Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mark Kirk, Peter Roskam Address the Economy (UPDATED); Blago and Durbin Chat But No Senate Pick Yet

Yesterday, Congressmen Mark Kirk and Peter Roskam held a meeting downtown at the Dirksen federal building to discuss 'out-of-the-box' ideas for stabilizing and stimulating the economy, with an emphasis on private enterprise, new energy initiatives and lower taxes. Economic experts and leaders like Doug Whitley of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce also attended.

President-elect Obama's emerging economic plan seems to be centered on an FDR-style make-work program, and while the nation could certainly use a lot of attention on its crumbling infrastructure, I've always been of the opinion that its the private sector, not the government, that creates sustainable jobs and really grows the economy. Thoughts?

UPDATED: Fox News has some Mark Kirk video on his economic ideas. Check it out.

Also, Dick Durbin finally got an audience to discuss Obama's U.S. Senate replacement with Governor Blagojevich, but it wasn't exactly the sit-down summit I would have imagined Durbin would have liked. Rather, the AP is reporting that Durbin got 15 minutes on the phone with Blago. Reportedly, Durbin went through a long list of names with the guv, but no leaks as to which names were on and off. It's probably a safe bet that Tammy Duckworth's name was on that list, but no word as to whether Dan Seals was discussed.


Anonymous said...

I disagree with the bailout altogether (and Kirk voted for it). The government should leave the free market alone. If that leads to a depression, the government can jumpstart the economy very quickly with public works programs that actually provide benefits from the bottom up. (This is what the Nazis figured out that lead to Hitler having a 98% approval rating [not that he is an example to be emmulated].) The current course of action primarily benefits the richest 5% of people in this country at the expense of the other 95% of taxpayers.

Thank Mark Kirk for being a loyal proponent of corporate welfare. Since we're bailout and the banks (and autos?) this time, we can count on doing it again someday. If we just let them die, new, more innovative competitors could take their place.

Kirk has said as much about the auto manufacturers, yet he continues to pander to the banks.

Anonymous said...

edit: Since we're bailing out the banks . . . .

Anonymous said...

Dissapointing to see Mark work with such a person as Peter Roskam. Roskam is a former Tom DeLay staffer and all around tool of the christian right who despite coming from a strong republican area, used Barack Obama in his campaign lit. We could do without him.

While I am glad Mark is having these hearings his attention really needs to be on bolstering this party or ascending in the House leadership, both of which he has not done. The kind of people that vote for Mark-suburban well educated are the kind of people that are now abandoning this party in droves and it's a waste that he's not in there putting his voice in the party discussion. He's smarter than Michael Steele, Eric Cantor, and certainly knows more than boehner.