Friday, November 12, 2010

Joe Walsh Prepares for Congressional Orientation, But Knows Time Is Ticking on Meeting 8th District Voters' Expectations; Bean Planning Her Next Gig?

As most of us are aware, the race between Republican Joe Walsh and Incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean for the 8th Congressional District has not been officially called yet due to remaining uncounted votes, although Walsh still has a lead of over 300 votes. But, the Daily Herald reports that Walsh is on his way to Washington, D.C., to participate in new member orientation, which is standard procedure in such cases. Bean obviously doesn't need any orientation, given that she's a three-term congresswoman. But, Bean may already be preparing to bow to the inevitable behind the scenes, and lining up her next gig, according to the Huffington Post (h/t to a commenter on the Daily Herald article).

Walsh, one of the few unabashed tea party candidates in Illinois that was successful, knows, however, that the voters are going to be watching the actions of the new Republican majority in Congress very, very, closely:

“As I say to my fellow Republicans, we have been given a gift,” Walsh said. “If we don’t do what we need to do in two years, our butts are going to be thrown out of that city (Washington, D.C.) so quickly.”

He said the new Republican majority would make a priority of curbing government spending and defunding the health care reform bill until a Republican president can help them repeal it altogether.

I didn't always agree with some of Walsh's rhetoric out on the campaign trail, but I think he's got this point dead-on. Walsh may have the makings of a decent Congressman, and he may continue to surprise those who have underestimated him before, including me.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

In the print edition of the Daily Herald story, the headline is a scandalized, "Walsh proceeds as it seat's his". Well, he should. He should be responding to requests for interviews and to speak, and he should be preparing to assume his new role if and when it is confirmed.

Likewise, I'm amused at the implied disapproval I'm seeing in some quarters about the possibility that Rep. Bean might have her next job lined up already. I can find no grounds for criticism of that, either. I always try to have a new job lined up before I leave a current job.

Team America said...

Paul, I agree with you on Point #1, and also on Point #2- I don't think it's scandalous at all that Bean is working to line something else up, but I think it's telling, and something that Walsh and his supporters should take heart at.

Anonymous said...

I did predict this several years ago that she or pup would find quick post defeat employ in obamaland although I love how the liberals/catlady nuts are already crucifying obama for this appointment!

Good work to the local tea party folks/8th districters in dislodging bean. To knock her out like that is impressive. You wonder what mcsweeney and greenburg think about walsh. As they say, timing is everything


8th District Committeeman said...

Have you seen some of the other info starting to trickle out? Very suspicious ballot activity. These links also came from the DH comment section.

Can't imagine what the outcry and uproar would be if a Republican campaign requested and received a list of absentee ballots that had not been received back (with addresses and phone #'s to boot), as well as an exact image of an absentee ballot.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, many of the outstanding ballots are from Lake County and McHenry County, and Melissa Bean isn't going to get 80% of those votes (which is what she need). I know one 8th district absentee ballot which was definitely NOT for Melissa Bean already (aka...mine). Joe Walsh's comments are mainly about keeping his supporters relied up and donating to his campaign as well as warning Melissa Bean's team that he's watching her.

As for Walsh voters, my mom and I preferred Maria Rodriguez and only voted for Walsh as the lesser of two evils. And Walsh's win was a very impressive grassroots exercise using social media and good old fashioned boots on the ground. Walsh seemed to know who his supporters were and how to communicate with them, which is more than I can say about Bean. Her staff seemed to think that everyone calling and emailing her office was "pro-Bean." My father got tons of "email" invitations as well as a robo-call from President Obama convincing him to vote for the Democratic ticket, which the staff would realize was a waste of time if they even skimmed one of my father's letters.

Anonymous said...

It was an absurdly impressive win. I didn't pay attention to it, but knocking her out showed that the vaunted 8th GOP after a few down years is back on the march with a new generation of conservative leaders. What's more impressive is that the district ate some of the liberal parts of the 10th in the 2000 redistricting.