Sunday, November 21, 2010

200,000 Hits

Sorry I've been a little slow in blogging the last few days... needed a bit of a break. Plus, I had to get over and try shopping at the new Mettawa Costco... (!) But, despite the lack of anything earth-shattering up this weekend, we managed to roll over the 200,000 hit mark! We long ago eclipsed our arch-rival, Ellen of the Tenth, so we're ready for the next level. There's a lot of work coming with tracking the legislative exploits of soon-to-be Senator Mark Kirk, new Congressmen Bob Dold and Joe Walsh, as well as State Senator Suzi Schmidt and others. And, of course, there's that damn remap to worry about. But, we'll have fun bringing it all to you, and we'll continue to strive to make this blog "the" place to be to talk about Lake County and 10th District politics. Thanks for reading!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats TA!

You are running one of the best political sites in Illinois now. Keep up the great work!

Lou A.

Anonymous said...

Great Job TA!

Congratulations on the accomplishment of 200,000 hits.

Keep on keeping on.

Trebor of Libertyville

Anonymous said...

congratulations to team america, mrs. team america and king louis astaves the ellen slayer who have done such fine work on this blog and in the local political apparatus. Senator elect kirk is overdue for a thank you post on the blog-now that he doesn't have to campaign for 4 years. Senator-you didn't do that alone. HINT.

I recall the dark and gloomy days of yore when mankind had no where to discuss local trials and tribulations but on the blog of one single local mediocre lawyer hothead/nutbag extrordinaire . Now in happier times a community has developed and you have done a wonderful job cultivating it and getting the word out about other fine leaders like fightin tim stratton, thunder dan segrue, and hamilton change is in my name chang.

I want to wish you, mrs. team, king louis, baxters mom, conservative vet, a bees, and all the other commenters who are on the good team a very happy and healthy thanksgiving with your families. It's obviously a hard holiday season given the economy, but knowing you have done fine work and that we have a halfway decent football team, will make the holiday season more hopeful and brighter for all of us.

I should also note that you have a large number of postings in the am hours.


Anonymous said...

Good morning, TA, and many congratulations on having the drive and the will to keep this great Blog going and going and going. There are days when I took heart just reading what you were posting. I am never disappointed in your ability to let everyone have their say on Team America.
There is no other blog out this way. We should be thankful that she kicked you off so that you had the will and the stick to it attitude that has given all of us a place to chat. Well done, TA, and I'm sure the next 200,000 hits will come in 2011. That's a bet and I KNOW I'll win. What an exciting time to be political wonks and watchers. Thanks, TA.

Anonymous said...

Good job my friend, you are truly a patriot and we are lucky to have you as a member of Team Kirk and the Dold organization. Looking forward to seeing you in DC next week and MAYBE we might be able to find Foklaeps. Are you listening Foklaeps, it's about time we meet you. We promise we won't tell anyone who you are.

A joyous and blessed Thanksgiving to all. We have much to be thankful for this year. SENATOR KIRK AND CONGRESSMAN BOB DOLD!

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...


Great job and we are all excited for your success!!!

You have done all of us a great service by you candid and insightful comments. For a lawyer, you are one great guy!!


Anonymous said...


Not quite sure who you are in the kirk universe and don't want you to disclose your name here publicly with all the nuts that read this given the lows which we know that 10th dems sink. I should be around dc next week and usually can be found at lounge 201 on the senate side or at georgia browns downtown.

Let me know.

As a side note, wondering if rob n, blue or concerned colonial know where the dan seals swearing in party is next january in dc?


Anonymous said...

OK Foklaeps, TA and I will be sure to find you. You know my signature red/white/blue buttons from the very first campaign - brought out for special occasions. This is the most special! Maybe you could give us a hint about a time?

B&B's Mom

A. Bees said...

TA Congrats on providing a terrific place to discuss the politics that hit home north of the Chicago cesspool.