Monday, October 12, 2009

Attorney Bill Cadigan Leverages Endorsements for IL-10 Race; Deerfield Police Chief Pat Anderson Comes Out for Cadigan

Republican 10th District Congressional Candidate and Winnetka attorney Bill Cadigan was out over the past few days working the grassroots, including the Deerfield train station, where he was making the rounds with Deerfield police chief Pat Anderson. Anderson endorsed Cadigan after a brief time considering making a run of his own for the 10th District.

You will recall that Cadigan announced his candidacy with the endorsement of former Assistant U.S. Attorney and George Ryan prosecutor Patrick Collins.

Cadigan doesn't believe he's likely to be the top fundraiser among the GOP candidates seeking to succeed Kirk -- indeed, he has not officially posted his Q3 fundraising results, while fellow candidates Bob Dold and Dick Green have posted numbers exceeding way over $200,000 each. But, Cadigan seems to be taking the grassroots approach with lining up local endorsements and working the district, so it's clear he has a plan. Interestingly, Beth Coulson has not released her Q3 fundraising numbers, which may be a troubling sign for her.

Also over the weekend, I got a report from the Wheeling Township endorsement session, which drew a lot of candidates including Congressman Mark Kirk, who is running for U.S. Senate. We won't know for a day or two more who the Wheeling Township folks endorse on the various races (and, of course, they may make no endorsement in some races), but from what I heard, Kirk handled himself pretty well.


AgentOrange said...

It doesn't surprise me that Cadigan is out hustling in the precincts. He strikes me as a candidate who's not afraid to go out and work the Metra stops. I have yet to see any other candidates at my local train station.

Has anybody else even set foot west of the Edens yet?

Anonymous said...

Cadigan is working the hardest right now. Probably because he has to. Its no juggernaut yet, but it seems wherever he goes in the district he has a good group of supporters.
Coulson is getting no support within the township organizations, even her own Northfield.

Anonymous said...

It's been a JV effort from cadigan,dold and green thus far. Not a day goes by without some editorial in the tribune creaming the work coulson and blago did in springfield or a new investigation about some kind of fraud and the guys seem to be sitting around waiting to brag to people what mid-level committeechairman they worked for 20 years ago in d.c. rather than getting free press by going after her record. Eric Elk took pup's minuscule public record and beat him senseless. BillBobDick is leaving a ton of meat on the table.

A police chief is nice, throwing the book at coulson would be better.


Anonymous said...

This is what cadnidates who can't raise money do...they get sheriff's to endorse them at train stations.

Anonymous said...

"Candidates," too.

my bad.