Tuesday, October 27, 2009

State Senator Michael Bond Fundraiser Abruptly Canceled Due to Ethics Concerns

Greg Hinz at Crain's has a great scoop on why a State Senator Michael Bond fundraiser featuring the Illinois Transportation Secretary, Gary Hannig, was abruptly canceled. More at Capitol Fax Blog.

This isn't the first time Bond has tried to leverage his state legislative clout over road-related projects into campaign contributions, and you can bet it will be an issue in the upcoming battle with County Board Chairman Suzi Schmidt for this seat. We'll see how well Bond does without Aunt Geo to back him up.

BTW, the word on the street is that Bond has left Allstate, where he was a financial analyst (although he claimed a much loftier title and acted like he was a CFO or something). TA also hears that his workgroup held a potluck lunch in his honor. After he left.

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