Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Waiting for Q3 Results to Come In; Plus, Kirk for Senate Website Gets a Facelift (UPDATED)

Well, as of tomorrow, October 15, certain candidates like Dan Seals will no longer be able to hide their dismal fundraising results from public scrutiny.

I'm just guessing, but it can't be good for the pup if Julie Hamos raised $545,000 and Dan hasn't claimed anything. Does he think no one's going to notice if he doesn't say anything?

Well, while we're all waiting with bated breath, check out the great revamped Kirk for Senate website. I like it a lot.

UPDATED: I checked in at and so far, no Seals filing. But, I did head over to his website designer Max "humans vs. zombies" Temkin's homepage to check what he's been up to lately, and it appears that he once again is bragging about being Dan Seals' New Media director, after having previously removed this note. What, does he think we're not paying attention anymore?

Also fun to check out: The "Chicks on the Right" think GOP Congressional Candidate Bob Dold is hot. Check out their site here.


Anonymous said...

Hey, TA, that's not a facelift, that's an amazingly great website that says and shows all that voters need to know about our great Congressman. Hats off to the creative team who put this together.
Let's see what Dan the man posts tomorrow. Seems like some of his old stalwart supporters and best friends have jumped ship to the Hamos team. What was once a spirited campaign here in the 10th congressional district has now become worse than a ho-hum, nothing to talk about place to be.

Team America said...

Oh, I don't know, it seems pretty animated on the GOP side!

Anonymous said...


Let's give the pup his due, he's held zero jobs wasted years of our time but had 4 websites and 1830232 different stories about his resume. Clearly he hired the beekeeper to create the buzz for his campaign that his absurd lying couldn't. We've wasted too much time on him, but I'm hoping for a pathetically low fundraising number so we can put Hamos in our sights and start shooting her down.

We can start with her failure to move into the district, her lobbying business, her support for prayer in school, her work for convicted felon rostenkowski, and that's just for starters.


Anonymous said...

Did the Chicks on the Right ask Dold what his position on abortion was? Because he should really pick one.

Anonymous said...

what has Dold accomplished? has he ever held a job for more than a couple of years before getting a cushy job from his parents?

Condor88 said...

Cute post Jen (anon 10:11am)... Keep it up. Your shrill attacks against Dold make you seem all the more nervous. ..

We don’t need your kind of trash in the 10th Congressional District. Stay with Schakowsky where you belong.