-10 is being hosted by the Waukegan and Shields Township Republican Organizations. The event will begin at 7:00 at the Greenbelt Cultural Center, 1215 Green Bay Road, North Chicago, IL.

The event is open to all interested voters. There is no admission fee, but donations to PADS Crisis Center will be accepted. Requested items from PADS include: disposable razors, deodorant, dry laundry soap, reams of 20# paper, postage stamps, and new socks.

For more information, please contact David Pfeifer at 847.309.5573 or email WaukeganGOP

I also wanted to pass along an open letter from my friend David Barkhausen, who is a Lake Bluff Trustee, and happens to be a Beth Coulson fan, but urges all interested voters to attend the event regardless of who your favorite candidate is. If you have not yet made up your mind, all the more reason for you to attend so you can make an informed decision:

Hi, Everyone –

This is to inform some of you, and remind others, of the 10th District Republican Congressional candidates forum taking place tonight (from 7:00 to 8:30) just up Green Bay Road at the Green Belt Forest Preserve “Cultural Center”. This is a very roomy and attractive meeting facility in what, in better weather, is also a very nice forest preserve site. This forum is hosted by the Waukegan Township Republican Organization with some assistance from our Shields Republican group.

This Congressional contest, of course, is the primary contest to replace Mark Kirk, as Mark is now running in the primary for the U.S. Senate.

There are at least five good and serious candidates in the race – State Representative Beth Coulson from Glenview, businessmen Bob Dold and Dick Green and attorney Bill Cadigan all from the New Trier area, and Dr. Ari Friedman from Highland Park. While Beth, a highly respected legislator who has repeatedly been re-elected in a heavily Democrat-leaning district, is my preference from the standpoints of both qualifications and electability, these are all very good and qualified candidates who deserve consideration and whom we want to stay involved in Republican politics regardless of the outcome of this race.

Given the ridiculously early primary date of February 2nd (first Tuesday in February) set by the Democrats in the Legislature to help Pres. Obama in the Illinois primary two years ago (and not changed back to March thereafter), the election will be nearly upon us when the holiday season ends.

Furthermore, there is one additional opportunity to vote early this year. In addition to “Early Voting” that begins (at Lake Forest City Hall) the Monday three weeks before primary election day (January 11th), voters now also have the option of requesting a ballot by mail from the county clerk’s office for any reason up to 40 days before the election. That means that the voting process can begin as early as Christmas Eve – in two and a half weeks!!

For those of us who are precinct committeemen and committeemen candidates, that means we need to be getting the word out early and more than once about all candidates in these races (this race, the governor’s race, etc.) and the opportunities to vote early. Requesting a ballot by mail will be especially important for family members who will just be home for the holidays. I will be glad to help with the drafting of letters to voters in our precincts.

Anyway, I hope to see you tonight. The Green Belt Forest Preserve Cultural Center is easy to reach and to find. It’s on the east side of Green Bay between the stoplights at 14th street (Pulaski Drive) on the south and 10th street on the north. It’s no more than a 5 minute drive north of the 176-Green Bay Road intersection.

Many thanks for your interest. Please forward this to others who might be interested.



Anonymous said...

who did the townships endorse?

Anonymous said...

No official endorsement. Friedman won the straw poll with as many votes as the rest combined.

Anonymous said...

Friedman also won the total vote count if you include the Precinct captains. Green was second with Cadigan and Dold holding up the rear.

This race is getting intetesting.

Anonymous said...

how many commmitteeman were actualy there on a night with such bad weather

Anonymous said...

About the same as were at the Vernon Township meeting. But the straw poll was from the audience.