Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween, Democrats!

We'll be back to our regular programming tomorrow.

Thanks to for the pic.


Crazy4glf said...

Taste: 0
Poor reflection on GOP'er's: 10

If a Dem portrayed a GOP'er in photo or illustration in a similar manner, it wouldn't be deemed funny, it wouldn't be ignored, and it would be another reason for a label or a comment on how well someone is aging.

Why did only 20% of people in an anonymous survey admit to being a Republican?

Could it be they are more respectful, tired of the rhetoric and delays, and above the actions of most GOP'ers?

Anonymous said...

I think your broomstick must be caught someplace where it must hurt a lot. Your president and his approval ratings are falling like rain, the average folks on the street don't like the way your team can't seem to shoot straight, and all you can offer is some lame comment on a pumpkin. You truly are crazy and not just for golf. Give it a rest. I sure hope you're over there with your buddies listening to Howard Dean extoll the virtues of all your successes. That must be some fun event tonight.

Team America said...

Crazy, you are so deplorably sensitive. Where were you when they were comparing Bush to Hitler or a monkey?

Either strap on a pair or borrow Hillary's.

Crazy4glf said...

Of course, when anyone dared to critique Bush, we were called unAmerican, unpatriotic, to lack values, and that we needed to 'give him a chance.'

The fact that Obama is being IMMEDIATELY compared to socialists and dictators -something the GOP didn't like under Bush despite his usurping of power and his father and Reagan dealing with said dictators- without 'giving him a chance' and the inherent hypocrisy therein is lost on the GOP, including yourself, TA.

I live in the 8th District and did not attend the 10th District event. Also, unlike the GOP, to be a Dem does not mean rubber-stamp approval of all Dem's.
It is unique that the GOP assumes that all Dem's like each Dem leader when no GOP rank and file member will critique comments of their leaders, their leaders by proxy (Rush and Hannity), or critique their beloved Kirk when he blames his constituents for how he votes! Shouldn't most votes be based on what the district wants and wouldn't this be an act of prudence, not something to blame the citizens who pay for his salary and healthcare? Maybe if he ran for the House again, he'd have time to learn this despite his being in office for so long. I know it takes some people a long time to learn their role but this )(comment) is ridiculous! He needs to look up representative in the dictionary and burn some midnight oil reading the entire volume like he claims to have done before voting the way he did on the Energy legislation (by the way, was there an Energy policy in Bush's first term and if there was did it have anything to do with Cheney's secret meetings with industry execs?).

Also, just because I don't like something doesn't mean I lack a spine. If I didn't have a spine, I'd have stopped posting here long ago which, again, is probably one of the goals of most of those who post here.

Again, the propensity to insults, vulgarity, etc. is unbecoming of the Party of civility, supposedly superior values, and a desire to engage in honest, forthright debate.

Just because I expect you to consistently insult, over-look fact, and work toward the undoing of the country (including not taking action when excessive borrowing took place under the previous Administration with little return on investment domestically) doesn't mean you have to meet or exceed that expectation.

I'm sure it will be lost on you that I have again refrained from name-calling, vulgar references, and the like. I know its setting the bar high for the likes of Rush, Coulter, and their fans, but be like the little engine that could: I think I can be respectful, I think I can recognize hypocrisy when I see it, I think I can accept the comments of others, even and especially when they disagree with me.

Bush wasn't successful in taking away the right to disagree try as he might.

Anonymous said...

Kirk "blamed" his constituents for how he voted? That's a stretch.

All that name-calling and character assassination stuff that has Crazy going crazy now was perfected by Democrats, who claimed that Bush "stole" an election, among other vulgarities.

Now that Obama is getting a taste of their own tactics, Crazy is offended.

How many campaign promises has Obama actually kept so far? Not to appoint big donors ambassadors? (Nope!) End the war in Iraq? (Nope!) Concentrate on Afghanistan? (Still under study!) Post all proposed legislation on line for a week so voters can study them? (Nope!) Stress bipartisanship? (Nope!)

The list is endless.

Now the Obama gang is creating an enemy list like Richard Nixon did? (How "progressive!")

Louis G. Atsaves

PS: I actually thought the pumpkin you posted was pretty funny. Local Democrats must feel that way sometimes!

Anonymous said...

King Louis,

It's actually catwoman's facebook profile pic. On 2nd thought, her facebook pic doesn't look that good.