Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dan Seals Crushed By Julie Hamos Fundraising Effort; Seals Raises Only $303,000

Oh. My. Word.

No wonder Dan Seals waited until the last possible minute to file his Q3 report. According to, he raised only $303,391 in Q3 to Julie Hamos's $547,000.

More on the meaning of all this later once I can troll through his disclosures.

MAXWATCH: For those of you following this, Dan Seals' "New Media Director" may have been demoted. Just since yesterday, our friend Max "humans vs. zombies" Temkin changed his homepage once again. He's no longer the "New Media Director"; now he simply does "consulting and web design."

Hmm... that almost reminds me of how Seals claimed he was a professor at Northwestern University and then admitted he was just a lecturer, and how he was a "Director" of General Electric Capital (which sounds like a boardroom position) and then became only a "marketing director" (which most likely was a cubicle position). Wonder if these issues are endemic with Seals acolytes as they are with Seals?


Anonymous said...

He's only got 280k left, that means not only does he not have institutional support, he will be outspent 2-1. This about 40 percent of what he had been raising before and the fact that hamos got a bunch of his donors. Other bad news-once establishment candidates fall behind it's hard for them to catch up because voters have already dismissed them.

As Dan learned in Tokyo, the word at this point is sayonara.


Anonymous said...

If Dan Seals is bad at fundraising, what does that make the Republicans?

Team America said...

Um, for one thing, none of the GOP candidates have been running for this office for 5 years straight.

tikkunolam said...

This doesn't mean as much as you think it does... remember, Seals got outspent by Jay Footlik to the tune of a $100,000 difference and still went to town with a tomahawk on him. I'm not saying this year's gonna be as easy as last cycle, but Seals' ground game and colossal, almost hyperbolic name recognition compared to Julie's nonexistence outside of the southeast corner of the district is going to get Dan through. This quarter's numbers aren't even close to a death blow.

Anonymous said...


It's passed your bed time. Glad to know pup wants to go down bloody and messy, the more he can force Hamos to spend down that dough the better, a civil war is in order. If I was a Dan fan right now I'd be really pissed that Julie thought she and comdrade Jan could come in and tell me to blow off.

Dan had a ton more dough than Jay and Jay was airlifted in. Hamos is one tough hombre with many decades in dirty machine politics, not some d.c. gadfly whose White House job was to make sure Rabbi Shulman from jersey city got invited to the white house hanukah party.

Dan doesn't have any staff according to the FEC report so it looks like it's just him and Max and whatever lies they can come up with-the video is the latest flub. For a guy running for congress there it's odd there is no job mentioned, the wrong pictures of the university and no mention of any policy experience. Could it be Dan finally realizes his internships were not real jobs?


Crazy4glf said...

Seems to me Ms. Hamos has raised more funds than all Republicans combined. This is curiously missing from the right-leaning
(objective or fair and balanced?) blog.

Team America said...

We don't mind the fact that Hamos has raised money at all... we just hope she spends most of it in the knife fight with Dan Seals.

The GOP candidates will take care of business. Right now their only competition is each other.

Anonymous said...

On another topic, I noticed that Mark Kirk is now lying to the entire state of Illinois, instead of just the 10th, by claiming to be a fiscal conservative. He voted for all the bailouts yet claims on his website (which does look really nice) that he opposed "Pelosi's bailouts" because he offered amendments.

Most of the Republican Party voted against robbing the taxpayers to pay billionaire campaign donors. We couldn't even could on Kirk to do that.

TA, are you ever going to get off his nuts long enough to write something objective about him?

Team America said...


Anonymous said...

I would like to re-echo anonymous.

If Dan Seals is bad at fundraising, what does that make Republicans?

How can we have such a large gap? Seems like a bad sign.

Anonymous said...

But have you looked at those who so generously have given to Ms. Hamos? The vast majority live down where her buddy and mentor, Comrade Jan and that convicted thing she's married to happen to live and I think it's called the 9th district. Unless there's a huge migration up to our district, the pup did better in terms of those who can actually vote for that loser. Odd, isn't it? But let's stay on message. Another very interesting thing I found while looking at the pup's continuing supporters. Many have cut their financial support way back this time around. I found some old Seals supporters also throwing a few bucks into the Hamos campaign. So what's that about? And did you notice that they don't seem to have staff that they're paying, offices they're renting or much else of note.
I'm not counting out Seals or Hamos at this early date. I am taking a very good look at what Beth Coulson put together in a short time. Name ID, people who actually do like her, feel that she just might have a decent chance at holding onto this seat for the time being. I think it's fairly obvious that Dick Green might find a better use for his personal funds going forward. The next few months should tell us a great deal about Bob Dold and his ability to get out there and give us a reason to stand up and take notice of what he might offer as our Congressman. The fun and the guessing game of who would raise what, who's in, who's out is now over. It's not too long to December 31, the 4th quarter filing date. Oh yes, Foklaes, I can't wait to hear your thinking on tonight's results. And Tikkun, it is way, way past your bedtime.

