Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank a Vet, By Name

While the entire Chicago area is obsessed with Rahm Emanuel's ascent to the Mayoralty, let's use our space today to thank a vet, by name, for all they do and have done.

TA would like to give a personal shout-out to a few special vets:

First off, Senator-Elect Mark Kirk. I genuinely already feel better about national security knowing someone with his military experience and deep foreign policy experience is going to be helping to lead the nation for the next six years.

My Uncle, Robert Tyrell, who was a Korean War vet and sadly passed away a few years ago from cancer. His son, Tom, is a big fan of the Blog. Hopefully he doesn't have a completely different idea of me now after reading my rants for the last few years.

GOP County Chairman Bob Cook, and his sons, who are vets: Bob has a really tough job trying to meld the varying interest groups that make up the Lake County GOP - a little word of advice to everyone - now that we've had a good election cycle, there's a lot more to do, so please don't go back to the old ways of instantly trying to screw each other over for a percentage. If you can't play nicely in the sandbox, go find your own.

Finally, although there are many more I could name (but I have to get to work), my new friend and fellow blogger Paul Mitchell, with whom I don't always agree, but we bonded over our mutual efforts on behalf of State Rep. candidate Dan Sugrue. Plus, Paul has a great voice.

That's it for me. Feel free to add your own personal tributes to your favorite vet(s) in comments.


8th District Committeeman said...

Ditto on Bob Cook and his sons - great friends of me involved in the Wauconda Republican Club.

Thanks to my great uncle, Theodore Murawski, 504th, 82nd Airborne Division. WW2 vet with Purple Heart and Bronze Star. Barely missed jumping on D-Day. From what I understand, the unit that took their place was the unit that overshot and landed in St. Mere-Eglies (sp?), which was a slaughter.

Grandpa Don Vincent Sr, US Navy, Seabees, WW2 Vet. If he hadn't made it through the war, I, um, wouldn't be here.

My cousins, Kent and Rick Fisher, US Army and Navy respectively, both of whom have been on the front lines of our current conflicts.

Thanks to all veterans, no matter your political alignment. It's because of your sacrifice that we have the freedom to disagree, with each other and with our government.

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Wow, thanks for the shout-out, TA, I'm really touched!

Team America said...

No sweat, Paul. Now if I could just get you to support Mark Kirk... ;-)

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

I voted for Kirk, and I carried his materials when I walked my precinct.

Can you give him a call and ask him to vote against the DISCLOSE Act?

Team America said...

I can try. He didn't listen to me on Cap and Trade, though (although he lived to regret that!), so I'm not sure where the DISCLOSE Act is headed...

Anonymous said...

Jim Lovell-generations will benefit from the advocacy he performed and work he and the senator elect did to save the va.

Also while not a veteran, gary sinise has been a tireless force for veterans. Lots of people that famous focus on things like doing 5 second photo ops for saving pets, obscure diseases, african kids, he's devoted a lot of time and energy to fighting with the senator elect for veterans and their families.

Fan of King Louis Astaves the Ellen Slayer

Anonymous said...

Gary Sinise was born in Blue Island. I hope that, in 2012, he'll run against Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

I want to thank Peter Karlovics for his service in the marine corps reserve. He was activated for Operation Desert Storm.

Phil Collins

A. Bees said...

Ok sticking to the party theme -

My father, John Beeson, ret. US Army. 23 years of service carting my family across the globe and always showing his passion for the men and women in uniform.


George Eiler for his service to his nation, his community and beliefs.


Mike "Ammo" Amrozowicz (sp? who knows)for his years of service in the Navy followed by his dedication and hard work to keep fighting for everything he believes in.


Of course El Jefe, the guy who gave me my start after college, Senator Mark Kirk. Truly a man who will never forget about the men and women in uniform. A leader I have always believed in.

Anonymous said...

We have always heard "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave."

It should be "Land of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave!"

Trebor of Libertyville

Anonymous said...

Thank you to my Uncles, Chris and Peter Atsaves (Post-WWII), George Housakos (WWII and Korea), Louis G. Atsaves (Korea) and Constantine George (WWII - Japan after the bomb, and he suffered for years), the late James Fratianni (WWII), my late father in law, who had his ship sail into Pearl Harbor 24 hours after the attack, my late uncle-in-law August M. Mangoni (WWII - D-Day invasion, and before that, Africa), and the late Adeline J. Geo-Karis (WWII - Navy).

Louis G. Atsaves

Tom said...

Very nice. Thank you.
And I don't have a completely different idea of you, let's just say it's more defined.