Monday, November 29, 2010

Today is the Big Day For Senator Mark Kirk

Today is a day that we here at Team America have been waiting for since last summer, when Mark Kirk first announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

We were proud to support Mark then, and we're even prouder now.

I'm in D.C. today to attend the swearing-in, and while there are no pictures allowed in the Senate gallery (at least not by any of the guests), I'm sure I will be able to post a bunch of before and after pix, as well as give you all some flavor of the ceremony. Be sure to check back later tonight for all the details!

Meanwhile, here's this morning's Chicago Tribune coverage, a great background story by Kerry Lester of the Daily Herald (with whom I'll be speaking later tonight to relay the boots-on-the-ground story of the event), and an op-ed piece by Mark Kirk in this morning's Tribune that clearly shows he's ready to get work.

Go Mark! And Ellen, eat your heart out.


Daniel Wein said...
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Anonymous said...

And God Bless you too Senator Kirk!
I am proud to have you representing me in the Senate.
If I had my cover on and was out of doors, I'd also be proud to render you a salute.
Go America! Go Navy! Go Mark, uh, I mean SENATOR Kirk!

Keith Turner

A. Bees said...

That article depicts the man I am so proud to call friend and Senator!

Anonymous said...

He was also on msnbc this morning for 15 minutes with howard dean. moving up in the world.


Jeff said...

I was at the Senate announcement as well, and I am so proud to call Mark Kirk my United States Senator.

Anonymous said...

TA, I so enjoyed sharing today with you in DC. Senator Kirk. Now THAT sounds spectacular. And wasn't it great that former Congressman John Porter came to celebrate with all of us. Just looking around the Historical Caucus Room at so many who have been at Senator Kirk's side these past 10 years made me more than smile.
A great day for the people of our great State and our Nation, and I'm honored that I was invited to participate. Yes, TA, I'm sure that Ellen, Lauren Beth, Sheffey,CC, Rob N and others who've spent endless hours bashing now Senator Kirk are going to find someone else to torture and torment. Luckily, the people and the voters in this district will reject their choices again and again. I'm sure you got some great photos, TA,so I'll be looking forward to seeing them in a day or so.