Thursday, October 15, 2009

Official Q3 Results Begin to Come In; Dem Attorney Elliot Richardson Lags Behind in IL-10 at Under $60K Raised

Today is the Q3 filing deadline, which is when we find out just how bad the candidates who have not yet revealed their fundraising figures for the quarter really did.

On the one hand, sometimes it's better to get out in front of the story if you have bad news to reveal; on the other hand, if it's not an impressive number, maybe you hope that your news will get buried among the thousands of Q3 results that will be reported today from across the country and no one will notice.

Of course, we here at Team America will not take our eye off the 10th District, or the U.S. Senate race.

First up today is Dem Attorney Elliot Richardson, who announced looooong before Dan Seals or State Rep Julie Hamos, the other Dem contenders.

According to, Richardson raised only $57,986 this quarter, loaned himself $15,000 and spent $67,200; in other words, he spent more money this quarter than he actually raised from others.

Not so hot, considering your competitor Hamos raised $545,000 (she claims), and it's also way behind the Q3 results for those GOP candidates that have revealed Q3 fundraising totals.

Richardson has under $35,000 cash in the bank, according to his report.

Maybe it's time to... I don't know... go back to practicing law instead of asking your friends to throw their money away on your behalf? Well, your choice, buddy.

More results as I can get them.


Anonymous said...

It looks like the big Republican challenger to Bean in the 8th is a flop, only raising 22.5 K

Anonymous said...

Old Friend Jay Footlik gave Hamos 1k and endorsed her. Talk about sour grapes.

Also interesting to note that in 2000 Donnelly, damisch, Hochberg and Cox spent 7 million in the primary. One has to wonder if we'll even see 1 million total raised in the campaign. Has to be the economy, no?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Foklaes, check out your buddy Bill Cadigan's performance. This one will make your day, perhaps your year.