Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Don't Feel Selfish For Not Voting for Barack Obama and Dan Seals

While I don't really feel "selfish" for not voting for Barack Obama (and his wanna-be tag-along, Dan Seals, 10th District Dem candidate), it seems that Barack Obama wants me to feel guilty that I don't want the government to take away my money and redistribute it to those Obama thinks are more worthy than me for the money that I worked for. As Obama gets more cocky in his supposed lead in the polls, his true colors are starting to be revealed in every greater proportions. Now, if we don't pay the higher taxes he proposes to spread the wealth around, we're apparently "selfish."

This is nothing new for those of us who had Barack's number months or even years ago. I recall that I once commented over at Ellen's blog that the issue I had with Obama's politics was that he wanted to take all of my money and stand on a street corner in Chicago and hand it out. Interestingly, I think someone even labeled me a "racist" for suggesting that.

Turns out, I was pretty much right, only it's not just Chicago streetcorners where he wants to hand away my tax dollars, it's every corner in America.

There's lots more on the Internet on Obama's redistributionist agenda, if you look. I think those that don't know about it by now, may not really want to know about it. But if he wins, many more people than might have first thought they would be affected will find out very quickly.


Anonymous said...

Despite all the b.s. in the media that has portrayed Sen McCain as some extremist, the fact is that in this current enviornment for our party full of mitt romney,s huckabees, and gary bauers, McCain is about as good as it gets.

Pro-enviornment, a member of the mainstreet parternship of moderate members of congress, big on israel, tough on taxes. He's the one!

Anonymous said...

I share everything you've written today, TA. I am not selfish for not voting for this guy. I AM proud to cast my vote for McCain on Tuesday. I keep feeling, deep in my soul, that miracles still happen. We need one on Tuesday night. Regardless of what happens, some of us have lived thru the Carter years and more. This one will be harder and tougher, but we can do it. But feeling selfish, not a bit.

Anonymous said...

TA, that catwoman's commentors believe that your blog is now defeatist, that Mark is going down, that it's over, that this is the end as predicted by Lou and others. Dilussional? I know we don't want to talk about that sicko and her followers, but today's nonsense is actually over the top humorous, but sick. She has annointed Dan and the junior messiah out here. Isn't it odd that not a single newspaper has endorsed the pup, not any of the mainstream organizations have endorsed the pup. But sicko catwoman is laying claim to her endorsement of the junior messiah. Tuesday can't come fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Matt Forte is the messiah, Dan's campaign is a noun a verb and a bunch of washed up anti-Israel pro union thugs.

The only comments on this blog that are critical are mine, and they are more in the spirit of desiring to see our Republican Party get stronger leadership and party infrastructure that has just not come from the current regime, unless you feel like Illinois has become a GOP heartland. The results back me up and I look forward to change, starting with the heads of McKenna and his team Nov 5.

The democrats are about to take power and just as has happened in springfield once you turn over the rock all the urchins will come out and the Ellens will go back in their holes.

Meantime, we need serious people that don't run sitting u.s. senators out of town-Ray LaHood we won't miss you, hold seats in staunch republican areas and put ass clowns like Schoenberg, May, Garrett, LINK and others on political trial for the high crime, taxes and unemployment in this state.

Again, this was once a MODERATE GOP powerhouse, I wish to see it restored and so am critical of those who continue to flounder and lack ideas and conviction.

Anonymous said...

The end?

My comments were along the lines of not "the end" but that we need to continue to improve and take position and strengthen ourselves as a party. Some things that our opponents do right should be emulated (except for petition signature gathering and voter registration tactics) and we should be developing new tactics to use in the future based on our experiences.

But then again, all my comments were "misconstrued" by the catwoman and her group before my "banning" so why am I not surprised here?

I'm still picking Kirk to win. I voted early and worked all weekend and will work on election day.

And yes, there is room in the party for moderates. I consider myself a moderate. But moderates these days are finding themselves outcasts in both major political parties.

Which is strange, because it is the moderates that get the work done while the extreme partisans bicker.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

I have also posted critical comments, to which nobody ever offers a constructive response. Anyone who agrees with the Bush agenda that Mark Kirk has supported is not "moderate." I question that such people are even "conservative." There's nothing fiscally responsible about inflated deficit spending and prolonged foreign conflicts.