Monday, November 1, 2010

Rasmussen Predicts Mark Kirk Victory Over Alexi Giannoulias

Scott Rasmussen is predicting that Congressman Mark Kirk will win tomorrow over State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias:

h/t Illinois Review.


Anonymous said...

We Ask America has Dold up +9 as of Sunday...not sure how reliable the poll is.

Team America said...

I'm not sure how good the poll is, either, but it's better than being down by nine points, that's for sure.

We're keeping multiple digits crossed very tightly for Dold!

Anonymous said...

A robopoll during trick-or-treating that does not call cell phones?


Anonymous said...

If dold had polling that great it would have been released. My friends in safe democrat races which the national parties aren't focused on, think their bosses are goners and will be upset-I'm already getting resumes. We'll see what happens tomorrow night.

Team, hoping to try to make it to wheeling for what will be a very boisterous night tomorrow night, if King Louis Astaves the alexi ellen and pup slayer is around see you mannana-first round-and a few after that are on me.

Looking forward to catlady's blog, this ought to be the most batsh-t excuse/post ever.


Anonymous said...

check that.

blue wind has already thrown in the towel. when you've lost blue, you've lost illinois.

I like Dirksen for kirk's senate office, good proximity to the senate foreign relations committee room-his home for the next 30 years following the tradition of chuck percy. It's nice and formal.decent views of the capitol, easy access to the cafeteria.


Blue Wind said...


I think Alexi still has a chance. You underestimate a couple of factors that may turn this election for Alexi. As it stands now, Kirk has a 70% chance to win. But you may be surprised tomorrow. As for IL10, my prediction is 100% Seals. Dold has no chance. Forget it.

The sad thing in the whole story is that Brady will be elected tomorrow as governor. Any moderate republican should be voting against him. He is a far right radical totally out of touch with reality. He makes Sarah Palin look rational.

Anonymous said...

The last two polls on the race are the two We Ask America polls, and Dold is up 11, and 9. If SEALS had better numbers, they would have released them...but they have been silent after both.

The Mark Penn - Democrat - poll that everyone sites came out before the WAA polls and was only 400 likely voters and done over 5 days. The two WAA polls were 1,100+ and 800+ respectively.

As you said, TA, not sure how reliable the WAA polls are, but being up sure beats being behind.

Anonymous said...


the 2002 election was about democrats saying they were going to cleanup Illinois politics. the governor is now a convicted felon.

the 2006 eelction was about democrats saying they were going to cleanup the american economy. the economy has shed 4.5 million jobs.

2 question exam. you failed both.

say hello to senator Mark kirk and governor bill brady.

wednesday will also be a different day and herald a new era for this blog. when kirk is elected team america will be done with that for 4 years and probably start to focus on other political stuff. Hopefully those of you who read this won't go away, nor will this blog. I also think King Louis Astaves the ellen alexi and pup slayer is overdue for guest posts given his excellent knowledge of local and state politics that will be big without kirk to talk about everyday.


Anonymous said...

Foeklaes, I expect you to find me and thank my team and me for the outstanding decorating job we will have done for the Kirk Victory Party. My Polish pessimism has finally gone away and I'm being cautiously optimistic. Off to pick up the bagels (Tuesday has always been bagel day at KFS) and do my volunteer job. Please identify yourself tonight, please, please, please.

Baxter and Beau's Mom (who are looking forward to tomorrow when we can sleep in)

Anonymous said...

Foklaes, forgot to tell you I'll be wearing red, white and blue Kirk pins -- the "Real RED" which some received during the first Congressional campaign. They only come out for special occasions and they will be at the middle top of my shirt.

Baxter and Beau's Mom