Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mark Kirk Victory Rally Huge Success; Seals Looking for Love in Lincolnshire (UPDATED WITH VIDEO)

All the reports coming in are that Mark Kirk's victory rally in Wheeling was a big success, while Dan Seals had to scrape up supporters in Lincolnshire, even as he sends desperation e-mails trying to raise funds to publicize his call-from-the-cell phone radio ad that Barack Obama finally cut for him. Read all about it at the Tribune blog, Clout Street.

Meanwhile, over at Ellen's, they've convinced themselves that voter fraud was responsible for Bush stealing the election in 2004, and GOP operatives not only broke into Dan Seals' Waukegan office but also managed to divert his last desperate fund-raising mailing at the U.S. Post Office. I warn you though, troll over there at your own risk and sanity... ;-)

Not too much longer till the victory party for Kirk, and hopefully many other GOP candidates as well. I'll give you the GOP election party info probably on Monday, and maybe we can all meet at the Kirk victory party for a celebration shot of sambuca.

VIDEO UPDATE: An alert commentor pointed out a CBS-2 News segment on Kirk v. Seals. You can see the throngs of supporters at the Kirk event today, while Seals works the phone at his campaign headquarters enduring hang-ups. As someone else suggested, they're not hanging up on you because they think you're a robot (call), it's because it's you, Dan.


Anonymous said...

Yes, TA, i was at the rally today. It was packed and the crowd was red hot. Lots of reminders by the speakers of the Cook County tax increases. Spontaneous chants of Kirk! Kirk! Kirk!

Keep an eye on Senator Matt Murphy, a rising star.

The rally ended after Kirk invited all the veterans to stand with him on stage, which was quite a touching moment. Several TV cameras were present including NBC5.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

TA, I was there as well before leaving to train to the Loop to see Dirty Dancing -- what was I thinking buying those tickets 7 months ago.

Yes, the rally was terrific and it was so great to see so many of MSK's original campaign staff and former interns and office staff. They took time off from other jobs, school, and even came from out of state to help in the final push. It gave me chills to see the love and energy in that room. Despite my seeing one of the Seals spies or perhaps from the d side of some organization. I've seen her at other events, standing back and observing. I've asked her several times in the past (and today) who she represented but she wouldn't answer. She may have left after my question today.

Yes, Lou, Matt is a rising star. Just the kind of leader that MSK is and I hope the IRP figures out who is good and makes a concerted effort to help them in the future.

See you all election night -- it will be a long night but I know people in the 10th are smart enough to see what they have in their Congressman will return him to Washington.

Baxter's Mom

Anonymous said...

Lou and TA, I was also at the Rally at the Westin today. It was the most amazing outpouring of energy and enthusiasm I've ever seen out here. And when the Veterans joined our Congressman on that platform it was a sterling moment. Easily 400 supporters jammed that ballroom. Noow all we need to do is get out the vote and WIN on Tuesday. Go, Mark, GO!

Anonymous said...

just saw channel 2 news story on 10th cd race showed Mark outside football game with folks cheering and a lady saying he has done a great job and she will be voting for him again as well as great shot of crowded rally and a stage-full of veterans supporting Kirk. Cut to Dan Seals making calls from his campaign headquarters and saying that people are hanging up on him. LOL Dan they are not hanging up on you because they think you are a robo-call. They are hanging up on you because they are sick and tired of your lies and smears!!

Anonymous said...

Elisabeth Smith needs to take the Dodie McCracken class on how to do a press event. You're supposed to have lots of people in the background so it looks like you are not at a half empty library in 1993.

The fact that Dan has to wait until tomorrow to put the Obama ad out shows how broke and mismanaged his campaign is. This is their best 30 seconds of the 4 years and they don't even have the cash to get it out stat. As the French or King Louis Astaves XII would say

le HA le HA le HA HA HA!

Anonymous said...

Special thanks to TEAM AMERICA. The most informative and honest exhibition of the Kirk v. Seals race. Seeya Seals....wouldn't want to beeya! Sambuca chillin'!

Anonymous said...

Packing a press event is not a genious move of any former staffer or consultant, just press 101 and the Seals people obviously don't get it.