Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ellen Says Make Sign Stealers Famous - Republican Larry Leafblad Agrees After Arrest of Two Caught Stealing His Signs

A few weeks ago our friend Ellen of the Tenth was up on her self-righteous soapbox complaining about presumed Republican sign-stealers and encouraged her readers (all 20 of them) to try to snap a picture of the theft and she would post their picture if the local newspaper wouldn't. I actually figured that was not a bad idea, since I am convinced that it's the Dems, by and large, that stoop to stealing signs, at least, it's the Dems that do it on an organized basis.

That theory seems to have been proved in at least one local race, that for Lake County Board Dist. 6, where incumbent GOP candidate Larry Leafblad faces Dem challenger (and unfortunately-named) Melinda Bush, where a pair of individuals were arrested by Grayslake Police for stealing Leafblad signs.

Leafblad released the following statement today:

Grayslake Police arrested a woman from Peoria and her father on Saturday Night who were caught in the act stealing political signs placed by the Larry Leafblad campaign. Police found Leafblad’s signs in their vehicle. The couple was charged by Grayslake Police.

“This is not some prank, these are paid, Democrat Operatives from Peoria,” stated Leafblad.

A Grayslake resident phoned the authorities when he witnessed the two enter his yard.

Leafblad said no less than a hundred yard signs have disappeared in the dark of night for the last several weeks.

“This reflects directly upon Melinda Bush’s desperate attempts to win. We knew her workers were out, from the very first days we placed signs. They were being taken right from peoples’ front yards,” said Leafblad.

“My voters are loyal. Many people have called requesting signs. So, all our signs are carefully placed, with permission, in front yards around Grayslake, Gurnee and Round Lake Park. Each time by the light of dawn, most if not all signs were missing.”

Leafblad considers a yard sign a powerful endorsement. He said he was concerned that his supporters didn’t think he cared. “We have been contending with an avalanche of junk mail, robo calls, phony surveys and boiler room tactics containing outright lies and incorrect information. Stealing personal property is proof Mrs. Bush will go to any length to win.”

Leafblad plans to press additional charges and will demand an apology and restitution from the Bush campaign.

I don't have a picture to send to Ellen, but as soon as we get a mug shot of the Peoria sign-stealing duo, we'll send it over and I'm sure she'll be very anxious to post it, as she promised.


Anonymous said...

TA, I think we should go into the files and print the picture of some 10th Democrat thugs from the 2000 campaign wearing, and I'm not kidding you, lauren beth gash T shirts, taking Kirk yard signs from a lawn in Highland Park. I am not kidding you. Right in front of a group of us they brazenly yanked yard signs. Nothing has changed. In those days they weren't importing 'workers' from other places, these were her fanatic supporters from right here in our district. The sicko catwoman can't deal with truth, only her truth. Tomorrow can't come soon enough. Winning this for Mark Kirk has never been more important. Let's just get it done!

Anonymous said...

Red pick up truck?

Two years ago, we were getting reports of a red pick up trucks swiping GOP signs in our region and leaving the Democratic ones standing.

Are those dots connected?

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

"Sneaky Pete" Couvall and his minion Waukegan Dem Chair Mike Hewitt (husband of Diane Hewitt) were allegedly caught stealing Keith Grey signs in North Chicago last night.

Team America said...

Thanks for the Couvall tip. I have some people looking into that. Couvall's been caught red-handed before, but by caught, I'm hoping you mean "arrested".

Ray said...

On Election Day I passed lit with a smile for Dan Seals at a precinct in Wheeling (well outside the 100 ft line, thank you). Democratic voters were generally happy, and happy to see me, while Republicans either scowled or pretended not to see me. Several asked pointedly whether I was violating the law, at which I cheerfully gestured to the chalk line, several yards away. One (referring to Obama, part of my spiel) said "Vote for that communist? I don't think so." Another spat "Socialist." That's some bitter kool-aid you all have been drinking, and it clearly wasn't a happy day in general for you folks. You'll have to forgive my lack of sympathy.

But the prize Republican of the day, with young son in tow, after seething with anger at me on the way in and out, proceeded in broad daylight to steal three Carol Javens signs and an Obama Durbin Seals sign from right in front of the precinct. I couldn't see what he was doing until he opened his trunk to put them in, at which point I ran over there, asking what he was doing and telling him he was violating Illinois election law. Yes, that Republican set a fine example for his son that day.

Evidently I scared him, even though I never got within ten feet of him, because he either called or pretended to call the police, saying he was going to report me for assault. I went to my car to retrieve my copy of the the election law so that we could chat with the police when they arrived, but he drove off, and the cops never came. Sorry I don't have a photo for you, Team Marionette, only my firsthand account.

The only thing that redeemed Republicans for me that day, was that later on, an older, wiser one, who had obviously been through many elections and seen things sway back and forth, walked up to me and complimented me on my demeanor and behavior there, for which I thanked him.