Anonymous said...

Once again Anon's you need to invent names for yourselves so we know you aren't the same person. I suggest FOFOKLAES fan of foklaes if you like me.

Coulson's 130 is pathetic. She's been in state office for 1.5 decades in the wealthiest area of the state. The awful number suggests Republicans despise her. We don't know how much of that comes from ACORN or the other thug unions that are her BFF's. You know she had an awful quarter because she gave herself 50k. Candidates only do that to make up for awful numbers.

It will also be interesting to see how many machine staffers she has on her staff. I see many with a google search. FAIL.

As for the dem money. Hamos was a lobbyist, she knows every dirty thug democrat donor in the state and has probably traded favors with them before. At 60 years old she's more than a bit long in the tooth and folks like that tend to have met a lot more people. Pup has been running for this seat for 5 years or roughly half of Tikun's life. He's had no job and it's very underwhelming number. That video btw, TA deserves a post, just breaking down the sheer lies and preposterousness in it.

The good news is Mark is in control, Pat Hughes is dead meat, Alexi is a moron who thinks he can fool the media into thinking Mark's f- nra rating,A+planned parenthood rating,A+sierra club rating, A+taxpayers union rating is in the words of John Bluto Blutarski a 0.0 gpa for a right winger. Alexi is a lot better at giving loans to mobsters and sucking obama's toes than political strategy and reading.


Team America said...

FOKLAES- I watched the Seals family video but I don't think I can really stand doing an in-depth analysis or I may retch. I do agree with his wife that Dan looks like a "big goofy dude."

Wasn't Seals' dad a Chicago Bear? Did he just abandon the family and left mom to raise the kids. That's certainly the impression you get from the video.

Hey, at least Dan made it though an entire 5 minute piece without mentioning George Bush or the Iraq war. Last cycle, I would not have thought it possible.

Anonymous said...

datoYeah I should have mentioned that you should only watch if you had taken something to soothe your stomach because it's 5.5 minutes of nauaseous stuff.

Hamos pounded him in the quarter, I'm sure comrade jan and convict creamer have all sorts of nasty political goodies in store for him.

Even if he does win, the establishment hates his guts and I'm sure they'll find other waters to fish in come next october.


WilmetteLife said...

When are people going to figure out that Tikkunolam is Dan Seals on this blog?

Too friggin' obvious Dan.

...and you are so alone now.

Anonymous said...

Tiki does have a point. Name recognition and a ground game remain Seals' strongest points. But take away the donations through "Act Blue" and what is left of Seals Q3 this round? If I am reading this right, over half of the $300 thousand came from "Act Blue."

There is no "Act Red" to match the financial power of Act Blue at this point in time. And let's remember, the Democrats routinely outspend Republicans up and down the ticket, whether it be federal, state or local. The perception that Republicans heavily fund and outspend Democrats does not face reality.

Even Seals outspent Kirk the last election cycle when you factor in all donations, including "outside" special interest groups.

With the November and December holidays, good luck to all the candidates in their fund raising efforts and campaigning. Thank you Democrats in Springfield for moving up the primary date to accommodate Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama and his government of Hope.

Louis G. Atsaves

Team America said...

Anon 9:40 - actually, Tikki previously outed himself to me so I know that it's not Dan, and Tikki is definitely over 15, FOKLAES, although he's a young'un, no doubt.

I have little doubt that Dan reads the Blog, and we all know his new webdesigner Max does, so you can assume he's fully informed about what we say here.

And I bet Dan really hates that goofy picture.

Anonymous said...

OK TA, we stand corrected.

But Dan Seals is still:

Outside the district
A 2x loser
And now abandoned by Democrats that know him best.


Old Viking said...

Doesn't Dan live closer to the Tenth than Hamos? At least he's got that going for him.

