Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Morning Potpourri: Cadigan, Hughes

Winnetka Attorney Bill Cadigan may have lagged a little in the Q3 fundraising race among 10th District candidates, but he continues to push his endorsements as one focus point of his campaign to succeed outgoing 10th District Congressman Mark Kirk. Recently, Cadigan posted a YouTube video featuring former State Senator Steve Rauschenberger, who endorsed Cadigan. Rauschie, of course, is widely regarded as a sharp state budget expert, who is sorely missed in Springfield, but actually is running again (go Rauschie!).

Speaking of the 10th District, Rich Miller of Capitol Fax speculates in his syndicated column that the 10th District candidates on both sides will be spending some TV advertising money in the extremely expensive Chicago TV market. We'll have to see.

In more campaign news, it appears that U.S. Senate candidates Pat Hughes and Andy Martin have gotten into a "he said, she said" battle over whether former Bears coach Mike Ditka actually "endorsed" Hughes and agreed to serve on Hughes' finance committee, or whether da coach simply made some complimentary remarks on some of Hughes' philosophical positions during a campaign event at Ditka's restaurant a few weeks ago. The debate has even spilled over to conservative blog Illinois Review where they try as hard as they can to keep Andy Martin's name from even coming up, due to Martin's well-known litigious streak. In a rather amusing post, Martin himself has noted that Team America is keeping an eye on Martin's activities, but Martin has yet to receive any mainstream media attention on this series of accusations. It remains to be seen how this turns out, but we'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Why did Beth Coulson and her crew leave early the NTRO/Northfield Republican event last night? Was there a SEIU meeting at the same time they had to attend?

-The Oracle of Mirth

Anonymous said...

cadigan aleady announced rauschenberger. He needs to play the porter endorsement card now if he can get it to boost his fundrasing.

the more I thought about it over the weekend the more I came to believe that dan announced his number the last minute because he wanted it buried suggesting he knew it was bad news.

Welcome to the game oracle.


Team America said...

FOKLAES - I know Cadigan already touted the Rauschie endorsement; we talked about that when Cadigan made his official announcement; today's blurb was on the video.

And, of course Seals buried the news. Wouldn't you? It's nowhere on his website either.

Anonymous said...

Rauschenberger came in 4th for the u.s. senate 6 years ago-this isn't that big a deal. Cadigan needs to get to Hogan Hartson stat, tell congressman porter he gave him 6 years of his life helping him rise to a major spot in d.c. while getting paid nothing and that he needs to return the favor like he did for Mark. The only reasons I can see porter staying out are that dold's family was a big donor, or that he's equally good friends with coulson, still no excuse.

My gut tells me cadigan could get caught as not as liberal as coulson and not as conservative as dold and not having as much money as green and end up with 3 people stealing votes from him. A message from him wouldn't hurt-"trusted independent leadership" or something of that effect to distinguish him would be better than rolling out endorsements from random police chiefs.


Anonymous said...

Ya, and Andy Martin even managed to quote something I wrote referencing me as a "Hughes supporter" v. a "Kirk supporter". Nice.

Condor88 said...


Come on, let's be factually correct. AFSCME meetings are on Sunday nights...

Wake up 10th district... Coulson, Jen and her crew of Democrats ran from that room before the main course was served. I saw Dold stay there the entire time, and was the only one working that room, making those personal connections. After he left our table, I can tell you most of the people at our table were "sold on Dold."

I don't know about you but I want the candidate who takes the time to talk with me on a one-to-one level, who listens to my concerns, and actually gives a crap.

I don't need some cold, standoffish wretch of a candidate and her deplorable staff representing me in Congress. I've found my candidate to best represent me in Washington and his name is Robert Dold.

Anonymous said...

In the 2004 U.S. Senate primary, Rauschenberger wasn't fourth. He was third.

Phil Collins

Anonymous said...

What is Dold's position on abortion?

Condor88 said...

Team Coulson (Anon 9:59AM),

I'm not following the logic behind your question. Either you are clueless or you haven't tuned into any of the events he's been at. Like all the candidates running for Kirk's seat, Dold supports a woman's right to choose and is pro-choice.

Perpetuating rumors and misinformation may be enough to win at the State Rep level in the 17th, but this is the big league. I cannot wait to see the returns on February 3rd. By then, I'm sure Schakowsky will have a nice spot on staff ready for you Jen.