Monday, November 3, 2008

For An Independent Voice for IL-10, the Choice is Clear: Mark Kirk Over Dan Seals

We ran this photo of Dan Seals in one of our Photo Caption Contests some months ago. Although we didn't declare this quote the winner at the time, it's probably turned out to be the most accurate:

"What? Barack Obama likes pistachio ice cream??? Quick, issue a press release saying I like pistachio ice cream too!!!"

If you've been keeping up with the 10th District race here in Illinois, where Dan Seals is challenging Mark Kirk for the second time, you know that Seals' strategy has been twofold: 1) hammer Kirk=Bush and talk about the war in Iraq all you can; and 2) try to convince people you're a clone of Barack Obama.

Well, Strategy #1 only met with limited success, as situation in Iraq steadily improved under the McCain strategy, and the smart voters in the 10th didn't buy the Kirk=Bush line, even though the DCCC tried to mislead voters into thinking the local media was against Kirk (despite Kirk winning all major print endorsements).

Thus, the only thing left for Seals to try was double down on Strategy #2, and boy, has he. I don't think Seals goes anywhere nowadays without pleading with people that they simply MUST send him to Congress to support a President Obama (shudder!) or Obama will be powerless to effect "change," whatever that turns out to be.

Here's a clue, Dan: First, the voters in IL-10 are smarter than you apparently think. If they wanted an Obama Jr. in Congress, it's doubtful they'd pick you. You don't even agree with Obama on all his policies anyway. And the ones you do agree with are likely to be the least popular in many portions of IL-10 as voters contemplate Obama's downward-shifting scale of who exactly qualifies as "rich" and will carry the tax burden for everyone else (Obama's wealth redistribution). Second, I think voters will, in the end, have little respect for anyone who cannot stand on their own two feet as a candidate, no matter whose coattails you try to attach yourself too.

Interestingly, Strategy #2 might not work out so well, either, as Obama's coattails have continued to be less attractive of late. Obama continues to reveal more of his wealth redistribution agenda, and if the voters in IL-10 that still insist on going for Obama can't be swayed, they may well decide they better return Mark Kirk to Washington to keep an eye on him, as an independent voice. I doubt they'd feel that a rookie congressman like Dan Seals would have the ability to stand up to anything that Nancy Pelosi or a President Obama would dictate to him.

I saw Ellen had a manifesto posted of all her reasons to vote for Dan Seals, so we offer a list of our own:

If you want a Congressman that can't seem to hold a job, vote for Dan Seals.

If you want a Congressman that can't even manage the U.S. Post Office to get a mailer out, vote for Dan Seals.

If you want a Congressman that lies about his experience teaching at Northwestern months before he actually sets foot in his classroom or teaches a student, vote for Dan Seals.

If you want a Congressman that looks up to convicted felons like Dan Rostenkowsky and Bob Creamer, vote for Dan Seals.

If you want a Congressman that handles a campaign budget so poorly, he runs out of money at the end and can't publicize his Barack Obama radio ad, vote for Dan Seals.

If you want a Congressman that will worry more about pleasing Congressional leadership like Nancy Pelosi more than his constituents, vote for Dan Seals.

And, if you want a candidate that believes he should be elected because he tries to look and sound like someone he's not, DEFINITELY vote for Dan Seals.

On the other hand, if you want about 57 great reasons to vote for Mark Kirk, and you haven't gotten the message since we've been blogging here for a year, go to

See you at the polls, and on to Victory Tuesday Night!!!


Anonymous said...

Proudly voted for Sarahcudda and Mark Kirk, lets send comrade catwoman back to the asylum, Dan back to the unemployment line, and Obama back to the Senate.

Also, congratulations on becoming a growing force for conservatism on the North Shore. If the temporary rise of the corrupt left wing nut jobs of late prove anything it's that grassroots grow very fast these days and ours will be no excpetion thanks to you going forward.

As Johnny Drama would say VICTORY!

CertainFuture said...

Well, TA and fans. I thought I would make a short visit before the election and risk being harrassed by sore losers. As you can see, I changed my name from PossibleFuture to CertainFuture.

But the big losers in this election will be the citizens of the state of Alaska -- typically the recipients of the most earmarks per person than any other state. The one thing Kirk was right about was the stupidity of the Bridge to Nowhere (although Alaska still kept the money).

With Stevens on his way to prison and Young under investigation by the FBI, the "Alaska Pipeline" will dry up. And I'm sure that Congressional Democrats will be happy to send money to Governor Palin's state, after her attacks on the future President of the United States. They might be better off just seceding as they seem to want to.

Wait...they have lots of oil and we need to drill, baby, drill. So, maybe we need them more than they need us. It would be socialistic, however, to tax the greedy corporatist oil companies and "spread the wealth" among the Alaskan citizens, I guess.

Good luck in rebuilding that Republican brand.

Anonymous said... coming in indicates Governor Palin has been cleared in the so called Troopergate.

Anonymous said...

She's still an idiot who is about to be a grandmother by her teenage daughter. There's quality leadership by example.

Anonymous said...

Yea, how terrible that she (and the rest of the family) stands by her daughter during this crisis.