Monday, October 26, 2009

Mark Kirk Files for U.S. Senate with Maximum Number of Signatures; Update on Other Candidates to Come

I have been getting reports from the scene in Springfield at the State Board of Elections that the line for 8:00 a.m. filers has not yet been completely processed, so although the SBE has a continuously refreshing list of filers up on its website, we won't know which candidates were first in line to be elegible for top ballot position in each race until later. We'll keep you up to date as we're informed, but for now, Mark Kirk has filed for the U.S. Senate (no sightings or listing for Pat Hughes or Eric Wallace yet, although Martin, Arrington, Lowry and Thomas have also filed). See his press release below:

Kirk Files Nominating Petitions for U.S. Senate with Maximum Number of Signatures Allowed by Law

On first day of filing, five-term GOP congressman’s campaign files with legal maximum 10,000 signatures from 59 Illinois counties;

With dominant grassroots organization in place, non-partisan poll shows Kirk leading Giannoulias 52-23 among independents

Springfield, IL – On the first day to file nominating petitions for the 2010 Illinois primary election, five-term GOP congressman and Navy veteran Mark Kirk today announced his U.S. Senate campaign filed with the legal maximum 10,000 petition signatures collected from 59 counties across the state. Under Illinois law, candidates for U.S. Senate must file with a minimum of 5,000 and a maximum of 10,000 petition signatures.

“I want to thank the thousands of people across Illinois who helped us demonstrate the early strength of our statewide grassroots support,” said Kirk, who completed a 40-city statewide tour in August. “With growing deficits, corruption rampant and unemployment rising, the people of Illinois are looking for reform-minded leadership to rescue our economy, restore fiscal discipline and turn the page on Rod Blagojevich. In uniform and in Congress I dedicated my life to helping our fellow citizens and I will bring this record of service and reform to the United States Senate.”

According to recent polling, Congressman Kirk leads all primary opponents by at least 57% while running tied or ahead of all likely Democrat opponents. An October 8 poll conducted by Magellan Data and Mapping Strategies showed Kirk taking 61% of the Republican primary vote with all other candidates receiving less than 4%. An October 14 non-partisan Rasmussen survey of Illinois voters showed Kirk tied with Democrat Alexi Giannoulias at 41% while leading Democrats David Hoffman and Cheryle Jackson 43%-33% and 43%-39%, respectively. The Rasmussen poll also showed Kirk with a strong lead over both Giannoulias (52%-23%) and Jackson (52%-19%) among key independent, swing voters.

Earlier this month, Kirk for Senate reported raising nearly $3 million for the election cycle and more than $1.6 million during the third quarter alone – outpacing Giannoulias by more than $500,000. The Kirk campaign now counts 12,000 volunteers around Illinois who offered to circulate petitions, display yard signs, walk in parades and help spread enthusiasm for Kirk’s candidacy.

Congressman Kirk’s list of key Republican endorsements continues to grow, including Gov. Jim Edgar, House Leader Tom Cross, Senate Leader Christine Radogno, U.S. Reps. Biggert, Shimkus & Roskam, Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady, and a growing number of county, township and local activists. The Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senate Campaign Chair, John Cornyn (R-TX), and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) joined a large list of U.S. Senators that endorsed and contributed to Congressman Kirk’s campaign.



Anonymous said...

Awesome, TA. I heard that the Kirk organization had well over 13,000 verified signatures on those petitions. Looks good and sounds good, TA, but we all know it's a long road from today to November 2, 2010. This is sure a great start to what we know will be a spirited campaign.

Team America said...

Looks good, sounds good, is good.

Badge of Honor said...

Alexi is claiming he filed with 17,000 signatures.

How's that work when the maximum is 10,000? What's the play for Hoffman and Jackson campaigns?

Team America said...

BOH, I thought the maximum was 10,000 too. I just passed along the question at Cap Fax Blog.

Assuming 10,000 is the max, I am assuming what the press release MEANT to say was that he COLLECTED 17,000 signatures, not filed them.

Or if they screwed up and actually filed too many, can he be challenged? Otherwise, what good is the rule?

Team America said...

Rich Miller at Cap Fax says the rule is that they just stop counting after the first 10,000.

Anonymous said...

If hughes doesn't file this thing is over.

I'd also be shocked if andy mckenna found more than 5 people to want to see him on the ballot.


Team America said...

Hughes will file, and so too would I assume will Wallace. It's just very telling that they are out there scrambling for sigs when they ought to raising dough. They will probably both say they are waiting till the last minute to both try to be last, which, if you can't be first, is probably second-best ballot placement.

Anonymous said...

They count the first 10,000 only. The rest is just paper. They are not allowed to import signatures from the number 10,001 and up if and when some of the first set of signatures get bounced.

Louis G. Atsaves

Easy said...

TA's second favorite candidate filed today--Dan Sugrue. I'm sure TA supported the effort and circulated a lot of petitions for Dan. Right???

Team America said...

Dan filed today with around 1300 sigs as I understand, about 98% of which petitions he circulated himself, which is how he wanted it.

I've already supported Dan more than I can guess you would ever do for a candidate, "Easy", so lay off. You can ask Dan who his #1 fan/supporter is, so I am not too worried about your attempt to take a shot at me. Funny how it's always the people who try to act like others aren't doing their share that in fact do nothing except point the finger.

Easy said...

well, we all hope the wit and wisdom of this blog carries Dan S. to victory--because it appears he will not be able to count on any shoe leather from his "supporters".

Anonymous said...


One thing for sure, Dan S. would need a proctologist to find the shoe leather the GOP provided...

Anonymous said...

Pup filed, still lives in the people's republic of comrade jan schakowsky.

Hamos has moved into the district temporarily which for all we know is a basement of some poliical crony. If you are out and about on the north shore and you see sketchy looking smelly chicago thugs with ACORN buttons, union paraphanelia mumbling things about socialism and how bad Israel is you know you've found her campaign, that or coulsons or pups.

One other guy from lake forest is in. No Elliot Richardson yet.


pete said...

Illinois Unemployment Trends - August 2009

Illinois Unemployment Trends in Heat Map form:
here is a map of Illinois Unemployment in August 2009 (BLS data)

versus Illinois Unemployment Levels 1 year ago

Anonymous said...


I love that you think skewing everyone's perception of time vs. unemployment in Illinois strengthens the argument for Republicans. Of course unemployment was below 4% in August 2009, for those of you that forgot recent history: Lehman Brothers' collapse (the event that trigged the financial meltdown) took place on SEPTEMEBER 15 of 08. During last August, the biggest financial problem in IL was high gas prices, it wasn't until September of last year that the economy went to hell. However, if you compare August 09 to 6 months ago, unemployment has pretty much leveled and, in some areas, decreased. Therefore, all you are showing us is A) you have no concept of timelines and B) the Obama Administration is slowly but surely bringing the 2nd largest economic downturn in American history under control...nice work!

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial