Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heckuva Way To Come Back From a Three Day Weekend

Well, some days it doesn't pay to go out to get the morning papers, or even turn on the computer.

This morning, we were treated to an above-the-fold story in the Chicago Tribune (with a full-page jump) on Senator Mark Kirk and an FEC complaint filed by his ex-wife, Kimberly Vertolli, regarding payments made by the Kirk Campaign to Dodie McCracken, who used to be (but isn't anymore) Kirk's girlfriend. (and, I swear, if someone says "Release the McCracken!" in comments, I will ban them for life.  I've read that about 20 times today on other blogs.  You're not the first person to think of it).

The other great news today was that an internal poll released by Democratic nominee for the 10th congressional District Brad Schneider showed him tied with Congressman Bob Dold.  The implication of the poll (according to the pollster) is that without even getting warmed-up, Schneider is already in a dead heat with the incumbent in the new more-Dem-friendly 10th District.  There's still a lot of time left, and Dold hasn't even begun to dip into his considerable campaign war chest, but you can bet that Team Schneider will be touting this poll for weeks to come, and leveraging it to bring in the big donors and the DCCC.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Keeping the "Memorial" In Memorial Day

Lately on Facebook, I have seen a lot of photos with a funny tagline to the effect of, "It's Not National Barbecue Day."   For some reason I didn't want to repost one of those photos this morning, but the point is well taken.  What are you doing today to remember our men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country, besides firing up the grill later?  Not being a military family, we've never been all that intent on making a huge deal out of Memorial Day ourselves, but we're trying to be a little more diligent, especially now that the kids are a bit older.  This year, the kids are marching in the local parade with the scouts, and I'm going to give blood over in Lake Bluff.

Getting a little pinprick isn't anything to compare with the blood of our soldiers that has been spilled in defense of our country, but it's my small way of trying to honor those who have fallen.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this solemn day, and we'll be back to our regular political programming tomorrow.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cynthia Pruim Haran to Exit Lake County Circuit Court Clerk Race (UPDATED x2)

NEW UPDATE 5/26/12:  The Dems have announced their replacement for Cynthia Haran - Lake County Attorney Rupam Davé.  According to Davé's Facebook page, she was born August of 1962, which would make her 49.  Read about it here.

Original post:

Team America is hearing this afternoon that Democrat Cynthia Pruim Haran, who is running for Circuit Court Clerk against Republican (and current Chief Deputy clerk under Sally Coffelt) Keith Brin, is dropping out of the race, for reasons unknown. She has this up on her personal Facebook page, apparently.

 Here is what she posted. It doesn't really explain why she's withdrawing, however:

After much thought, discussion and prayer I have decided to withdraw from the race for Clerk of the Circuit Court. 

By no means was this an easy decision. But, in my heart I know it is the right decision for my family.

My husband, Michael, and I have one main goal in life- to raise 3 happy, healthy children in a difficult world. We believe the best way to do this is to step away from the very public demands of a countywide campaign. To the family, friends and voters who supported us along the way- I thank you from the very bottom of my heart

We are lucky to have met so many wonderful people! Senator Link and my fellow democrats, I thank you for your support during the campaign and this difficult decision process. To my fellow candidates, on both sides of the aisle, I wish you all the best over these next few months! Many of you are dear friends and colleagues and you have my utmost respect and support!

To the voters --know that you hold the power to change Lake County-and beyond-in the palm of your hands! Execise that power--and VOTE! Thank you all for your support and understanding.

 We'll update you more as details filter in...

UPDATE 4:00 pm:  The DH has its story up here.  And, here is Republican nominee Keith Brin's full reaction statement:

HIGHLAND PARK, IL – Keith Brin, Republican nominee for Lake County Circuit Court Clerk, released the following statement in regards to Cynthia Pruim Haran’s withdrawal today from the race.

“I respect Cynthia’s carefully-considered decision and wish her and her family all the best as she focuses on the most important thing in each of our lives: our families. Running for office is a difficult thing, especially in a large county, and this is a reminder of the strain it puts on our loved ones. I am so thankful to my wife, Courtney, and our three children for the support and patience they have shown throughout the campaign.

We have run a strong campaign to date and will continue to focus on our efforts to modernize the office and further improve efficiency and access in order to reduce costs and improve customer service. I look forward to contrasting my ability to continue the Lake County tradition of fiscal discipline and transparency against that of whomever the Democrats slate to oppose me in the General Election.”

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Senator Mark Kirk Releases Recovery Video (Updated))

Hey, how cool is this? Senator Mark Kirk has released the first public video of his recovery since his stroke. It's amazing to see how hard he is working in his rehab to get back in the saddle. Go Mark!!!