Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lake County Board Will See Change In Leadership, As Will Forest Preserve Board

As Lake County Board Chairwoman Suzi Schmidt prepares to go to Springfield as the new State Senator from the 31st District (replacing Michael Bond, see ya, buddy), she is being lauded by her former colleagues on the Board, as well as the press. This obviously signals a change in leadership at the Board level, and the Board will very soon elect a new chairman/chairwoman from among their ranks.

Interestingly, Forest Preserve District Chairwoman Bonnie Thompson Carter has just announced that she will not seek to continue as President of the Forest Preserve Board (under state statute for a county with the population of Lake County, the Boards of the County and the Forest Preserve are co-terminus, but different board members serve in different capacities on each board). Could this signal a run at the Chair of the Board spot for Thompson-Carter?

There's several good options among the current County Board members for the Chair position. We like David Stolman, but we like Bonnie too. Then there's Steve Carlson. What to do? It's times like these that I'm glad the decision isn't up to me. But if they call me to mediate, I'll be happy to do it. ;-)


Danny said...


I just saw your comment on the Ward Room blog, and felt the need to comment below you. I had to read the post twice, as I could not believe he would use such slanderous words to describe Kirk--"partisan hack"?! I went to the author's book signing last week, and he made absolutely no effort in hiding his political views. Still though, I was a bit shocked by the left turn the blog has taken.

Team America said...

Agreed, Danny. I'll take a look at your comment over there. Ed is usually pretty good about whacking both sides with regularity, but he usually does it with a bit less slant. Maybe it was a lack of fiber this morning or something, but he sure sacked Kirk but good.