Of course, since he's been running for this job for five years, you'd think he'd have moved into the district by now.

Anonymous said...

Old Viking,

Unlike Dan, Hamos actually does live in the district now. She moved from Evanston to Wilmette

Anonymous said...

Hamos is a carpetbagger. 35 years of machine politics, policies and votes won't be covered up by 3 months of renting in wilmette.

You can take a candidate out of the peoples republic of evanston but you can't take the peoples republic of evanston out of the candidate.

Go Bears!


Crazy4glf said...

I like the reference to a 'carpet-bagger' which is why I mention the following:
Could a recent GOP Senate candidate have really been Alan Keyes? Did he even rent space in the state? Was he aware of anything happening in Illinois? Was there no one else to run for Senate on the GOP side? Granted, Keyes was the 3rd or 4th choice by that time, after their 'family values candidate' dropped out, but still.

Pre-emptive strike. I am not a fan of Hilary Clinton, either. Speaking of Hilary, she's written more meaningful legislation than Kirk but that's not saying much.

I also note the article in the paper this week about the North Chicago School District's $6 Million deficit.
Didn't Kirk bring forth legislation to improve the funding for (gasp) public schools serving a high proportion of military families? Did he ever consider following-up on this and/or ensuring base re-alignment didn't jeopardize this funding?
Or am I expecting too much of him or expecting him to consider an ear-mark?

Cece's Ribs said...

Kirk did pass legislation (H.R. 12)saving North Chicago and was enacted - a rare piece of Kirk/Durbin teamwork. The legislation was so good, Durbin used it as his amendment in the Senate. Unlike Sen. Terry Link, Sen. Durbin does not oppose everything just because Kirk has figured out what to do.

Senate wins, House wins, people of North Chciago won.

Crazy4glf said...

Persistence: The ability to stick to a decision, action, or ideal.

I am not aware of consistent efforts on behalf of Mr. Kirk to ensure his initial legislation continues to get funded and/or that there is 'legislative verbiage (to coin a Republican Senate Finance Committee phrase) reflecting that funding for school districts with significant military populations will not be in jeopardy due to base re-alignment. Related to base re-alignment, I wonder if initiatives being moved from Illinois to Texas was due to efficiency or the color of our state and/or where the President at the time lived.

Objectively, Kirk is not necessarily consistent in how long he holds views, sticks to his own votes, and the rationales he uses for what he does.

Anonymous said...


you keep hitting bogeys. Go away.

2 weeks big election in virginia for Mark. If as expected young voters and blacks don't turnout, and the GOP candidate wins the nova suburbs-mcclean is basically winnetka, this is very good news for Mark as those are 3 big constituencies obama dominated with that won't be as big.


Anonymous said...

I never understood why comments made by bloggers are not taken seriously...until now. Anyone with a brain can see what Team America is trying to do with their remarks about Hamos and Seals. For the love of God, give it a break and stop trying to act like you all know what you are talking about.

The Hamos' numbers do not mean a thing simply because she has been raising money for a statewide campaign since God knows when. All she had to do was call people back up and say, "whoops, I'm scared to run for that office against an incumbent. Can you please help me find the nearest district with an open seat and redirect the money towards that? Thanks."

Honestly, its that simple. Hamos has been fundraising for much longer. And wow, she has institutional support. I'm sorry, but did I miss something in the last few days or does the Illinois legislature still not have any credibility whatsoever, especially in federal elections.

Furthermore, Jan and Emily's List endorsed. Oh My God. HOW SHOCKING! You mean to tell me that the wife of the person running her campaign and an organization that has supported any woman that runs for any office have endorsed her.

Your attempt at trying to start a fight between the two democratic candidates could not be more clear. Give it a rest and worry about the fact you don't have a single strong republican candidate and that this is the #2 pick up for the Democrats, which means you guys won't have a chance when the general comes around because money will be pouring in for us.

Crazy4glf said...

Phew. For a minute there, I was concerned people would think -my- post was off-topic, but you took the cake. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Crazy4golf, you are clueless and so totally not factual that you should admit that you actually have been hit in the head way too many times by golf balls. Try tennis, they're aren't as lethal as your fading brain cells. Get your facts straight about Mark Kirk or post someplace else.

Anonymous said...

Carpetbagger Hamos will do as well as did carpetbagger Alan Keyes. Thank you for the analogy, Crazy4glf.

-The Oracle of Mirth